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I can answer all these questions.

Have you ever seen a squirrel?


you been in the park?

Where do the squirrels live?

What do the squirrels do?

Do you

live in the city?

Tell us about the street where you live.

Tell us about your home.

What is your father's name?

What is your mother's name?

Tell us about your pets.

Tell us about your plays.

What birds do



What children do you know?

Can you play blindman's buff?

Tell us how to play blindman's buff.

[blocks in formation]

THE ROBIN. The Robin has come! He is flying about;

He sings and he sings in the tree! See his bright eyes and his pretty red vest.

He is looking at you and at me.

Dear Robin, sweet Robin, we know you

will try To sing us your very best song. You have been far away for many a day,

And now you will stay with us long.

We thank you, dear Robin, for singing

that song;

And now we must give you your pay. For all summer long you will sing that

sweet song;

We'll feed you and pet you each day.

-E. W

[blocks in formation]

Did the pussy get wet?
Tell us a story about a squirrel.
What was your number lesson to-day?
Who sang the song?
What games can you play?
Who will win the game?
What children were playing?
How many children in this school?

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[blocks in formation]

morning The man came with him.

The man says “thee” for you. He said to Dan, “Thee is a good boy.”

[blocks in formation]

and said:

Blessings on thee, little man,

Barefoot boy, with cheek of tan." When Dan told his mother, she told

him about a good man named Whittier.

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