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Board to investigate.

applicants as having passed the most satisfactory examination.

Sec. 17. The chief and captain of police and the Suspensions by chief engineer and assistant engineer of the fire de

partment, each and all of them shall be subject to suspension from office for cause, by vote of three members of the board, at any time. Any officer so suspended shall thereupon cease to exercise the functions of his office until he shall be reinstated. In case of suspension, the board shall at once consider and examine the charges against the officer suspended, giving him an opportunity to be heard in his own defense. After hearing the matter, the board shall determine whether the charges are sustained. If the charges shall not be sustained by the board, the officer shall be immediately reinstated. If the board shall determine that the charges are sustained, it shall at once determine whether the good of the service requires that the suspended officer shall be removed from office, or shall be suspended from office without pay for a fixed period and in all cases a vote of three members of the board shall be sufficient to determine that the charges are sustained and to fix the punishment by removal from office or otherwise. The board shall communicate its decision to the officer charged, in writing, and their decision shall be final and conclusive in all cases.

Sec. 18. The said board shall have charge of the Fire and police fire and police alarm system of the said cities, and

shall have power to designate points where fire and police alarm boxes shall be established, and, with the approval of the city council of said cities respectively, establish fire and police stations in said cities.

Sec. 19. Said board shall keep a record of all their Accounts and official acts, and shall cause accurate books to be kept

Decision in writing.

alarm system.

of all expenditures, materials required, on hand and lost, worn out or expended in the service, in either or both departments. It shall give the city council, as may be required, estimates of the material, its kind and character, and probable cost and funds necessary to defray the expenses of said departments and submit the same to the city council; such estimates shall be made and submitted whenever required, and at the end of each fiscal year, a complete estimate shall be made corering, as nearly as may be, the necessary expenses of the ensuing year.


police, when.

Sec. 20. Said board shall, at the end of each fiscal Annual reports. year, make a full report to the city council of the condition of each and both departments, showing their operations during the year, which report shall be certified and shall be accompanied by the certified reports of the chief of police and chief of the fire department, and shall be published separately in pamphlet form for distribution, and in numbers sufficient for exchange with other similar departments within the United States.

Sec. 21. It shall be the duty of the officers and Firemen to aid members of the fire department to aid the police department in case of riot or whenever called upon by the mayor so to do; and in such cases to obey the orders of the chief officer in command of the police. The officers and members of said fire department when so acting, shall have the powers of the police.

Sec. 22. It shall be the duty of the members of Police to aid the police department to aid the fire department by giving alarms in case of fire in such manner as the chief of the department may direct, and in clearing the streets and grounds in the immediate vicinity of the fire, so that the members of the fire department shall not be hindered or obstructed in the performance of their duties.

The chief of the fire department shall also have the power to call into service any citizen who may be present during the progress of the fire.

If any policeman refuses or neglects to give an Penalty for alarm or if any person refuses to aid the fire department, as directed in the manner aforesaid, or refuses to obey the orders of the chief officer in command at the fire, he shall forfeit and pay a fine of not less than five nor more than twenty-five dollars.

Sec. 23. The chief engineer of the fire depart-Engineer to ment shall, under the direction of said board, examine collections of all places where shavings or other combustible materials are collected or deposited, and shall report to said board from time to time the condition in this respect of the city; and when said board deem that said material so deposited or collected is liable to cause fire, it shall order the tenant or occupant of the place where they are deposited to remove them; and if such tenant or occupant neglects or refuses to comply with such order, the said board shall cause such material to be removed at his expense.




obstructing officer.

policemen, firemen, etc., not to partici

Whoever refuses or neglects to remove such matePenalty for rial or obstructs the said board or chief engineer or

rial or obstmiats th
other officer in the discharge of his duty hereby im-
posed, shall be liable to a penalty of not less than five
nor more than fifty dollars.

Sec. 24. No member of said board or of either deCommissioners, partment shall, during his term of office, be a member

of any party convention, the purpose of which is to pate in politics, nominate candidates for political offices, nor shall the

officers, members or employes of said fire department or police department take any part whatever in any partisan convention held for the purpose of a political party, nor act as officers of any political club nor as members of any political committee, nor take any part in politics whatsoever, nor shall any member of said board, directly or indirectly, attempt to control or influence the action of any member of said police or fire department or of any employe thereof in any primary, caucus, or general election.

No member of the police or fire department shall Collections or levy, collect or pay any amount of money as an assessfor politicalment or contribution for political purposes nor for the gifts to officers purpose of making any present to any officer of either

department. Any violations of the provisions of this section shall be sufficient cause for suspension or dismissal.

Sec. 25. Chapter 37 of the Laws of Utah, 1894, and all acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith are hereby repealed and this act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved March 30, 1896.





HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION. A Resolution Fixing the Salaries of Mem.

bers and Employes of the First Legislature of the State of Utah.

and mileage of

salaries of.

Be it resolved and enacted by the Legislature of the State

of Utah:

That the compensation of each member of the Compensation special session of the year 1896 and of the first Legis- members of

Legislature. lature of the State of Utah shall be four dollars per day during the session and ten cents per mile for the distance necessarily traveled going to, and returning from, the place of meeting on the most usual route.

That the employes of the special session of the Employes; year 1896 and of the first Legislature of the State of Utah shall consist of a chief clerk, a secretary, two minute clerks, two docket clerks, two engrossing clerks, four committee clerks, two sergeants-atarms, three messengers, one page, two janitors, one watchman, one doorkeeper and one chaplain, whose salaries shall be as follows:

Chief clerk and secretary per day, each, S6.00
Minute clerks,

Docket clerks,
Engrossing clerks,

oo oo

1.50 Committee clerks,

66 66 66

1.50 Sergeant-at-arms,

5.00 Messengers,

4.00 Page,

4.00 Janitors,

1.00 Watchman,

1.00 Doorkeeper,

1.00 Chaplain,

1.00 Approved March 31, 1896.




AN ACT providing for the employment of Stenographers of Courts, authoriz

ing the District Judges to contract for such employment, limiting their compensation and fees, and repealing all inconsistent acts.

may employ stenographer.

Duties of stenographer as defined in contract.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Utah:

SECTION 1. The judge of a district court may District judge employ and contract with a stenographer to report the

proceedings of such court in the manner and under the limitations hereinafter provided. In districts where there are two or more judges, each judge thereof may employ and contract with a stenographer.

Sec. 2. The judge of such district court may make a written contract with a competent person qual*ified to report stenographically the proceedings of the court. Said contract shall expressly provide that the stenographer shall attend all sittings of the court, take full stenographic notes of the testimony and of all proceedings given or had thereat, except when the judge dispenses with his services in a particular cause, or with respect to a portion of the proceedings thereof; that the stenographer shall file with the clerk, forthwith, the original stenographic notes taken at the trial or hearing so required to be taken; that all objections made to the rulings, decisions and opinions of the court, and the exceptions taken during the trial or hearing, shall be written out at length, or typewritten by the stenographer, and filed with the clerk forthwith after the close of the trial or hearing, if required by either party to the action; that the stenographer shall furnish upon request, with all reasonable diligence, to the defendant in a criminal cause, or a party or his attorney in a civil cause in which he has attended the trial or hearing, a copy written out at length or in narrative form from his stenographic notes of the testimony and proceedings, or a part thereof upon the trial or hearing, upon payment by the person requiring

the same of such fees as shall be provided in said conCompensation. tract. Such contract shall also expressly provide that

the compensation of such stenographer shall be at a cer

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