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present edition of Mr. Paine's political writings contains a number of his works never before published in any American edition. It has been the object of the present publisher to include in it all his writings which are not obnoxious to personal or religious objections. His “ Letter to General Washington” was omitted because it was believed to have been written during a time of great irritation of mind, occasioned by his imprisonment, while in France, and from a misconception of the motives which induced Washington to refrain from interfering to obtain his release. Previous to that, he had always professed the highest respect for, and admiration of, that great man's character and talents.

Some letters, addressed to the people of the United States," written after his return to this country, in 1802, were excluded because they relate to the party disputes of the day, and are barren of interest at the present time,

With the above exceptions, the first volume contains all his writings which treat on American affairs.

The second volume contains all his European publications, which could be obtained, and comprises all that are of any importance.

It was only intended to give the most prominent parts of Mr. Paine’s life, in the Sketch which is prefixed to the first volume.

Charlestown, Mass. August, 1824.

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