The Cereal in America ...

O. Judd Company, 1904 - 421 páginas

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Página 14 - What would be the result? In five staples only in the United States alone the inexhaustible forces of nature would produce annually without effort and without cost: « 5,200,000 extra bushels of corn : 15,000,000 extra bushels of wheat; 20,000,000 extra bushels of oats; 1,500,000 extra bushels of barley; 21,000,000 extra bushels of potatoes.
Página 343 - No. 3 barley shall Include slightly shrunken and otherwise slightly damaged barley not good enough for No. 2. No. 4 barley shall include all barley fit for malting purposes not good enough for No. 3. No. 5...
Página 275 - No. 3 Yellow Corn shall be three-fourths yellow, reasonably dry and reasonably clean, but not sufficiently sound for No. 2.
Página 14 - The vast possibilities of plant breedinig can hardly be estimated. It would not be difficult for one man to breed a new rye, wheat, barley, oats or rice which would produce one grain more to each head, or a corn which would produce an extra kernel to each ear, another potato to each plant, or an apple, plum, orange or nut to each tree. What would be the result?
Página 15 - But these vast possibilities are not alone for one year, or for our own time or race, but are beneficent legacies for every man, woman or child who shall ever inhabit the earth. And who can estimate the elevating and refining influences and moral value of flowers with all their graceful forms and bewitching shades and combinations of colors, and exquisitely varied perfumes?

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