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Prayer after sermon. Ever living, ever blessed Lord our God. We again come to seek a parent's face and a parent's blessing We would acknowledge our entire dependence on thee. We thank thee for the privileges of public worship; and wilt thou, who hast given us grace at this time, with one accord to make our common supplications to thee; and hast promised that where too or three are gathered together in thy Son's name, thou wilt grant their requests ; fulfil, now, O Lord, the desires and petitions of thy servants, as may be most expedient for them; granting us in this world, knowledge of thy truth, and in the world to come, life everlasting. Amen.

Benediction. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of his Holy Spirit be with you all, forever. Amen.

Morning prayer for a school. God of the morning, we would raise our thoughts to thee, in adoration of thy perfections and in thankful remembrance of thy goodness to the children of men. Every morning and every moment affords evidence of the greatness, and the glory, and the benignity of thy character. Thou createdst all things, and for thy pleasure they were created. The heavens are thine ; the earth also is thine; we ourselves are thy offspring, and we rejoice that we may address thee as our Father. Our natural and moral powers, and all our means of happiness and improvement, are the effects of thy paternal kindness. It is thou alone that makest us to dwell in safety, and to enjoy the blessings which thy goodness hath bestowed. Thou carest for all; thou blessest all. It is owing to thy protection and favour, that we behold this day, with the advantages and pleasures which accompany it. And now that we are assembled here, we would commit ourselves to the direction of thy good providence. We pray for thy continued support and guidance. May we feel as we ought our dependence on thee; our constant and increasing obligations. May we remember that

thine eye is never for a moment withdrawn from us; that thou art intimately acquainted with all that we do, with all that we say, and with all that we think. May this thought habitually influence us, and dispose us to give a right direction to all our powers.

Author of all good, let thy blessings rest upon these youth. Make them to go in the path of thy commandments. May they early acquaint themselves with thee, the God of their fathers. May they have correct sentiments of thy paternal character. Suffer them not to forget their duty to thee, who hast never forgotten to be good and merciful unto them. Suffer them not, Source of all good influences, to misuse their time or to abuse their talents, by indulging in negligence or vicious and irregular habits. Keep them in thy fear. Let them not depart from innocence and virtue. May they consider and wisely improve their advantages for gaining knowledge. May they be inspired with a generous and noble ardor to excel in what will make them wise, and useful, and happy. May they search for knowledge as for a treasure of immense value.

May they have that fear of thee, which is the instruction of wisdom. We

pray that a meek, docile, and humble spirit may mark their principles and character, and that thou wouldst keep them from

the evil of sin. By their improvement in good learning, by the correctness of their morals, and by the habitual regularity of their deportment, may they be solicitous of gratifying the desires, and hopes, and expectations of their parents and friends, and especially may they secure the approbation and acceptance of thee, their best friend and benefactor. God of truth, will it please thee to guide their feet in the way of truth and holiness, to make them instruments of much good in the world, and to prepare them for that inheritance which can never be lost nor impaired. Hear us through Jesus Christ, the Son of thy love. Amen.

Evening prayer

for a school. FATHER in heaven, we thank thee for the pleasures and blessings of the day which is now drawing near its close. By thy care and kindness, another day has been allowed us for the pursuit of useful knowledge, and may we not be insensible of our increased obligation to love and serve thee, and to be faithful in the use of the talents which thou hast given us. If any of us have this day been careless and inconsiderate; if we have misimproved or wasted these valuable hours, we pray thee to forgive us, on our sorrow for our faults. May we consider our ways and be wise. May the young more fully appreciate their privileges, and by reflecting with regret on the time they may have thoughtlessly thrown away, may they be excited to unweared attention for the future. May those who are habitually industrious, who are frugal of their time, never grow weary in this way of well doing. May these youth wisely consider, that the present time is all of which they can promise themselves assured possession ; that time is a treasure, which, if lost, can never be regained. May they be solicitous to perform what duty requires of them, and may they consider diligent application to their studies, as a duty not to be disregarded.

We thank thee, Source of wisdoni and virtue, for the pleasures which are intimately associated with the improvement of the mind and heart. May each one present deserve, and deserving share these pleasures. And now that they are about to depart from this place, may they think seriously on the flight of time, that every day carries them nearer to the maturity of life, and to its closing scene; and may such a reflection as this have some influence in leading their thoughts to God, in promoting that sober mindedness and piety, which are peculiarly ornamental

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