The Philosophical Transactions and Collections to the End of the Year MDCC, Abridged, and Disposed Under General Heads, Volumen1


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Página 137 - As the rays of light differ in degrees of refrangibility, so they also differ in their disposition to exhibit this or that particular colour. Colours are not qualifications of light, derived from refractions, or reflections of natural bodies (as it is generally believed,) but original and connate properties, which in divers rays are divers.
Página 204 - I understood that by their mediation optic instruments might be brought to any degree of perfection imaginable, provided a reflecting substance could be found which would polish as finely as glass and reflect as much light as glass transmits, and the art of communicating to it a parabolic figure be also attained.
Página 139 - And by this inequality of refractions they become not only coloured, but also very confused and indistinct. 10. Why the colours of the rainbow appear in falling drops of rain, is also from hence evident. For, those drops which refract the rays disposed to appear purple, in greatest quantity to the...
Página 139 - That the colours of all natural bodies have no other origin than this, that they are variously qualified, to reflect one sort of light in greater plenty than another. And this I have experimented in a dark room, by illuminating those bodies with uncompounded light of divers colours. For by that means any body may be made to appear of any colour. They have there no appropriate colour, but ever appear of the colour of the light cast upon them, but yet with this difference, that they are most brisk...
Página 137 - ... colour, and contrarily, those which are apt to exhibit such a violet colour, are all the most refrangible. And so to all the intermediate colours, in a continued series, belong intermediate degrees of refrangibility. And this analogy betwixt colours, and refrangibility, is very precise and strict; the rays always either exactly agreeing in both, or proportionally disagreeing in both.
Página 136 - I took two boards, and placed one of them close behind the prism at the window, so that the light might pass through a small hole, made in it for the purpose, and fall on the other board, which I placed at about 12...
Página 138 - I said, is generated whiteness, if there be a due proportion of the ingredients ; but if any one predominate, the light must incline to that colour ; as it happens in the blue flame of brimstone ; the yellow flame of a candle ; and the various colours of the fixed stars. 9.
Página 172 - Also the refractions on both sides the prism, that is, of the incident and emergent rays, were as near as I could make them equal, and consequently about 54° 4'. And the rays fell perpendicularly upon the wall. Now subducting the diameter of the hole from the length and breadth of the image, there remains 13 inches the length, and...
Página 138 - ... and yellow powders, when finely mixed, appear to the naked eye, green, and yet the colours of the component corpuscles are not thereby really transmuted, but only blended.
Página 137 - I have refracted it with Prismes, and reflected it with Bodies, which in Day-light were of other colours; I have intercepted it with the coloured film of Air interceding two compressed plates of glass, transmitted it through coloured Mediums, and through Mediums irradiated with other sorts of Rays, and diversely terminated it; and yet could never produce any new colour out of it.

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