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have cogniz

cations for admision to asylum.

other district may act.

Application for adın ission; what must state.

ulations of the asylum, and perform such other duties as may be required by the by-laws. He shall be a resident officer of the asylum.

Sec. 21. The judges of the district courts shall undges have cognizance of all applications for admission to ance of appl. the asylum or for the safe keeping otherwise of insane

persons within their respective districts, except in cases otherwise provided for. In case of the absence

of any district judge from any county, when an appliWhen judge in cation as aforesaid should be heard, the judge of any

other district may attend and hear the same upon the written request of the county clerk of the county wherein the insane person resides.

Sec. 22. Application for admission to the asylum on must be made in the form of an information verified by

an affidavit, alleging that the person in whose behalf the application is made, is believed by the informant to be insane and a fit subject for custody and treatment in the asylum; that such a person is found in the county and has a residence therein, if such is known to be the fact, and, if such residence is not in the county, where it is, if known, or where it is believed to be, if the informant is advised on the subject.

Sec. 23. On the filing of such information, the Examination of district judge of the district in which such person re

sides, if a resident of the State, and, if a non-resident,
then the district judge of the district in which such
person is found, may examine the informant under
oath, and, if satisfied there is reasonable cause there-
for, shall at once investigate the grounds thereof. For
this purpose, he may require the person for whom such
admission is sought to be brought before him and the
judge may issue his warrant therefor to the sheriff or
any constable of the county, which shall be in form as
State of Utah, ,

ss. alleged Insane County of —

To - greeting: You are hereby commanded to forthwith arrest -----, alleged to be an insane person, and bring him before me, and make due returns hereof.

Witness my hand and seal of the district court of – district, this — day of — A. D. —

— Judge — District. He may provide for the suitable custody of such person until the investigation shall be concluded. If

Warrant for


Custody and examination of alleged insane person.

he shall be of the opinion from such preliminary inquiries that he may make, that the presence of the accused would probably be injurious to such person, or attended with no advantage, he may dispense with such presence. In the examination he shall hear testimony for and against such application. Any citizen of the county, or any relative of the person alleged to be insane, may appear and resist the application, and the parties may appear by counsel if they so elect. The judge shall cause to appear before him two practicing physicians in medicine, before whom the judge shall examine the charge, and if, after a careful hearing of the case, and after a personal examination of the alleged insane person, the said physicians shall certify on oath that the person examined is insane, and the case is of a recent or curable character, or that the said insane person is of a homicidal, suicidal or incendiary disposition, or that from any other violent symptoms the said insane person would be dangerous to his or her own life, or to the lives or property of the community in which he or she may live, and in connection with their examination the said physicians shall endeavor to obtain from the relatives or others who know the facts, correct answers so far as may be to the interrogatories hereinafter required to be propounded in such cases, which interrogatories shall be attached to their certificates. The physicians' certificate herewith provided for shall be in form as follows:


County of

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--_-- and ---- being duly sworn, both certify, Certificate of! each for himself, that he is a practicing physician in Insanity or to medicine, that at the request and in the presence of Hon. -----, judge of -- he has heard the testimony and personally examined the said in reference to the charge of insanity, and both find that is insane and so far disordered in his mind as to endanger health, person or property, and that said insanity is not a case of idiocy, imbecility or simple feebleness of mind; the further facts appertaining to said case as nearly as can be ascertained are set forth in the answer to the following questions:

physicians to


1. Name? 2. Age?

3. Vativity?
4. Married or single?

5. If children, how many, their names, ages and residences?

6. If female and married, maiden name and name of husband:

7. What State last from and how long in Utah? 8. What occupation?

9. What evidence have you of the presence of insanity?

io. Is there a homicidal, suicidal or incendiary disposition?

11. Is the case a recent one, having occurred within twelve months last past?

12. When did this attack first appear?

13. Is this the first attack, if not when did others occur, and wbat their duration?

14. Is the disease increasing, decreasing or stationary?

15. Are there rational intervals, if so do they occur periodically?

16. Is there any permanent hallucination, if so what is it?

17. In what way is the accused dangerous to be at large?

18. Is there a disposition to injure others, if so is it directed especially to relatives? Is it from sudden passion or premeditated?

19. If suicidal, is the propensity now active, and in what way?

20. Is there a disposition to filthy habits, destruction of clothing, furniture, etc.?

21. Have any relatives, including grandparents and cousins been insane?

22. Any peculiarity of habits, temper, disposition, etc., or pursuits or religious impressions?

23. Been intemperate in the use of ardent spirits, wine, opium or tobacco in any form?

24. Suffered from epilepsy, suppressed secre. tions, eruptions, discharges or sores, or injured in the head?

25. Any change in the physical health since the attack?

26. The supposed cause of insanity?
27. Of what class of insanity?

28. What treatment has been pursued, and with what effect?

29. Postoffice address, street and number of house of relative or friend?

- - M. D.

--- M. D. Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of -, A. D.

- Judge, - -- District. Sec. 24. On the return of the physicians' certifi- Finding by cate the judge shall as soon as practicable conclude his “ investigations and shall find whether the person alleged to be insane is insane, whether if insane a fit subject for treatment and custody in the asylum, whether the residence of such person is in such county and if not in such county, where it is, if ascertained. If he find such person is not insane, he shall order his immediate discharge, if in custody. If he find such person insane and a fit subject for custody and treatment in the asylum, he shall order such person to be committed to the asylum, except as in section 7 of this act provided.

district judge.


State of Utah,

ss County of —


1---judge of the judicial district, State of warrant of Utah, upon affidavit of- , caused to be brought be. fore me for examination on a charge of insanity, and having heard the testimony of- and- , witnesses who have been acquainted with the accused during the alleged insanity, and Drs.- --and -4, practicing physicians, after hearing the testimony of witnesses and after a personal examination of the accused and having made the certificate by law required, find that the said is insane, and is a fit subject for custody and treatment in the asylum, that the residence ofis in--county, State of Utah, and—-is---indigent and is able to bear the actual charges and expenses for the time may remain in the asylum. I therefore order the said — - a--male, aged -years, to be confined in the State insane asylum at Provo City,

Utah county, and is charged with the execution of this order.

Witness my hand this day of — A. D.

money to be


disposal of.

Judge of the district. Sec. 25. The district judge shall transmit to the Insane person's medical superintendent all money or other property transmitted to found on the person of any insane person at the time superintendent; of arrest and certify thereto in form as follows:

State of Utah, i
County of — SS.

1,- judge of — judicial district, county ofcertify that the sum of-dollars, and property, was found on the person of said— at the time of his arrest, which the said is ordered to deliver to the medical superintendent of the State insane asylum, that I have appointed— a guardian for said , and directed a quarterly payment in advance, together with a fund, to be forwarded to the said asylum with the said as by law required of paying patients.

Witness my hand this day of — A. D.

delivery of papers to medical

Judge. The medical superintendent shall, upon receipt of such money or other property as herein provided, deliver the same to the treasurer to be applied to the payment of the expenses of said patient while in the asylum, but upon recovery of such insane person, all sums remaining unexpended, or other property, shall be returned to him when he is discharged from the asylum.

Sec. 26. The district judge shall deliver to the Service on and sheriff of the county, or other person appointed to

execute the warrant, certified copies of the affidavit, superintendent. warrant of commitment and a certificate of property

found on the person, and appointment of guardian, under seal of the court, and the sheriff or other person appointed shall execute the aforesaid warrant by conveying such person to the asylum and delivering him with such affidavit, commitment and certificates to the medical superintendent thereof. The medical superintendent shall acknowledge such delivery on the original warrant which the sheriff shall return to the county clerk with his costs and expenses endorsed thereon. The sheriff shall be allowed his actual expenses for con

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