The History of Portland, from its First Settlement


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Página 128 - Majesty's dominions in America for making a more certain and adequate provision for defraying the charge of the administration of justice and the support of civil government in such provinces where it shall be found necessary...
Página 128 - The government also established a board of commissioners for the receipt and management of the customs in America, and fixed the salaries of certain officers which Massachusetts had refused to do. The passage of these acts occasioned at first no violent outbreakings like those which followed the stamp act, but rather...
Página 191 - Portland, to which place he was elected die years. He was also a member of the convention which adopted the constitution of the United States.
Página 345 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Página 201 - It has been truly said, that there is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Página 174 - ... fishery. Voted, unanimously, that Stephen Hall, our representative to the General Court, be directed and he hereby is directed to use his utmost endeavors at the approaching session of said court, that an application be made from the whole court to the Honorable Congress, requesting that they would direct their commissioners for negotiating a peace to make the right of the United States to the fishery an indispensable article of treaty...
Página 136 - For on what principle does it stand ? This famous revenue stands, at this hour, on all the debate, as a description of revenue not as yet known in all the comprehensive (but too comprehensive !) vocabulary of finance — a preambulary tax.
Página 130 - THAT the sole right of imposing taxes on the inhabitants of this his majesty's colony and dominion of Virginia is now, and ever hath been, legally and constitutionally vested in the house of burgesses...
Página 136 - The perusal of these documents excited violent indignation ; it was unanimously resolved, " that the tendency of the said letters was to overthrow the constitution of this government, and to introduce arbitrary power into the province...
Página 286 - Deane was presented by the company with two hundred and thirty-six seven knotted skeins of excellent cotton and linen yarn, the work of the day, excepting about a dozen skeins which some of the company brought in ready spun. Some had spun six, and many not less than five skeins apiece. To conclude and crown the day, a numerous band of the best singers attended in the evening, and performed an agreeable variety of excellent pieces in psalmody."1 Some of the ante-revolutionary customs "more honored...

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