The Porch and the Middle Chamber[: The Book of the Lodge

Kessinger Publishing, 1993 M01 1 - 404 páginas
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If you're a 320 Degree Mason you may THINK that you've received all the Scottish Rite degrees, but chances are you haven't. Why? Unknown to most people, Albert Pike also wrote Scottish Rite rituals for the three Blue Lodge Degrees. In Pike's words, these Scottish Rite Blue Lodge rituals were "to be studied and understood before investiture with the fourth degree. For, without it, the system of that Rite is incomplete, and even like a fabric without foundation." This rare reprint includes the, openings, closings and rituals of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees according to the Pike workings of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. More importantly it contains the complete SECRET WORK. These rituals are MUCH MORE ESOTERIC and differ significantly from the Webb-form (York Rite) Blue Lodge rituals commonly used in the United States, and the book has several interesting illustrations (including Hiram's jewel-a talisman!). Also included is the "Table Lodge" ceremony. Highly recommended. Very scarce!

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