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Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate (methyl Cellosolte" ace- Comb. L.

tate). Ethylene imine, inhibited..

Inf. L.

Red. Ethylene oxide.

Inf. L.

Red. Ethylhexaldehyde..

Comb. L.. Excelsior (shredded wood).

Haz... Explosive auto alarms

Expl. C. Explosive bombs (see: "Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, bombs, Expl. A..

mines, etc."). Explosive cable cutters.

Expl. C. Explosive compositions containing an ammonium salt and a chlorate. Prohibited. Explosive compositions that ignite spontaneously

Explosive compositions that undergo marked decomposition when subjected Prohibited.

for 48 consecutive hours to a temperature of 167°F.
Explosive hand grenades (see: "Ammunition-projectiles. grenades, Expl. A.-

Explosive mines (see: "Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, bombs, Expl. A..

mines, etc."). Explosive power device, Class B.

Expl. B. Explosive power device, Class C (see: Explosive cable cutters). Expl. c. Explosive projectiles (see: "Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, etc.").- Expl. A. Explosive release devices (see: "Explosive cable cutters”).

Expl. C Explosive rifle grenades (see: Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, Expl. A.

etc."). Explosive rivets.

Expl. C.... Explosive torpedoes (see: “Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, bombs, Expl. A.

mines and torpedoes"). Explosives, samples of (see: $ 146.20-13). *Extracts, liquid flavoring..

Comb. L. *Extracts, liquid flavoring (see: "Alcohol or alcohol, N. O.S."). Inf. L.

Red. Fabrics or fibers with animal or vegetable oil (see: “Cotton waste, oily"). Inf. S..

Yellow, Feed, wet, mixed..

Haz. Felt waste (see: “Cotton waste").

Haz.. Felt waste, wet (see: "Rags, wet"),

Inf. S.

Yellow. bio Ferric arsenate, solid.

Pois. B.

Poison. Nhà Ferric arsenite, solid.

Pois. B

Poison. Ferrophosphorus..

Haz. Ferrophosphorus briquets

No restrictions. Ferrosilicon.

Haz.. Ferrosilicon briquets.

Ferrosilicon, containing between 45 percent and 48 percent or containing Haz.

between 65 percent and 70 percent silicon.
Ferrosilicon, containing between 48 percent and 65 percent silicon . Haz.
Ferrosilicon, containing less than 45 percent or more than 10 percent Haz.

Ferrous arsenate (iron arsenate), solid..

Pois. B.. *Fertilizer ammoniating solution, containing free ammonia.

Noninf. G.

Green gas. 293 Fertilizer, tankage (see: "Tankages").

Inf. s.

Yellow. Fibers, burnt.

Inf. S.

Fibers (jute, hemp, flax, sisal, coir, kapok, and similar vegetable fibers) Haz.
Fibers or fabrics, with animal or vegetable oil (see: "Cotton waste, Inf. s.
Film, motion-picture (see: "Motion-picture film etc.").
Film support (nitrocellulose base) (see: "Pryoxylin plastics, rods, rolls, Inf. S.

Yellow. 2017 sheets or tubes”). Fire extinguisher charges..

Cor. L.

White. Fire extinguisher charges containing not to exceed 50 grains of propel

lant explosives per unit (see: $ 146.20-9 (e)). Fire extinguishers...

Noninf. G............. Green Firecracker salutes (see: "Fireworks, common" or "Fireworks, special").


le Firecrackers (see: "Fireworks, common” or “Fireworks, special"). Fireworks, common.

Expl. O. Fireworks (except those otherwise described herein for which special Expl. B.-----packing requirements are given) (see: "Fireworks, special").

Sisę bog Fireworks, exhibition display pieces (see: “Fireworks, special").

29 Fireworks not permitted (see "Fireworks forbidden"). Fireworks, special (flash cartridges consisting of a paper cartridge shell, Expl. B....----------- Special fireworks.

small arms primer and flash composition not exceeding 180 grains each, all assembled in one piece ready for firing). Fireworks, special (flash or spreader cartridges not exceeding 72 grains of Expl. B.

Special fireworks. flash powder each). Fireworks, special (flash sheets).

Expl. B.

Special fireworks. Fireworks, special (photographic flash powder).

Expl. B.

Special fireworks. Fireworks, special (special fireworks)

Expl. B.

Special fireworks. Fireworks, special (toy torpedoes).

Expl. B.

Special fireworks. Fish meal (see: “Fish scrap or fish meal").

Inf. S

Fish scrap, or fish meal (containing at least 6 percent and not more than Haz..

12 percent moisture).
Fish scrap or fish meal (containing less than 6 percent of more than 12 Inf. S. percent moisture).

003) Físh scrap, wet acidulated..--


Bhbor *Flame retardant compound, liquid.

Cor. L...

White. * Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.


"Gold paint (see: “Paint, enamel, etc.").

Comb. L. * Gold paint (see: “Paint, enamel, etc.").

Inf. L...
Grenades, empty, primed (see: "Primer8"').

Expl. C.
Grenades, hand, explosive (see: "Explosive hand grenades").
Grenades, hand or rifle, explosive, wilh gas, smoke, or incendiary material

(see: "Explosive hand or rifle grenades").
Grenades, hand or rifle, with gas, smoke, or incendiary maaterial but without

bursting charges (see: "Chemical ammunition, class A or B poison"

or "Fireworks, special").
Grenades, rifle, explosive (see: "Explosive rifle grenades").
Grenades, tear gas (see: "Tear gas grenades").
Ground bituminous coal (see: "Coal facings").

Inf. s.
Guanidine nitrate (see: "Nitrates")..

Oxy. M. Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrażene (see: "Initiating or priming explo

Guanyl nitrosanaino guanylidene hydrazine (see: Initiating or priming

Guided maissiles with war heads (see: "Explosive projectiles").
Guided missiles without war heads (see: "Propellant explosives, class
1 Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detalled regulations.


Guncotton (see: "High explosives").
Hafnium powder or sponge, dry.

Inf. s
Hafnium powder, wet or sludge.

Inf. s.
Hair, wet.

Inf. S.
Hand grenades (see: “Ammunition-projectiles, grenades, etc ").- Expl. A.
Hand ship distress signals (see: "Fireworks, common").
Hand signal devices (see: Flares and signalling devices")

Expl. C..

Haz. Hay or straw (loose, wet or damp).

Not permitted. Helium..

Nonínf. G. Helium-oxygen mixture.

Noninf. G. Hemp (see: "Fibers").


Inf. L.
Hessian (see: "Burlap cloth").

Cor. L.
Hexaethyl tetraphosphate and compressed gas mixtures.

Pois. A..
Hexaethyl tetraphosphate, liquid (see: "Tetraethyl pyrophosphate, Pois. B.

Hexaethyl tetraphosphate, mixture, dry (see: "Tetraethyl pyrophos- Pois. B.

phate, mixture, dry").
Hexaethyl tetraphosphate, mixture, liquid (see: "Tetraethyl pyro- Pois. B.

phosphate, liquid"). Hexafluoropropylene..

Noninf. G.. Hexafluorophosphoric acid (see: "Difluorophosphoric acid, anhy. Cor. L.....

drous"). Hexaldehyde.

Comb. L.. Hexamethylene diamine solution..

Cor. L.. Hexane...

Inf. L. Hexyl trichlorosilane.

Cor. L.. High explosives.

Expl. A. High explosives (containing no liquid explosive ingredient).

Expl. A. High explosives (containing no liquid explosive ingredient nor any Expl. A.

chlorate). High explosives (fireworks that can be exploded en masse).

Expl. A. High explosives (in dry condition)....

Expl. A. High explosives, liquid (see: "High explosives").

Not permitted.
High explosives (nitrocellulose-guncotton and negative cotton-when Expl. A.

shipped in dry condition).
High explosives (nitrostarch when shipped in dry condition).

Expl. A
High explosives (propellant explosives, class A explosives) (see: "Pro- Expl. A.

pellant explosives, class A explosives").
High explosives (wet with not less than 10 pounds of water to each 90 Expl. A.

pounds of dry material).
High explosives (when containing more than 75 percent liquid explosive Expl. A.-

ingredient, except blasting gelatin and gelatin dynamite).
High explosives (when containing not more than 75 percent liquid explo- Expl. A.

sive ingredient).
High explosives (when containing 10 percent or less of a liquid explosive Expl. A.

*High wines (see: "Alcohol or alcohol, N. 0. S.").
Highway fusees..

Expl, C. Hydraulic accumulators.

Noninf. G. Hydrazine, anhydrous..

Cor. L. Hydrazine solution containing 50 percent or less of water.

Cor. L. Hydriodic acid..

Cor. L. Hydrobromic acid.

Cor. L.. Hydrobromic acid, anhydrous (see: "Hydrogen bromide").

Noninf. G. Hydrocarbon gas, liquefied...

Inf G.
Hydrocarbon gas, nonliquefied

Inf. G.
Hydrochloric acid, anhydrous (see: "Hydrogen chloride").
Hydrochloric acid, in bulk (see: $146.23-50).
Hydrochloric acid mixtures..

Cor. L.
Hydrochloric acid solution, inhibited.

Cor. L. Hydrochloric (muriatic) acid...

Cor. L. Hydrocyanic acid, liquefied.

Pois. A. Hydrocyanic acid (prussic), liquid.

Pois. A. Hydrocyanic acid (prussic), unstabilized.

Not permitted. Hydrocyanic acid solutions..

Pois. B.. Hydrofluoric acid.

Cor. L.. Hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous..

Cor. L. Hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids, mixtures..

Cor. L. Hydrofluosilicic acid.

Cor. L. Hydrogen...

Inf. G.. Hydrogen bromide.

Noninf. G. Hydrogen chloride.

Noninf. G Hydrogen, liquefied.

Not permitted. Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen dioxide) solution in water containing Cor. L.

oder 8 percent hydrogen peroxide by weight). Hydrogen sulfide.

Inf. G.. Hypochlorite solutions containing more than 7 percent available Cor. L.

chlorine by weight. Igniter cord..

Expl. c. Igniter fuse-metal clad (see: Igniters).

Expl. · Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.



Expl. c.
Igniters, jet thrust (jato) class A explosives (see: "Jet thrust upit Expl. A.

(jato), class A explosives").
Igniters, jet thrust (jato) class B explosives (see: "Jet thrust unit Expl. B.

(jato), class B explosives").
Illuminating projectiles, uzed or not fuzed, with expelling charge (see:

"Fireworks, special"').
Illuminating torches (see: "Fireworks, common").
Inflammable liquids, N. 0. S.

Inf. L. Inflammable solids, N. 0. 8.

Inf. S. Initiating explosives (see: "Initiating or priming explosives").

Expl. A. Initiating explosives (diazodinitrophenol wet with not less than 40 percent Expl. A.

by weight of water) (see: Initiating or priming er plosives"). Initiating explosives (quanyl nitrosamino guanylidene hydrazine wet Expl. A..

with not less than 50 percent by weight of water) (see: "Initiating or

priming explosives"). Initiating explosives (in bulk in dry condition).

Prohibited. Initiating explosives (lead azide, dextrinated type only, wet with not less Expl. A.

than 20 percent by weight of water) (see: "Initiating or priming explo

sides"). Initiating explosives (lead mononitroresorcinate, wet with not less than Expl. A.

40 percent by weight of water). Initiating explosives (lead styphnate, lead trinitroresorcinatewet with Expl. A. not less than 20 percent by weight of water) (see: "Initiating or priming

explosives"). Initiating explosives (nitromannite wet with not less than 40 percent Expl. A.

by weight of water (see: "Initiating or priming explosives"). Initiating explosives (nitrosoguanidine wet with not less than 10 percent Expl. A.

by weight of water) (see: "Initiating or priming explosives"). Initiating explosives (pentaerythrite tetranitrate wet with not less than Expl. A.

40 percent by weight of water) (see: "Initiating or priming explosives"). Initiating explosives (tetrazene (guanyl nitrosamino guanyl tetrazene) Expl. A

wet with not less than 30 percent by weight of water) (see: "Initiating

or priming explosives”), Initiating or priming explosives..

Expl. A. *Ink.

Comb. L. *Ink.

Inf. L. *Insecticide, dry...

Pois. B Insecticide, liquefied gas..

Nonir *Insecticide, liquid...

Pois. B. *Insecticide, liquid (vermin exterminator).

Comb. L. *Insecticide, liquid (ver min exterminator)

Inf. L. Instantaneous fuse...

Expl. C. Insulation tape (varnished cloth type) (see: “Oiled textiles”).

Haz. Iodine monochloride

Cor. L.
Iridium 192 (see: "Radioactive materials, groups I and II).

Pois. D.
Iron arsenate, solid (see: "Ferrous or ferric arsenate, solid”).
Iron mass, spent...

Inf. S.
Iron mass, wet..

Haz. Iron oxide, wet.

Haz. Iron sponge, not properly oxidized.

Inf. s. Iron sponge, spent..

Inf. S.
Iron sponge, wet.

Isobutane (see: "Liquefied petroleum gas”).
Isobutylene (see: "Liquefied petroleum gas").

Inf. L.

Inf, L. Isopentane.

Inf. L. Isoprene..

Inf. L.. *Isopropanol (see: Alcohol, N. 0. S.)

Comb, L. "Isopropanol (see: Alcohol, N. O.S.).

Inf. L. Isopropyl acetate

Inf. L. Isopropyl mercaptan (see: "Mercaptans").

Inf. L. Isopropyl percarbonate, stabilized

Not permitted.
Isopropyl percarbonate, unstabilized.

Not permitted
Jet thrust igniters (see: "Igniters, jet thrust”).
Jet thrust unit (jato) class A explosives.-

Expl. A
Jet thrust unit (jato) class B explosives.

Expl. B.
Jute (see: "Fibers”).
Jute, wet (see: "Rags, wet").
Kapok (see: "Fibers').
Kerosene (coal oil).

Comb. L...
Kerozene (export shipment only-see "Kerosene").

Comb. L. *Lacquer (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Comb. L. *Lacquer (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Inf. L. *Lacquer base, liquid (see: “Paint, enamel, etc.").

Comb. L. *Lacquer base, liquid (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.");

Inf. L.. Lacquer base, or lacquer chips, dry, nitrocellulose base.

Inf. S. *Lacquer base or lacquer chips, plastic (wet with alcohol or solvent). Comb. L. *Lacquer base or lacquer chips, plastic (wet with alcohol or solvent) Inf. L... * Lacquer removing, reducing and thinning compounds (see: "Com- Comb. L... pounds, lacquer, etc., removing, reducing or thinning, liquid"). · Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.

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*Lacquer removing, reducing and thinning compounds (see: "Com- Inf. L...

pounds, lacquer, etc., removing, reducing or thinning, liquid”).
Lauroyl peroxide, dry..

Oxy. M.
Lauroyl peroxide, wet (when wet with not less than 30 percent by weight Oxy. M.

of water).
Lead arsenate, solid.

Pois. B
Lead arsenite, solid

Pois. B
Lead azide (see: “Initiating or priming explosives").
Lead cyanide (see: Cyanide of Lead).

No restrictions.
Lead dross.

Lead mononitroresorcinate (see: "Initiating or priming explosives").
Lead nitrate (see: "Nitrates").

Oxy. M.
Lead scrap-

Lead styphnate (lead trinitroresorcinate) (see: "Initiating of priming

*Leather bleach.

Comb. L...
* Leather bleach (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Inf. L.--* Leather dressing...

Comb. L.
*Leather dressing (see: "Paint, enamel, etc.").

Inf. L...

Pois. A.
Lighter fluid (see: Cigar and cigarette lighter fluid).


Inf. L...
Lime-nitrogen (see: "Calcium cyanamide, not hydrated").
Lime, unslaked...

Liquefied carbon dioxide gas (mining device) (see: "Carbon dioxide Noninf. G.

gas, liquefied (mining device)”).
Liquefied hydrocarbon gas (see: "Hydrocarbon gas, liquefied"). Inf. G.
Liquefied noninflammable (nonflammable) gases charged with Noninf. G.

nitrogen, carbon dioxide or air.
Liquefied petroleum gas.

Inf. G...
Liquids other than those classified as inflammable, corrosive or poisonous,

charged with nitrogen, carbon dioxide or air (see: "Compressed gases,

N. Ô. S.”).
Lithium aluminum hydride..

Inf. S.
Lithium aluminum hydride, ethereal..

Inf. L.
Lithium amide, powdered...

Inf. S.
Lithium hydride.

Inf, S.
Lithium hypochlorite compounds, dry, containing more than 39 per-

Oxy. M.
cent available chlorine (see: "Calcium hypochlorite compounds,

dry, etc.”).
Lithium metal.

Inf. S.
Lithium metal in cartridges (see: “Lithium metal").

Inf. S.
Lithium peroxide..

Oxy. M.
Lithium silicon (see: "Lithium hydride").

Inf. S..
London purple, solid.

Pois. B.
Long time burning oil (export shipment only-see: "Rerosene"). Comb. L.
Low blasting explosives (see: “Black powder").

Expl. A..
Low explosives (see: "Black powder").

Expl. A.
Lye (see: “Caustic soda, solid”).
*Machines or apparatus (see: "Refrigerating machines").
Machines or apparatus (assembled for shipment containing not over 15

pounds weight of gas or liquid for their operations).
Magnesium arsenate, solid..

Pois. B...
Magnesium dross.

Inf. S.
Magnesium, metallic, powdered, pellets, turnings or ribbon... Inf. S.
Magnesium nitrate (see: “Nitrates").

Oxy. M.
Magnesium perchlorate (see: "Perchlorates").

Oxy. M.
Magnesium peroxide, solid..

Oxy. M.
Magnesium scrap (borings, clippings, shavings, sheets, or turnings).. Inf. s.
Magnesium-thorium alloys in formed shapes (not powdered and Pois. D

which shall contain not more than 4% nominal thorium 232) (see:
$ 146.25-25(e)).
Matches, block (see: "Matches, strike-anywhere").
Matches, book

Inf. S..
Matches, book, card or strike-on-box, with other articles (see: "Matches,

Matches, card..

Inf. S.
Matches, strike-anywhere...

Inf. S.
Matches, strike-on-box..

Inf. S.
*Medicines, N. O.S. (see: "Drugs, chemicals, medicines, or cosmetics,

N. 0. S.).
*Mercaptan mixtures, aliphatic..

Comb. L..
*Mercaptan mixtures, aliphatic (see: “Mercaptans')-.-.-.-

Inf. L.-.-
Mercaptans (see: $146.21-100).
*Mercurial liquid, N.O.S. (see: "Poisonous Liquids, N.O.S.").. Pois. B.
Mercuric acetate (see: "Mercury compounds, solid).

Pois. B.
Mercuric-ammonium chloride, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid”). Pois. B.
Mercuric benzoate, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid).

Pois. B.
Mercuric bromide, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid").

Pois. B.
Mercuric chloride, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid).

Pois. B.
Mercuric cyanide, solid (see: "Cyanides, etc.").

Pois. B
Mercuric iodide, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid”).

Pois. B
Mercuric iodide, solution..

Pois. B..
Mercuric oleate, solid (see: "Mercury compounds, solid).

Pois. B.
* Unless otherwise exempt by the provisions of the detailed regulations.

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