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"What is heligion? It is the love of Goo sman.

Its rule is charit; ac nutriment is divine grave; its élomen

intelligence oy the king offertions; its support is biety; its lifér benefi cence; ita pleasure is ilily; its olijeet is peace & jou; and its end is glory.

What is thistan fritt? The intelli. gent is honest reknow leégement, that

Jesus is the Christ. What is the term of Christian communion in the article faith? The

?? The same that Jesus is the Christ. Does a bare de knowledgement of this truth

make a Chiritian indeed? no, nor coes He bare acknowledgement of ime truth make him wo. Love to God

, "Cove to man; a love felt in the heart, I moved in the life; alone can makers Gebirstans medialife of Dr Mollya Exity i




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