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LET Servants who their Master love

Be humble, just and kind,
And know that all must serve the Lord,

Who would his favour fipd.

Yet I would bless thy holy name,

And do thy holy will ;
For thou for ever art the same,

Thou wilt be with me still.

Prosper my way and keep my heart,

From ev'ry thought that's vain; Help me to act a faithful part,

That I may favor gain.

Bless thou the Master whom I serve,

And let him share thy grace; And let my fellow servants learn,

To seek the Saviour's face.

May I remember thou art near,

My actions thou wilt spy;
Help me to keep my conscience clear,

And fear to tell a lie.
For Christ assumed a seryant's form,

That he for man might die;
The pious servant may rejoice,
His Master lives on higli.




that you

Gen. 39. 20. And Joseph's Master took

him and put into the prison, a place where the King's prisoners were bound: and he

was there in prisun. THERE are many changes in this world. It was but a little while


heard that Poriphar made Joseph orerseer over his house and ail that he had, and now we read that he put him in prison. How is this; surely Joseph has not robbed his Master. Surely he has not beat his fellow servants.

No, he was falsely accused of breaking the Seventh Commandment; and le cause he would not do it, he was accused of a crime which he had not committed, and when enticed to sin, he had nobly replied, “How can I do this great wickedness, and sini against God.” Did you ever say so when you were enticed to commit sin. Hear the words of Solomon : My son, if sino rs entice, thee, consent thou not. Joseph would not consent to sin.

1. The PLACE where Joseph was put in prison, in the state prison, “a place where the king's prisoners were bound.” A prison is a dismal doleful place. It is a very strong place. There are generally two kinds of prisoners in a prison, debtors and felons. That is, persons confined for debt, and persons confined for sobbery and murder. Joseph was not in debt. Joseph had not robbed his master. Joseph had not killed


of the servants. The walls of a prison are very strong, many cubits thick, generally of stone. The windows are made of iron, that the prisoners may not break through; yet some times they make their escape. They sleep on iron bedsteads, and if they are thieves or murderers, they have heavy irons put on their legs, like those which you see the convicts wear that mend the roads. It is supposed that Joseph had irons put on. him at first, but they were afterwards taken off.

* II. The PERSON who put Joseph in PRISON. “ And Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison.” By the tongue of falsehood his master was prevailed to cast

* See Psalm 105. 18,


this injured, faithful, pious, innocent young man into prison. What a change in his condition! Here we behold Joseph confined in a dungeon in a strange land, without a friend to speak for him or care about him. O, thinks he, if my father knew this, how it would grieve hin. Not only was he cast inte prison, but his feet were hurt with fetters, being laid in iron. His feet were galled, his heart was grieved, and probably he expected nothing but deaths. This was the punishment inficted on those who were guilty of the crime of which he was accused. God interposed, he saved his life.' He thus proclaimed his inpocence. Had Joseph been put in any

other prison, perhaps Pharoah would never have heard of him.

lli. The FAVOR which Joseph found with the KEEPER of the PRISON..

6 But the lord was with Josephi, and shewed him mercy and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper.” Though he was confined in a dungeon, yet the Lord was with him. It is a very great relief to the mind of a person confined in a prison, to kuow that he is innocent of the crime

laid to his charge. It is also a great comfort to be allowed to see his friends, to write to them and speak to them. - Joseph had a powerful and almighty friend in the Lord; he was with Joseph, he comforted him. Joseph could pray to God in a prison. He could enjoy peace of mind and joy in the Lord, even in a prison. The Lord made the keeper kind to Joseph, he did not appear like a guilty person, and from what he saw of Joseph and what he heard from his fellow servants, he was no doubt inclined to think him innocent of the crime laid to his charge.

is And

IV, Joseph made TURNKEY. Those persons who lock and unlock the cells of the prisoners, who carry them their food and wait upon them, are called TURNKEYS. the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph's hand all the prisoners that were in the prison ; and whatsoever they did there, he was the doer of it. This was Joseph's remarkable office, and it is not a very desirable place. In England the Turnkeys in a jail are exposed to more danger than the keeper of the prisou. They are sometimes obliged to go armed with

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