Maria Stuart, Darley, Bothwell (etc.) Gießen 1881

Walter De Gruyter Incorporated, 1881 - 387 páginas

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Página 21 - Majesty entered calmly with him on the subject of his going abroad, that she might understand from himself the occasion of such a resolution, but he would by no means give or acknowledge that he had any occasion offered him of discontent.
Página 231 - I think the first to be best in all respects for the queen's majesty, if Murray will produce such matter as the queen's majesty may, by virtue of her superiority over Scotland, find judicially the Scotch queen guilty of the murder of her husband, and therewith detain her in England at the charges of Scotland, and allow of the crowning of the young king and regency of Murray.
Página 253 - Good. ii. 252. They assembled accordingly, at Hampton Court, December 14. and 15. 1568 ; and, " The originals of the letters supposed to be written with the* Queen of Scots' own hand, were then also presently produced and perused ; and, being read, were duly conferred and compared, for the manner of writing, and fashion of orthography, with sundry other letters long since heretofore written, and sent by the said Queen of Scots to the Queen's Majesty. In collation whereof no difference was found.
Página 266 - ... whereby the Queen of England should conceive or take any evil opinion of the queen, her good sister, for anything yet seen...
Página 232 - Murray any ways in peril of weakening. And, lastly, to foresee that these Scots on both sides pack not together, so as to unwrap (under colour of this composition) their mistress out of all present slanders...
Página 214 - ... have any present title to the crown of England during the continuance of her highness and the issue of her body; and also upon condition that this queen, leaving the straight league with France, should enter into league with England; and also upon condition that this queen should...
Página 32 - ... because there was such a crowd of company there, so he might know that there were two passages to it ; and if he should enter by the one, I should be constrained to go out by the other. His bad deportment is incurable...
Página 24 - If the nobility abandon him, his own deportment towards them is the cause thereof; for if he desire to be followed and attended by them, he must, in the first place, make them to love him, and to this purpose must render himself amiable to them ; without which, it will prove a most difficult task for her Majesty to regulate this point, especially to make the nobility consent that he shall have the management of affairs put into his hands ; because she finds them utterly averse to any such matter.
Página 368 - I desire never to cease from writing unto you, yet now, after the kissing of your hands, I will end my letter. Excuse my evil writing, and read it twice over. Excuse that thing that is scriblit, for I had na paper zesterday, quhen I wraite that of the memorial.
Página 47 - ... for helping of such inconvenience that might fall out by that kind of dealing ; they had thought it convenient to join themselves in league and band with some other noblemen, resolved to obey your majesty as their natural sovereign, and have nothing to do with your husband's command whatsoever...

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