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discreet man, with officers under liim, to buy up all the spare corn in the years of plenty."

2. Who did Pharaoh appoint to this office? Joseph.

3. What other employments and honors did Pharaoh give Joseph ?" He made him ruler over luis house and all the land of Egypt. . He gave him his own ring, clothed him in fine linen, put a chain of gold round his neck, and made him ride in the second chariot."

4. What is the meaning of Joseph's new name? A revealer of secrets.

5. How old was Joseph when he stood before Pharaoh ? Thirty years.

6. Where did Joseph go when he went out from the presence of Pharaoh ? " He weat over all the land of Egypt."

7. What is the meaning of the nanie which Joseph gave to his eldest son ? Manase seh means “forgetfulness."

8. What is the meaning of the name which Joseph gave to his youngest son ? Ephraim means “ fruitfulness."

Joseph not only interpreted Pharaoh's


dream, but gave him good counsel. We ought to listen to the advice of strangers as well as friends. None so wise but what they may be made wiser. We may learn what is good even from our enemies. What a good thing it would be for the kingdoms of the world, if every king had such a counsellor as Joseph. In him we behold a bright example of fidelity, activity, and equity. We see here what extensive good may be doue by one man. Seek, then, my dear children, Joseph's God. Pray that he would give you grace and wisdom, and make you useful in the world. The knowledge of future temporal events might sometimes be useful, but it is much better for us to know what our future state will be in the world to

The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him, Let us not forget God in our prosperity. Before honor is humility.




The Character of Joseph. HOW many changes Joseph pass'd,

Before he thirty years had known! He's now a slave, in prison cast,

And now exalted next the Throng

Yet grace appears in every scene,

And gilds the various paths he trod, How wise, how just, how kind to man,

How fearful of offending God !
In deep adversity depres'd,

He's cheerful, active, and resign'd,
And when with wealth and honor bless'l,

Humility adorns his mind.

From his example may we learn,

Our various duties to fulfil,
And make it our supreme concern,

Po please the Lord, and do his will.

R. M.





GEN. 42. 3. And Joseph's ten Brethren

went down to buy corn in Egypt.

You have heard what Joseph did during the years of plenty. How he was employed in building store houses for the cord which he bought up. These years were ended, and the seven years of famine come. " And the di arth

famine was in all lands; but in all the land of Egypt there was bread.” The private stores of the people were soon consumed, and they went to the king and cried for bread. Pliaraoh told them to go to Joseph. He opened all the store houses and sold corn to the people, at a just and reasonable price. Thus he preserved them from being oppressed by the high price of corn, and from perishing for want. The public granaries were not opened till all the private stores were consumed. This gave him great influence, both with the princes, whose treasury he enricheck, and the people 17


whose wants he supplied. Jacob heard by: report that there was corn in Egypt, and was assured of the truth of this report, by those who had purchased supplies of corn in Egypt. It was now the second year of the famine, and they were probably reduced to great distress, and knew not what to do. Jacob said unto his sons,

Why look ye ope upon another. Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt, get you down thither and buy for us from thence, that we may live and not die.“

1. THE JOURNEY OF JOSEPH'S BRE. THREN TO EGYPT. And Joseph's ten Brethren went down to buy corn in Egypt. They are not called Jacob's sons, but Joseph's Brethren, because it is Joseph's history, that is here related. They went themselves, they did not send their servants. They could lay out their own money much better, than any servant they had. Benjamin was not permit. ted to accompany them, lest he should come into any danger. He was his father's darling, he was Joseph's brother. A number of other persons accompanied them on the same business. 66 And the song of Israel came to buy core among those that came, for the fire

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