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ed-him, and brought him to his house."

12. When Jacob had told Laban the rea. son of his coming to Haran, what did Laban say? Surely thou art my bone and my filesh. That is, he owned Jacob to be a very near relation.


Rachel's name signifies a sheep. Whether her father when he gave her this name in tended her for a Shepherdess, we know not. The employment in which she was engaged seemed to agree with her name. Surely the sheep must be well taken care of when she had the charge of them. No doubt there were proper persons under her who assisted her in this employment. She superintended or overlooked the whole herself, and it was her business to see that they did their duty, that the sheep were well fed and well-watered, that they grew

and increased. - I think that all parents are employed like Rachel. They have a family which may be called their flock to take care. Ministers are called Shepherds ; they watch over the souls of men, and they must give an account to him who is the great ShepD 2


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herd and Bishop of our souls. Ministers daughters may be like Rachel, and assist in taking care of their father's flock; at least they may feed the Lambs of his flock. They ought all of them to be Teachers in Sunday schools. I know a little Girl in India whose name is Rachel, who assists her Mother in ta. king care of a little flock. She had even a class of little girls under her own charge. Go, my little Rachels, and all of you imitate her. Instruct the ignorant. Teach poor children their letters. Teach them what you know of Jesus Christ. Pray for them and with them, pray for your younger brothers and sisters. If you have no other little flock to attend to, you can take care of them. Imitate the humility, industry and piety of Rachel. Always pray to God when you want any thing from God. Never say if I have not this thing I shall die, There are many who lik: Rachel wish forthose things which may be very injurious to them. See that if you are not Shepherdesses, that you are the Lambs of Christ, the good Shepherd, who will carry you in his bosom, and when you die, take you to dwell in his fold above forever and ever. Amen,



Christ the good Shepherd.
SEE the kind Shepherd Jesus stands,

With all engaging charms ;
Hark how he calls the tender lambs,

Aud folds them in his arms.

Permit them to approach (he cries)

Nor scorn their humble name,
For it was to bless such souls as these

The Lord of Angels came.

He'll lead us to the heavenly streams

Where living waters flow,
And guide us to the fruitful fields

Where trees of knowledge grow.

The feeblest lamb amidst the flock

Shall be its Shepherd's care, While folded in our Saviour's arms

We are safe from every snare.

Ye little flock with pleasure come,

Ye children seek his face,
And fy with eager joy to hear
His messages


Altered from Doddridge.

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AND NEPHEW. Gen. 30. 36. And Jacob fed the rest of

Laban's flocks.

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OU have already heard of Jacob's arrival at Haran, how he met with Rachel at the well and rolled away the stone and watered the flocks of Laban his Uncle. That Rachel ran and told her father that Jacob was come, and Laban ran and met him, and embraced him and brought him home to his house. After Jacob had been a month with his uncle, he proposed to give him wages and to employ him while he remained with him. 6 And Laban said unto Jacob, because thou art my brother, stiouldest thou therefore serve me for nought, tell me what shall thy wages be?” During the month that he had been with his uncle, it appears that he was not idle, but continued to do all he could for his uncle. Labañ was so much pleased with Jacob's care of his flocks, that he


was desirous that he should continue with him, I shall therefore proceed to inform you,

I. What JACOB did while he was in his


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1. We shall notice Jacob's employment.

He fed the flock of Laban. It is probable that after he took the charge of his uncle's flocks, Rachel did not continue to keep them. There was no necessity for her to continue this employment now. If she assisted Jacob, they had no doubt many opportunities for conversation. Jacob would no doubt relate the dreams that he bad and the vow that he made at Bethel. That they were well taken care of we learn from what Jacob said to Laban, when he asked leave to depart after he had been with him 14 years. “ Thou knowest how I have served thee, and how thy cattle was

for it was little that thou hadst before I came, and it is now encreased to a multitude, and the Lord hath blessed thee since my coming." So that the flocks of Laban were in. creased and multiplied. Laban acknowledge ed that this was true and was very anxious that he should still remain with him. And D4


with me,

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