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such a sweet sleep or such a remarkable dream afterwards. Children may have to tra, vel alone as Jacob did, in an unknown road to an unknown place, without any one to bear them company,



one to guide them by the way. They may be benighted. They may be obliged to lay down and sleep on the ground as Jacob did. Never mind, put your trust in Jacob's God, and though you may not have Jacob's dream to comfort and encourage you, yet you will have Jacob's God to protect you. Seek his protection and the pardon of all

yeur sins through Jesus Christ, by ear praver, and then you may lie down and sleep as suundly and safely as if you were in a house surrounded by soldiers vants to take care of you.'



We ought to take notice of those dreams that warn us to repent of sin and seek for pardon. Disobedient children do not dream that they are obedient. Careless and inattentive children do not dream that they are attentive to their books or to the instructions of their parents and teachers. Lying children do not dream that they are tellC5


ling the truth. No, they often dream that they are found out and punished for their falsehood and mischief. Wicked children are always terri fied by their dreams. Good children sometimes dream of good things, that God loves them, that Christ smiles upon them, that they are going to heaven. I recollect when a boy about nine years of age, I dreamed that the day of Judgment was come, and I thought the Judge asked the person to whose school I then went, what sort of a boy I was? And he replied, I think be will do; or I think he will pass. I awoke in great fear, the dream made a deep impression on my mind. Wherever we are, we may meet with God. Jacob was surprised to find that God was there. He had no expectation of finding God there. God is every where,

Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,

You are surrounded still with God.
Let not your weaker passions dare

Consent to sin, for God is there Watts. Remember Jacob's dream, seek to have Ja. cob's God for your God. The Angels which he saw, for your guardian angels. Pray that God will be with you wherever you are. That he


would be your guide and go with you wherever you go. That he would bring thee safe to heaven at last. That he may never eave thee, nor forsake thee in life or at death; in affliction or health, in poverty or prosperity. Pray that he may be your guide even unto death, and your God for ever and ever. Amen.


Jacob's Ladder. Gen. 28. 12.
IF the Lord our leader be,

We may follow without fear,
East or West, by land or sea,

Home with him is ev'ry where. When from Esau Jacob fled

Tho' his pillow was a stone, And the ground his humble bed,

Yet he was not left alone.

Kings are often waking kept,

Rack'd with cares on beds of state, Never king like Jacob slept,

For he lay at heaven's gate. Lo! he saw a ladder rear'd,

Reaching to the heav'nly throne, At the top the Lord appear’d,

Spake and claim’d him for his own.

Fear not, Jacob, thou art mine,

And my presence with thee goes; On thy heart my love shall shine

And my arm subdue thy foes. From my promise comfort take,

For my help in trouble call; Never will I the forsake

Till I have accomplish'd all. Newton.

(See Olney's Hymns. JACOB's Vow. Gen. 28. 20. And Jacob vowed a vow. This is the first yow that we read of in the Bible. It will therefore be proper to explain to you what a vow is. A row is a promise made to God of doing some good thing hereafter. Vows are mentioned in many parts of the Bible, and there were several laws made for the right performance of different vows in us among the Jews. A man might dea vote bimself or his children to the Lord. Samuel was vowed and set apart to the service of the Lord. He was offered to the Lord when he was yet a child, and at a very early age employed in the service of the Tabernacle. If a man or woman vowed themselves or their children to the Lord, they were obliged to remain firm to their promise, and with a steady and fixed mind to perform the work to which they had devoted 'themselves. If they did not act according to the


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