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Jurisdiction over crimes

commit any crime punishable under the laws of this State by imprisonment in such institution, shall be subject to the same punishment as if the crime had been committed at any other place, or by a person not so confined.

Sec. 64. The district court of the county in which Jurisdiction the State Prison is shall have jurisdiction over cases in prison. arising under the foregoing section, and the proceedings thereto pertaining shall in all ways conform to the law and rules in case of like offenses occurring elsewhere, except that the examinations may be held in the office of said prison at the option of the justice of the peace before whom the complaint may be made, and that the warrant shall be made in the ordinary form, shall be directed to the warden of the prison, and sball set forth that the accused is imprisoned in the prison under and by authority of the laws of the State of Utab, and further, that the convict so confined shall remain in the custody of such warden subject to the order of the district court of the county in which such prison is located.

Sec. 65. all acts and parts of acts contravening Saving accrued any of the provisions of this act are hereby repealed, rig! but all proceedings pending and all rights and liabili ties existing, acquired or incurred at the time this aci. takes effect, are hereby saved, and such proceedings may be consummated under and according to the law in force at the time such proceedings were commenced.

Sec. 66. This act shall take effect upon approval.
Approved April 3, 1896.



AN ACT to Legitimate the issue of Bigamous and Polygamous Marriages,

born on or prior to January 4th, 1896, and declaring their Heritable and
other rights.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Utah:

SECTION 1. That the issue of bigamous and po- Polygamous lygamous marriages, heretofore contracted between legitimated to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Jan

Jan. 4, 1896,

rints, born on hundred and entitled to inhert

Sain b. eight: and sucb have anand in the

Saints, born on or prior to the fourth day of January,
A. D. eighteen hundred and ninety-six, are hereby
legitimated; and such issue are entitled to inherit from
both parents, and to have and enjoy all rights and
privileges to the same extent and in the same manner
as though born in lawful wedlock.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect upon approval.
Approved April 3, 1896.



AN ACT relating to the University of Utah, providing for its Powers and

Government, the selection,' powers and duties of its Officers, authorizing and regulating Endowments thereof, and repealing all prior inconsistent laws.

University of Utah a public corporation.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Utah:

SECTION 1. The name of the University organized

under An Act approved February 28, 1850, and laws Utah a public amendatory of and supplementary to said act, shall

hereafter be “University of Utah," and with and by said name it is constituted and continued a body corporate, with perpetual succession, and it may have and use a corporate seal, and by said name sue and be sued, and contract and be contracted with. It is vested with all the property, credits, effects and franchises, and is subject to all the contracts, obligations and liabilities of the existing corporation.

It may take and hold to its use by purchase, gift, devise, or bequest, real and personal property and moneys, credits and effects, and by sale or exchange receive and use the proceeds of property not applicable to its uses in specie. It shall be deemed a public corporation and be subject to the laws of this State, from time to time enacted, relating to its purposes and government, and its property, credits and effects shall be exempt from all taxes and assessments.

Sec. 2. The University shall be the highest branch Highest branch of the public system of education in this State, and, as Honal system. far as practicable, its courses and methods of instruc

of State educa

Government vested in board

and term of regents.

tion shall be arranged to supplement and continue the instruction in other branches of the public system, and with a view to afford and complete a thorough education to students of both sexes in arts, sciences and literature, and in such professional branches as may be included in its courses of instruction.

Sec. 3. The government of the University and the Government management of its property and affairs is vested in a of regents." Board of nine Regents, five of whom shall constitute a quorum, and, except as herein provided, the term of office of each regent shall commence on the first day of July next after his appointment, and continue for six years and until a successor is appointed and qualified.

The President of the University shall be ex-officio President. a member of the Board of Regents, with all the rights, privileges and obligations which apply to every other member.

In 1896 two regents shall be appointed to the va- Appointment cancies occurring through the expiration of the terms med of office of two of the existing board; the third vacancy So occurring shall be filled by the President of the University. After 1896 appointments to the office of regent shall be made as the terms of existing incumbents expire, and each appointment so made shall be for a term of six years, and until a successor is appointed and qualified. A vacancy in the office of a regent occurs by his permanent removal from this State; by his incapacity to act; or by the acceptance of his resignation by the Governor, and the Governor may, by appointment, fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term and until a successor is appointed and qualified. Each regent, before entering upon the duties of his Bond of office, shall take an official oath and give to the University a bond, with sureties approved by the Secretary of State, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties, and the oaths and bonds shall be filed in the office of said Secretary. No regent shall be directly or indirectly inter- Regent not to ested in any contract involving any pecuniary compen- in contract; to sation or benefit, made by or in behalf of said University, or receive any compensation for his services as but actual regent, but regents may be allowed actual expenses incurred in attending meetings of the board or its committees, or in attending to the business of the University under authority granted by the board or its committees, and the Board of Regents may fix the salary of pr


the faithfulm of one thed by the Sea

Penal sum es approvedive to

may be asation fof of saia compen

be interested

receive no compensation



Fix salary of I president.

Officers of board.


the President of the University and make all necessary contracts with reference to his compensation and duties.

Sec. 4. The regents shall appoint one of their number chairman, and he shall hold the appointment two years and until a successor is appointed; he shall be the executive officer of the board. They shall also appoint a secretary, who may be a regent, and a treas. urer who shall not be a regent, and may define their duties, and require bonds to the University, and fix the amount thereof for the faithful discharge of their duties. Bonds taken by the University, to secure the faithful discharge of official duties, shall be copied in the regents' record book, and in case of the loss or destruction of any bond, the record shall be prima

facie evidence of its contents and execution as the Blennial report same appear in the record. The regents shall make a

biennial report to the Governor and Legislature during the first ten days of each session (not special), showing the condition, income, and expenditures to the end of the preceding fiscal year of the University, with an additional general statement of its affairs from the end of the fiscal year to the 31st of December prior to the meeting of the Legislature, and with estimates of the income and expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year and for the ensuing two fiscal years, with such other statements and recommendations as they may deem useful.

Sec. 5. The Normal School shall be continued as a Normal school. department of the University, for students of both sexes,

and its course ofinstruction may extend to a period of four years, or until graduation, and its course shall include practice in teaching and instruction in pedagogy. One hundred free normal scholarships may be maintained in the Normal School, the holders of which shall be exempt from all registration or entrance fees. Fifty appointments to such scholarships may be made annually; each appointment to be for the term of two years; Provided, That students may be re-appointed to scholarships. Appointments to normal scholarships, shall be made by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, on nomination by the county board of examiners or city boards of education, when such cities are not under the supervision of the county superintendent of schools. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent of Public Instruction on or before the last


Normal scholarships,

day of May each year, to apportion to the counties and cities, on the basis of school population, the number of normal scholarships to which said counties and cities are entitled. Vacancies in normal scholarships existing at or after the opening of any academic year of the University, may be filled by appointment by the President of the University. Students who have been appointed to normal scholarships may be examined before admission to the Normal School by or under the direction of the University faculty, and such students may be rejected if found to be unqualified to enter upon the normal course of instruction prescribed by the University. Holders of normal scholarships shall be required to declare their intention to complete the prescribed course of normal instruction, and after graduation to teach in the public schools of this State, and in the event of such students discontinuing their studies at the University before graduation, they shall be required to pay to the University, the amount of registration or entrance fees required of other students, for a corresponding term of attendance; Provided, That the President of the University may grant leave of absence not exceeding one year at any one time to a holder of a normal scholarship, and may appoint to the vacancy during the absence on leave of the regular holder. The President of the University may at any time cancel the normal scholarship of any student for neglect or incompetency and require the payment to the University of all fees exempted by virtue of said scholarship.

Graduates in the normal course shall receive a cer- Normal tificate, which for the term of five years thereafter, shall be sufficient evidence of the holder, without examination as to scholarship, to teach in the common schools in the grade or grades mentioned in the certificate, and the University may provide for granting a degree with an accompanying normal diploma to graduates in the normal course who have satisfactorily taken a course of studies prescribed and leading to a degree, and the degree, with accompanying normal diploma shall be sufficient evidence of the holder to thereafter teach in the common and high schools, without examination as to scholarship.

Sec. 6. A course of studies preparatory to regu- Preparatory lar University courses, may be maintained for such“ length of time as the regents think it necessary to fit students for the University courses.

graduate certificates.


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