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ARTICLE V.-MEETINGS. 21. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in August. The place and precise time of meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

82. Special meetings may be called by the President at the request of five Directors.

23. Any department of the Association may hold a special meeting at such time and place as by its own regulations it shall appoint.

84. The Board of Directors shall hold their regular meetings at the place, and not less than two hours before the assembling, of the Association.

25. Special meetings may be held at such other times and places as the Board or the President shall determine.

26. Each new Board shall organize on the day of its election. At its first meeting a Committee on Publication shall be appointed, which shall consist of the Secretary of the Association for the previous year, and one member from each department.

ARTICLE VI.-BY-LAWS. By-Laws not inconsistent with this Constitution may be adopted by a twothirds vote of the Association.

ARTICLE VII.- AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be altered or amended at a regular meeting by the unanimous vote of the members present; or by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the alteration or amendment has been substantially proposed in writing at a previous regular meeting.


1. At each regular meeting of the Association there shall be appointed a Committee on Nominations; one on Honorary Members; and one on Resolutions.

2. The President, First Vice-President, and Secretary, shall constitute a Committee on Finance.

3. Each paying member of the Association shall be entitled to a copy of its proceedings.




Membership Fees at St. Louis Meeting

$670.00 Copies of Proceedings of St. Louis Meeting, sold to J. H. HOLMES

450.00 Membership Fees at Boston Meeting

534.00 Total........



Paid J. L. PICKARD on account of expenses of St.
Louis Meeting ..........

$49.30 Paid J. G. ADEL for reporting proceedings Cleveland Meeting..........

150.00 Paid E. E. WHite on account of expenses of Boston Meeting.........

53.25 Paid J. H. HOLMES for publishing proceedings of St. Louis Meeting ..........

811.90 Paid C. C. Rounds on account of printing for Normal Department. .........

2.55 Printing Membership Tickets......

5.00 Paid Prof. TYLER on account printing report...........

7.00 Postage, Expressage, and Exchange.....

1.75 • Paid MudGE & Son for printing at Boston Meeting..... 75.22

$1155.97 Balance on hand.......................... $498.03 [Signed]

JOHN HANCOCK, Cincinnati, Sept. 1, 1872.

Treasurer N. E. A.





A. Abernethy, Des Moines, Iowa.
Elroy M. Avery, East Cleveland, Ohio.
John J. Anderson, New York City.
M. Andrews, Macomb, Ill.
J. B. Atwood, St. Albans, Me.
Mrs. E. M. Avery, East Cleveland, O.
E. A. H. Allen, New Bedford, Mass.
Wm. F. Allen, Madison, Wis.
Charles Almy, Jr., New Bedford, Mass.
A. Armstrong, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
II. H. Belfield, Chicago, Ill.
Thomas D. Baird, Baltimore, Md.
Addie P. Barnes, Lee, Me.
A. L. Barber, Washington, D.C.
H. C. Baggerley, Corunna, Mich.
James H. Binford, Richmond, l'a.
Miss H. C. Bates, Eastport, Me.
W. A. Breckenridge, Worth, N. J.
C. F. R. Bellows, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Edward Brooks, Millersville, Pa.
Anson Ballard, Appleton, Wis.
G. K. Bartholomew, Cincinnati, Ohio.
W. H. Baker, Savannah, Ga.
Newton Bateman, Springfield, IU.
A. G. Boyden, Bridgewater, Mass.
Geo. P. Beard, Warrensburg, Mo.
Henry B. Blake, Wilmington, N.C.
Miss Jane W. Blackwood, Cin., Ohio.
Miss Florence E. Browne, Washing-

ton, N.Y.
O. H. Bowler, Newton, Mass.

Kate Butts, New Haven, Ct.
Sarah 0. Babcock, Chicago, Ill.
J. S. Brown, Lynden Centre, Vl.
Stacy Baxter, 13 Tremont Row, Boston,

D. H. Brown, Boston, Mass.
E. B. Bridgman, East Hampton, Mass.
J. G. Bassett, Bridgewater, Mass.
H. P. Bosson, Bloomington, Md.
Anna C. Brackett, 117 East Thirty-

Sixth, St., N. Y. L. L. Camp, New Haven, Ct. Jennie Cleaver, Davenport, Ia. G. A. Carnahan, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. R. Creery, Baltimore, Md. J. S. Cilley, Brandon, l't. E. H. Cook, Columbus, Ohio. M. Colby, White River Junction, Vt. E. W. Coy, Normal, II. D. P. Crosby, Nashua, N. H. Alex. Chaplain, Easton, Md. Mrs. Mary P. Colburn, Boston, Mass. N. A. Calkins, New York City. J. T. Clark, South Orange, N. J. L. B. Corey, Dobb’s Ferry, N. Y. George L. Chandler, Mankato, Minn. Miss E. D. Copley, Emporia, Kan. W. E. Crosby, Davenport, Ia. Henry L. Chase, Lynn, Mass. James Coles, Rye, N. Y. Isaac N. Carlton, New Britain, Ct.

Ellen G. Fisher, Dorchester, Mass.
Ellen Field, Brandon, Vt.
Kate Franklin, Cleveland, O.
Mary F. French, Pittsfield, N. H.
Joseph Gill, New Haven, Ct.
J. C. Greenough, Providence, R.I.
J. M. Gregory, Champaign, IU.
N. P. Gates, Fayetteville, Ark.
J. C. Gilman, St. Joseph, Mo.
Miss Emma M. Goldthwaite, New

Britain, Ct.
Jas. H. Holmes, No. 11 Vandewater

Street, N. Y. Geo. Howland, Chicago, Ill. Joseph Hodgson, Montgomery, Ala. W. D. Henkle, Salem, Ohio. E. W. Hall, Macon City, Mo. John Hancock, Cincinnati, Ohio. Henrietta E. Hasslock, Nashville, Tenn. W. N. Hailman, Louisville, Ky. D. B. Hagar, Salem, Mass. Mrs. C. S. Hicks, 83 James St., Syra

cuse, N. Y.

Miss H. A. Cummings, Kirksville, Mo. C. Goodwin Clark, South Boston, Mass. Miss Jennie Clements, Detroit, Mich. W. Page Conant, Ferguson's Station,

St. Louis, Mo. Warren T. Copeland, Cambridge, Mass. Helen B. Coffin, Castine, Me. Mrs. Albina Cilley, Brandon, Vt. P. A. Chadbourne, Williamstown, Mass. C. S. Colby, Cincinnati, Ohio. J. E. Dow, Peoria, Il. Judah Dana, Rutland, Vt. W. B. Dwight, New Britain, Ct. Adoph Douai, Newark, N. J. A. E. Dolbear, Bethany, West Va. T. S. Dodge, Columbia, South Car. Geo. M. Dews, Columbus, Ga. L. Dunton, Boston, Mass. James A. Dupee, Walpole, Mass. J. H. Davis, East Somerville, Mass. Miss S. L. Dyer, Lawrence, Kansas. M. G. Daniell, Boston Highlands, Mass. Carrie Davis, West Chester, Pa. Mary Darlington, West Chester, Pa. Miss Bettie A. Dalton, Cleveland, O. J. W. Dickinson, Westfield, Mass. J. Estabrook, Ypsilanti, Mich. Charles W. Eliot, Cambridge, Mass. Adolph Eiswald, Savannah, Ga. J. M. Edwards, Cincinnati, O. Mary E. Emerson, Ottumwa, Ia. John Eaton, Washington, D. C. Thomas Emerson, Newport, Mass. Clara A. Forbes, South Paris, Me. E. P. Frost, Peoria, Il. Henry A. Farwell, Norwalk, 0. Rev. H. T. Fuller, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Thomas H. Fuller, Scotland, Ct. Annie E. Freeman, Orono, Me. Lewis L. Freeman, Cincinnati, O. Mrs. Anna Freeman, G. T. Fletcher, Castine, Me. John H. French, Burlington, Vi. Miss Kate S. French, New Brunswick,

New Jersey. Lizzie French, New Brunswick, N. J. Henry Freeman, Rockford, Iu.

Margaret Hicks, 83 James St., Syracuse,

New York, J. H. Hoose, Cortland, N. Y. Mrs. J. H. Hoose, Cortland, N. Y. Rev. Chas. Hammond, Monson, Mass. Thomas W. Harvey, Columbus, O. M. D. L. Hayes, 235 Ryerson St., Brook

lyn, New York. Mrs. W. L. Hardy, Springfield, Mo. Clara A. Hinkley, Livermore Falls, Me. W. T. Harris, St. Louis, Mo. Geo. D. Hersey, Westerley, R. I. Miss Myra Hodge, Detroit. Mich. J. W. Hoyt, Madison, Wis. E. B. Hale, Cambridge, Mass. E. C. Hewett, Normal, Ill. H. F. Howard, Newton Centre, Mass. Lucy Hammett, Newport, Mass. Katie E. Harrington, Louisville, Ky. Mary E. Hughes, Castine, Me. E. T. Heisler, Wyandotte, Kan. C. L. Hotze, Cleveland, Ohio. W. P. Heston, 1307 Washington Av.,

St. Louis, Mo.

W. Johnson, Augusta, Me.
Lewis H. Jones, Terre Haute, Ind.
D. W. Jones, Boston, Mass.
W. M. Jelliffe, Brooklyn, N.Y.
James Johonnot, Warrensburg, Mo.
John Kraus, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Samuel Kepler, Tou'sontown, Md.
A. P. Kelsey, Clinton, N.Y.
A. S. Kissell, Des Moines, Ia.
Susie Leach, Northampton, Mass.
N. W. Littlefield, Newport, R.I.
Dr. M. R. Leverson, Thingarten St.,

Hanover, N. Germany.
N. T. Lupton, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
A. M. Leonard, Boston, Mass.
Annie Lewis, West Chester, Pa.
Hannah Llewellyn, 1303 N. Broad St.,

Philadelphia, Pa. G. T. Littlefield, Charlestown, Mass. Carrie W. Moore, Haverhill, Mass. Lizzie G. Melcher, Freeport, Me. A. McMillan, Utica, N.Y. Jesse McIntire, St. Johns, Mich. Geo. G. McKay, Cumberland, Md. J. B. Merwin, 710 Chestnut St., St.

Louis, Mo. A. P. Marble, Worcester, Mass. Mrs. A. C. Martin, Otis Place, Boston,

Mass. H. H. Morgan, St. Louis, Mo. Miss E. T. Moore, Concord, N.H. Alonzo Meserve, Neponset, Boston,

Mass. A. D. Mayo, Cincinnati, Ohio. E. C. McClintock, New York City. Eiss Emma Marwood, Washington,

A. S. Monson, Hannibal, Mo.
T. A. March, Easton, Pa.
R. R. Morse, Elmira, N.Y.
Jessie McIntyre, Rockport, Mass,
A. L. McMillan, Danville, l’t.
Miss H. N. Morris, 15 Bible House,

New York,
Henrietta Noa, St. Louis, Mo.
M. A. Newell, Baltimore, Md.
B. G. Northrop, New Haven, Ct.

Wallace Norris, 229 Fifth Avenue, New

York. B. C. Noyes, Dayton, Ohio. Leopold Noa, 2739 Morgan St., St. Louis,

E. Olney, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Mary E. Oliver, 53 Green St., Lynn, Mass.
W. F. Phelps, Winona, Minn.
J. L. Pickard, Chicago, N.
Mrs. R. H. Plaisted, Goshen, N. Y.
John W. Page, Frederick, Md.
Henry B. Pierce, New Brunswick, N. J.
C. A. Page, Fryeburg, Me.
Ariel Parish, New Haven, Ct.
Flora T. Parsons, Rochester, N. Y.
W. W. Paine, Northfield, Minn.
John B. Peaslee, Cincinnati, Ohio.
G. R. Prowell, Wooster, Ohio.
W. S. Perry, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Elizabeth P. Peabody, Cambridge, Mass.
J. J. Riley, Tartsville, Ind.
W. H. Russell, Moline, M.
Mrs. W. H. Russell, Moline, IU.
Amy J. Roberts, 1303 North Broad St.,

Philadelphia, Pa.
Z. Richards, Washington, D. C.
C. C. Rounds, Farmington, Me. -
Mrs. C. C. Rounds, Farmington, Me.
Pauline Rulison, Cleves, Ohio.
G. H. Ricker, North Scituate, R. I.
Emma Rockwell, Lincoln, Neb.
Dr. Daniel Reed, Columbia, Mo.
E. R. Stountz, Cincinnati, Ohio.
J. A. Sewall, Normal, Ill.
Ann E. Sewall, Normal, Nl.
W. H. Smith, New Milford, (1.
Alice M. Smith, New Milford, Ct.
A. R. Sabin, Chicago, I.
J. W. Stetson, East Sumner, Me.
S. G. Stevens, Morgantown, W. Va.
J. W. Scribner, Hartsville, Ind.
Wm. H. Saiman, Washington, D.C.
M. Belle Spence, Chicago, I.
J. W. Simonds, Franklin, N. H.
Mrs. M. A. Stone, New Milford, Ct.
John Swett, Sun Francisco, Cal.
A. P. Stone, Portland, Me.
Miss Ella S. Smith, New Britain, Ct.
M. C. Stebbins, Springfield, Mass,
T. B. Stockwell, Providence, R. I,

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