Tariff Information, 1921: Schedule I. Cotton and manufactures of. Schedule J. Flax, hemp, and jute, and manufactures of. Schedule K. Wool and manufactures of. Schedule L. Silk and silk goods. Schedule M. Papers and books

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1921 - 4544 páginas
Includes discussion of proposals to change basis of tariff rates from foreign valuation of commodities to American valuation of commodities.

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Página 2434 - All woven articles, finished or unfinished, and all manufactures of flax, hemp, ramie, or other vegetable fiber, or of which these substances, or any of them, is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for in this section, 40 per centum ad valorem.
Página 2447 - ... from straw, round or split, or other vegetable substances, not otherwise provided for in this section, and having a warp of cotton, hemp, or other vegetable...
Página 2638 - Act, thirty per centum ad valorem. 318. Stockings, hose and half-hose, selvedged, fashioned, narrowed, or shaped wholly or in part by knitting machines or frames, or knit by hand, including such as are...
Página 2419 - Including articles finished or unfinished, of flax, hemp, ramie, or other vegetable fiber, except cotton, or of which these substances or any of them is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for, 40 per centum ad valorem.
Página 2340 - That manufactures or articles in any form including such as are commonly known as bias dress facings or skirt bindings, made or cut from plushes, velvets, velveteens, corduroys, or other pile fabrics composed of cotton...
Página 2389 - Shirts and drawers, pants, vests, union suits, combination suits, tights, sweaters, corset covers and all underwear of every description made wholly or in part on knitting machines or frames, or knit by hand...
Página 2866 - During the legislative process our people have been working with the Ways and Means Committee of the House and the Senate Finance, Committee to determine what would be needed to implement the bill if and when it passed.
Página 2889 - ... ornaments; braids, loom woven and ornamented in the process of weaving, or made by hand, or on a lace, knitting, or braiding machine...
Página 2296 - ... component material of chief value, ' ' wherever used in this Act, shall be held to mean that component material which shall exceed in value any other single component material of the article; and the value of each component material shall be determined by the ascertained value of such material in its condition as found in the article.
Página 2900 - That if any country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government shall forbid or restrict in any way the exportation of (whether by law, order, regulation, contractual relation, or otherwise, directly or indirectly), or impose any export duty, export license fee, or other export charge of any kind whatsoever (whether in the form of additional charge or license fee or otherwise...

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