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did Laban beliave to his daughters in selling them like slaves. There are many fathers like Laban; they do not care who they give their daughters to, if they are but RICH, But if there is no love, no affection, how can there be any happiness. Never endeavour to impose on any one, the cheat will be found out sooner or later. Therefore always act with candour and sincerity. Jacob was a inan of

peace, and though Laban was in the wrong and had greatly injured Jacob, yet he is very ready to overlook all and to promise in the most sacied and solemn manner, that he would not at any future period, do any harm either to Laban or his children. Let all Nephews act like Jacob. Let all Uncles avoid the conduct and disposition of Laban.



Jacob and Laban.
IN Laban's character behold
A man who loves his flocks and gold,
He cheats his nephew, gives bim Leah,
And chang'd his wages twice a year.
But Jacob's God doth Jacob pay,
And Laban dare not take away;

Those flocks which Jacob's God had given,"
The blessing of the God of heav'n.
His daughters Laban basely sold,
And their own' portion did withhold;
They cheerfully consent to leave
A Father who no blessing gave.
[Let all who lead a Shepherd's life
Far from the scenes of noise and strife,
Employ their time like Israel's king,
The praises of their God to sing 1
Like Jacob let them watchful

Nor let their sheep or lambkins rove,
Like his may all their cattle thrive,
Like him do not them over drive,
O may it be your joy to share
Jesus, the tender shepherd's care,
And when your days on earth are told,
You shall be gather'd to his fold.

R. M,



Gen. 32. 1. And Jacob went on his way,

and the Angels of God met him.

AFTER Laban had departed to his place, we find that Jacob proceeded on his way towards the land of Canaan. Of Laban we hear no more, and it is much to be feared that his posterity were worshippers of Idols. They might retain a knowledge of the true God for a time, but-by continually mixing with the Heathen around them, and practising the rites and ceremonies of the country. They lost it entirely they changed the glory of the incorruptible God, into an image made like to corruptible man, and as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind; Who having changed the truth of God into a lie, worshipped and served the criature more than the Creator. Some


that Balaam the soothsayer was a descendant of Laban; if so, he followed the example of Laban, and though he did not entirely disown the true and


How many

living God, yet he was devoted to the abo. minations of the Heathen. things happened to Jacob, while he was returning to his father's house. There are five remarkable things in this chapter. We shall briefly notice each of them.


And Jacob went on his way and the Angels of God met him. And when Jacob saw, them, he said, this is God's host: and he called the name of the place Mahanaim." Whether these Angels met him in a vision by day, or a dream by night, we are not told. They met him, he saw them. Angels met Jacob. When a conqueror or a king returns, the Officers of state meet him, the members of the corporation or the magistrates of the city. They go and meet him and presenť him with a sword and the freedom of the city. This was the case when the Duke of Welling. ton entered one of the cities in England. But Jacob is highly favored. Jacob is met not by nobles, but by Angels, not by the representatives of a city, a county or a king, but by the Messengers of the King of kings. They met bim to congratulate him on his escape from Laban, to welcome him to Canaan, and guide and protect him on his way. This is God's host. He called the name of the place, where he saw these Angels, Malianaim, that is, two hosts or armies of Angels, or two Camps. Some say one army of guardian Angels had conducted him to the borders of Mesopotamia, and delivered Jacob over

to the other army, who were the guardian Augels of Canaan, They appeared to Jacob, like two hosts on either side of him, one to protect him from Laban, who behind him, and the other from Esau, who was before him, that they might be a complete guard to Jacob and his family.




And Jacob sent a messenger before him to Esau his brother unto the land of Seir, in the country of Edom. Thus shall ye speak unlo my Lord Esau : Thy Servant Jacob saith thus; I have sojourned with Laban and stayed there untill now: And I have oxen and asses, flocks, and meu servants and women servants : and

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