Being a Teen: Words of Advice from Someone Who's Been There

Blue Mountain Arts, Inc., 2002 - 64 páginas
Millions have been here before. Millions will be here after you. Everyone has their own experiences, but we eventually share one common bond -- we all make it through these restless teenage years, and somehow, we all survive. We all walk that thin line between adult and child trying to steady ourselves on our own two feet. We all have bad-hair days and broken-heart days and I-wish-I-were-somebody-else days. We all stress out over school and work and learning to drive and looking good and fitting in. We all learn the hard way that people and moments don't last forever and that pimples are just a part of life. We all struggle with friends who get in way over their heads, and we all struggle with parents who constantly bug us about being in way over their heads, and we all struggle with parents who constantly bug us about being in way over our own. We al want to be the most popular, the prettiest, the smartest, the most athletic, and the best and most perfect at everything we do. And somehow, we all make it out alive with great memories, great friendships, and great stories.

BEING A TEEN is one girl's account of her teen years that will help make your own experience a little bit easier. Young enough to remember all the gruesome and hilarious details, but old enough to reflect on those years with a bit of insight, author Diane Mastromarino has filled the pages of this book with her own teen tales, as well as poetry and quotations written by teens and famous authors. It is a book you will learn from, laugh at, and, without a doubt, relate to. BEING A TEEN is the perfect companion, offering the advice you need to hear, the laughter to keep you going, and the reassurance that you are not going through this alone.

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DIANE MASTROMARINO is part of the BLUE MOUNTAIN ARTS® COLLECTION writing team, dedicated to the mission statement of Blue Mountain Arts® founders Steven Schutz and Susan Polis Schutz: Help people communicate their feelings. Diane is the author/editor of several Blue Mountain Arts bestselling titles including "Being a Teen", "A Grandmother's Love is Forever", "The Breakup Book", and "For an Extra-Special Teen".

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