A Treatise on the Law of Injunctions, Volumen2

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Página 935 - Act, except as below provided, shall be printed from type set within the limits of the United States...
Página 936 - No person shall maintain an action for the infringement of his copyright unless he shall give notice thereof by inserting in the several copies of every edition published, on the title-page, or the page immediately following...
Página 1662 - Provided, That the appeal must be taken within thirty days from the entry of such order or decree, and it shall take precedence in the appellate court; and the proceedings in other respects in the court below shall not be stayed unless otherwise ordered by that court, or by the appellate court or a judge thereof, during the pendency of such appeal...
Página 933 - That any such court or judge thereof shall have power, upon bill in equity filed by any party aggrieved, to grant injunctions to prevent and restrain the violation of any right secured by said laws, according to the course and principles of courts of equity, on such terms as said court or judge may deem- reasonable.
Página 1038 - That no man has a right to sell his own goods as the goods of another. You may express the same principle in a different form, and say that no man has a right to dress himself in colors, or adopt and bear symbols, to which he has no peculiar or exclusive right, and thereby personate another person for the purpose of inducing the public to suppose, either that he is the other person, or that he is connected with and selling the manufacture of such other person, while he is really selling his own....
Página 959 - In short, we must often, in deciding questions of this sort, look to the nature and objects of the selections made, the quantity and value of the materials used, and the degree in which the use may prejudice the sale, or diminish the profits, or supersede the objects of the original work.
Página 958 - The rule appears now to be settled that the compiler of a work in which absolute originality is of necessity excluded, is entitled, without exposing himself to a charge of piracy, to make use of preceding works upon the subject, where he bestows such mental labor upon what he has taken, and subjects it to such revision and correction as to produce an original result; provided, that he does not deny the use made of such preceding works, and the alterations are not merely colorable.
Página 1069 - ... that it is a fraud on a person who has established a trade, and carries it on under a given name, that some other person should assume the same name, or the same name with a slight alteration, in such a way as to induce persons to deal with him in the belief that they are dealing with the person who has given a reputation to the...
Página 936 - ... following, if it be a book; or if a map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, photograph, painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, or model or design intended to be perfected and completed as a work of the fine arts, by inscribing upon some visible portion (of the face or front) thereof, or (on the face) of the substance on which the same shall be mounted, the following words, viz.: 'Entered according to act of Congress, in the year , by AB, in the office of the Librarian of...
Página 1172 - On the other hand, public policy requires that when a man has by skill, or by any other means, obtained something which he wants to sell, he should be at liberty to sell it in the most advantageous way in the market, and in order to enable him to sell it advantageously in the market it is necessary that he should be able to preclude himself from entering into competition with the purchaser.

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