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And now, by water, the means of outward and the sign of inward cleansing, these Thy servants acknowledge Thine immortal property, and signify their heart's desire and prayer for Thy Grace, that their influence may be a ceaseless baptism, keeping this beloved child

pure and unspotted from the world. Bless them, we beseech Thee, and answer the prayers that rise unutterably from their hearts. May their light ever shine

upon this child ; so shall they be blest, beholding it growing up, adorned day by day with every grace, entering into the Life divine and eternal, into the spirit of Thy Holy Child, one with him and with Thee.

This child, named I baptize into the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And now may this water prove a true emblem of Thine all-purifying Love, and

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this child be holy unto Thee, O God most merciful. May Thy servants protect and guide it in the way that leads to Life and Peace everlasting.

We know not what awaits it, whether joy or sorrow, light or darkness. 0 Thou without whose will not a sparrow falls to the ground, we know that nothing can befall this little one whose angel doth always behold Thy face, without Thy will. Let no temptation assail it stronger than it can resist, no burden be laid on it heavier than it can bear. Breathe into it Thine all-ministering Spirit, the holy mind of him who took little children in his arms and blest them. And at last, when we all and the children Thou hast given us shall, one after another, be called hence, may we meet, never to be separated, in Thy blessed Presence, which we ask as the disciples of him who died that we might live; giving praise

to Thee, his Father and our Father, and thanksgiving forevermore.

[The Rite of Baptism is most appropriately observed, not in public, but at home, and may be administered by the father or mother of the child, or by any friend.]

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