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THE LOST LAMB. Little Katie Smith lived in a large city. She went to school every day until the hot summer came.

In the city where Katie lived, it was the rule not to have school in summer.

One summer Katie went to the country. She saw there large, green fields, tall trees, and a great many flowers.

Katie liked to see the little pigs, the hens, the sheep, and the lambs. One little white lamb was a great pet. It would come up to Katie and play with her. They would run about in the fields. One morning Katie and her mother went to see Uncle John. Katie was afraid to leave the lamb. She did not know that the mother sheep would watch her baby lamb.

What do you think Katie did? She put the lamb in the barn.

When Katie and her mother came back at night, they found the children crying.

“Our pet lamb is lost,” said Cousin Tommy, who was then a sad little boy.

“ Yes," said the other cousins, “our pet lamb is lost. He has not been here to-day.”

Their eyes were red with crying.

They all began to cry again, and say:
“ Yes, he is lost! He is lost! He is lost!”

“No, he is not lost,” said Katie. “I put him in the barn.”

Away they all ran to the barn, and there they found a sad little lamb.

Why was the lamb sad?
Do you think he was glad to see the children?
If he could speak, what do you think he would say to


Do lambs like to live in the country?
What was the color of the lamb?
What was the color of the sheep?
Where did Katie go in summer?
What are some of the rules of your school?
Where is your school?

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Put in the missing words.
John and Mary — to —
Tom and James — going

The girls had — dresses, and the boys had — hats.

Our home is in the — where there are — trees.

It is a — in our school not to — aloud.

Mary has a pretty — and a new — dress for the party.

The cow — in the barn.
I like to — ball.
The horses — in the field.
The horse and cow – in — barn.

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