Journal, Volúmenes1-2

Morse & Bagg, printers to the Legislature, 1912
Includes extra sessions.

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Página 74 - An act to promote the welfare of the people of this state, relating to the liability of employers for injuries or death sustained by their employes, providing compensation for the accidental injury to or death of employes and methods for the payment of the same, establishing an industrial accident board, defining its powers, providing for a review of its awards, making an appropriation to carry out the provisions of this act, and restricting the right to compensation or damages in such cases to such...
Página 28 - The powers of the Government are divided into three separate departments: the Legislative, the Executive (including the Administrative), and the Judicial; And no person, charged with official duties under one of these departments, shall exercise any of the functions of another except as in this Constitution expressly provided.
Página 117 - An act to revise the laws authorizing the business of banking, and to establish a banking department for the supervision of such business," the same being compiler's section 6121 of the Compiled Laws of 1897.
Página 131 - It shall be the duty of the board of election commissioners of each county to deliver the ballots so prepared to the inspectors of election at the several voting precincts within their respective counties within the time ballots to be used at said election are required to be delivered to such inspectors under the general election law. All votes cast upon said amendment shall...
Página 84 - States and not a member of any tribe, shall be an elector and entitled to vote ; but no citizen or inhabitant shall be an elector or entitled to vote at any election, unless he shall be above the age of twenty-one years, and has resided in this State three months, and in the township or ward in which he offers to vote ten days, next preceding such election...
Página 29 - The legislature shall pass no local or special act in any case where a general act can be made applicable, and whether a general act can be made applicable shall be a judicial question.
Página 21 - AN ACT to regulate and limit nomination and election expenses; to define and prevent corrupt and illegal practices in nominations and elections; to secure and protect the purity of the ballot, and to require accounts of nomination and election expenses to be filed, and providing penalties for the violation of this act.
Página 8 - The Constitution regulates our stewardship; the Constitution devotes the domain to Union, to justice, to defence, to welfare, and to liberty. "But there is a higher law than the Constitution which regulates our. authority over the domain, and devotes it to the same noble purposes.
Página 9 - This is a state, and we are deliberating for it, just as our fathers deliberated in establishing the institutions we enjoy. Whatever superiority there is in our condition and hopes over those of any other "kingdom" or "estate," is due to the fortunate circumstance that our ancestors did not leave things to "take their chance," but that they "added amplitude and greatness" to our commonwealth "by introducing such ordinances, constitutions, and customs, as were wise." We in our turn have succeeded...
Página 84 - State in the manner required by law. It shall be the duty of the board of election commissioners of each county to prepare ballots for the use of the electors when voting on said proposed amendment, which ballots, after setting forth the proposed amendment in full, shall be in substantially the following form : "Vote on amendment to section 23 of article 8 of the Constitution.

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