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IV. ELEMENTS OF ALGEBRA. (In preparation.)
V. ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY. (In preparation.)


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One Dog 1 I.
Two Trees 2 II.
Three Horses 3 III.
Four Sheep 4 IV.
Five Houses 5 V.

Six Ships 6 VI.
Seven Birds 7 VII.
Eight Books 8 VIII.
Nine Cherries 9 IX.
Ten Stars 10 X.


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1. Of what is this a picture?
2. How many tables are there in the picture?
3. How many balls are there?

4. Make as many marks on your slates as there are lamps in the picture.

5. The figure 1 represents one table, one ball, one lamp, or one object of any kind.

6. Make the figure one on your slates. 1. 7. How many kittens are playing with the ball? 8. How many kittens are playing with the cat? 9. How many kittens are 1 kitten and 1 kitten? 10. How many chairs do you see in the picture? 11. Name two objects on the table. 12. Make two marks on your slates.

13. The figure 2 represents two chairs, two books, or two objects of any kind.

14. Make the figure two on your slates. 2. 15. Make the figures one and two.

[graphic][merged small]

1. How many boats do you see in the picture? 2. How many fishes has one of the boys caught? 3. How many fishes has the other boy caught? 4. Two fishes and one fish are how many fishes? 5. How many fishing-rods do you see? 6. Make as many marks as there are fishing-rods. 7. The figure 3 represents three objects. 8. Make the figure three on your slates. 3. 9. Make the figures one, two and three. 10. How many boys in the picture are fishing ? 11. How many boys are digging for bait? 12. How many boys are three boys and one boy? 13. How many oars has each boat in the picture?

14. Make as many marks on your slates as there are boys in the picture.

15. The figure 4 represents four objects.
16. Make the figure four on your slates. A.
17. Make the figures one, two, three and four.

[graphic][merged small]

1. How many roses do you see on the bush ? 2. How many birds are flying near the bush? 3. How many birds are there on the bush ? 4. How many birds are four birds and one bird? 5. How many eggs are there in the nest? 6. Make a mark for every egg in the nest. 7. The figure 5 represents five things. 8. Make the figure five on your slates. 5. 9. Make the figures one, two, three, four and five. 10. How many rose-buds are there near each other? 11. How many do you find growing alone?

12. How many rose-buds are five rose-buds and one rose-bud?

13. Make six marks on your slates. 14. The figure 6 represents six things. 15. Make the figure six on your slates. 6. 16. Make the figures one, two, three, four, five, six. 2 3 4

5 6

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