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Dr Samuel Bard's Prayer. "O God! enlighten our smeretanding that we may comprehena ite will Staengthen nics resolution to obey they

ees with revignation under they dispensations, & fill or hearts with i fie si gratitide for at the benefit . Give unto us, a Lord, whose lives thou past continued to so late a

day, sincered true repentance, the grant that as age are Vanies ofron

us, our minds may be more & more enlighten ed by the hole one of will; more

resigned to the diabsensations,

invigorated with the resolution to obey they Commands. Praním all our

thoughts pewrit; giese freace quiet zo 1, 2, tutupport us,

by they grace, through The weakness & intermities of age, that we

Die in humble hope & ch Hng merciful pardon and acceptanie hrough the merits of our Redeemer.


to our



fidence of

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evening, presume

; "Blessed is the man, who continuala

anticcates the hour of his death, kas keeps himself m continual preparation ls its abstback then it is morning tinh that hou mayest not live tile the evening, thin the not to nomisi fai'celf another morning Be therefore

, always headw; si jo line, that Zce the snáe not in het confounded at

many die suddenie s una ecpeittely; "for in Grch and Link not,' the son o man comith."

Thomas a Kempis,

ts Jummorus.

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"What is heligion?, it is the leve

of Go Its rule is charig, ali hatriment is divine prace; its élme

intelligence s the kine albertions; its Juppót is pietu; its lifério benef ume; its pleasure-is elvity; its objet a peace & joy; and its end is glory. What is Christian furt? The intelli qent & honest nekriow ledgement that

Jesus is the Christ. What is the teme of Christian communion in the article faith? He same weknowledgement

Huet fesus is the Christ. Koes a bare dánowledgement of this truth

make a Chirstian indeed? no; nor. goes the bare acknowle@gement of any truth make him to. Love to God,

love to man; a love felt in the heait 3 moved in the life; alone can makers Safperstrane mees Life of, ar Holley Extat


Commando, endow

ped with acuzamátim 'under

Dr Samuel Bard's Prayer. "O Goo! enlighten our weenstanding flat we may comprehend it will strengthen our resolution to obey they Pop Destinations optie car leaves walk i tie si gratitude for at? Hej hemelite.

unto us, O Lord whose lives there heast continued to so late a day, sincere & true repentance, is grant, that as

age . nose enäichten ed by the knowledge on thing

assigned to the dissensation more invigorated with the resolution to

lice, the commande. Colom all our thoughts pemerii Act, 2.1, putujpport us, by

they grace, through ги ce we abone os linkismities of age, that we

ay lie in humble hobe & confidence of di merciful parcon and acestame throug, i ,

mo our the deemer.

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us, our minds man be more e

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nsation's, &

quiet to our latter

give peace & quiet to

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