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God: the promise is indeed fulfilled am too impatient. Lord, hielp me to in you, When thou passest through say Thy will be done.'” the waters I will be with thee; and A female neighbour now entered, through the floods, they shall not to afford her some necessary assistoverflow thee.'”

ance: I therefore took my leave of Yes, sir, God is more merciful her: “ Farewell, Maria : may God to me than I deserve. I have been be with you to strengthen and a great sinner ; but my Saviour has uphold you." pardoned all my sins: yes, I feel “ Farewell, sir: I hope I shall see that he has : precious, precious you again in this world; if not, in a Jesus!”

better.” The poor old man now sobbed As I left this chamber of death, aloud; and, covering his face with his this portal of eternity, this “ gate of hands, he went out of the room. heaven," I turned to take a last

“Ok, sir ! that, that is my only parting look of the dying maid. That sorrow : my poor father will have no look, only death can erase from my. child to support him!”

remembrance. Her languid eye had “ God will take care of him, followed me to the door; and as I Maria: he is a Friend that sticketh turned, the expressive glance encloser than a brother.'”

countered mine. I hastily averted I know it, sir; I know it; but it is my head, to hide the gushing tear, a great trial to leave him so old and and saw her no more! infirm: but God's will be done; we The afflicted father was waiting shall not be parted long. Oh, tratfor me below. He grasped my hand, will be a blessed meeting !-meet while the tears were rolling down to part no more!-live with angels, bis withered cheeks : he would have and God, and my blessed Jesus ! spoken, but tears choked his utterOh how I long to see him! Death ance. I squeezed bis hand in silence, does not appear terrible to me.

and passed on. I can say, “O death, where is thy “ Farewell, Maria," thought I, as I sting?'

hastened home: “ thou art a lovely Now, while you hear my heart-strings flower nipped in the very bud; but break,

thou shalt blossom again in a kinder How sweet my moments roll!

soil. I shall see thee, I shall hear A mortal paleness on my cheek,

thee, I shall speak to thee no more But glory in my soul.

in this world; but I trust ere long to Overcome by so great an exertion,

meet thee in

a brighter and a her head gently fell upon the pillow, where for some time it remained in happier, where sin shall no more

defile us, sorrow shall no listless inactivity: at length, how

oppress us, and death shall separate ever, she again rallied her spirits,

us no more for ever. raised her feeble head, and continued, • There is laid up for me a

“ Then over our happy and glorified soul

The waves of affliction no longer shall crown of righteousness, and it will not be long before I put it on: do But on the kind bosom of Jesus above, you think it will, sir !

Be blest with his presence, his smiles, "It may be longer than you expect,

and his love." Maria ; but not longer than your

Two days after this, the welcome heavenly Father sees fit : wait pa. messenger arrived, that carried the tiently upon him, and learn submis- spirit of this youthful believer to sion to his will.”

the bosom of her father and her “ That is what I pray for: I fear I God.

e. II.


roll ;

ON PREACHING CHRIST. The different and discordant opi- ing, convert the ungodly, or turn nions on the subject of “preaching men “ from darkness to light, from Christ,” and its vital importance the power of Satan to the living to the interests of true religion and God." I would say, then, to "preach to the happiness of man, render it Christ,” scripturally, and with the a duty of the first magnitude hum- hope of profit to our people, through bly and seriously to inquire, What the blessing of the Spirit of God on is the real meaning of the expres- our labours, is, sion; and how we may so preach 1. To declare, simply and clearly, as to fulfil the requirements of the the whole counsel of God, as revealword of God, and to discharge oured to us in his holy word, though duty to the souls committed to our opposed to all human opinion and care, as the “ faithful stewards of conceit ;- is, to lay open, plainly his mysteries."

and honestly, to all, the way of The duty of“preaching Christ” to mercy, as made known to us in the our people, from the first to the very glorious Gospel, without any servile last of our labours, is clear, from adoption of human systems, or subthe many full and unequivocal decla- mission of our judgment to the dogrations in the Gospel, and from the mas of men, however excellent or example of the Apostles themselves. learned they may be;—is, to explain, Christ was the subject of their fully and faithfully, the plan of preaching on all occasions, under redemption, salvation, and life, by all circumstances, and to all people, “ repentance toward God and faith " whether Jew or Gentile, barba-' toward our Lord Jesus Christ ;rian, Scythian, bond or free.” The is, to give to every part of Divine Apostles, “daily in the temple, and truth its due place, prominence, and in every house, ceased not to teach proportion; not to exalt and dwell and to preach Jesus Christ.” Philip upon one doctrine, to the exclusion “went down to the city of Samaria, of others equally true and equally and preached Christ unto them.” important; but to preach the whole Paul, when converted, “ preached truth, without fear and without faChrist in the synagogues” (Acts ix. vour; and to s!iew the holy and 20). How often, and how clearly, practical tendency of every doctrine and how boldly, does the great of the Gospel of God. Apostle declare his duty, and his 2. To“ preach Christ,” so as to holy resolution, to “know nothing, impress the careless and to awaken and to preach nothing, but Jesus the slothful, to bring men to seri. Christ," and him crucified;" to ousness of thought and to earnest *glory in nothing save in the cross inquiry, is, to state clearly and disof his Lord and Saviour Jesus tinctly the Fall, the consequent corChrist ;” and to "preach not him- ruption and ruined condition of all self, but Jesus Christas the “ all mankind; and thus prove the need in all” of man's salvation !-Here of a Saviour from the sin and miis our example--this is our subject sery of man ;-is, to declare his - this is our duty. But,

state of guilt and condemnation, No one can, for a moment, sup- from the awful curses of the broken

that there exists any peculiar law, “in that all have sinned, and influence or efficacious charm in the come short of the glory of God;bare use or repetition of the name of is, to proclaim, with all earnestness Christ, without meaning, without and fidelity, the utter impossibility connexion, and without experience; of man, of any man, being able to that we could convince the unbeliev- save his own soul ” by his own


goodness; or by his own merits as the ways of grace till he reach in “God hath concluded all under safety the realms of glory. sin," and as “cursed is every one 4. To“ preach Christ" with that continueth not in all things effect and blessing, is, to exhibit that are written in the law, to do Him in all the promised grace, them :” and that we must, there- power, and work of his Holy Spirit, fore, repent or perish, be converted as the promised Comforter of his or be condemned. None, but such believing people, and as the great as are deeply convinced of their own Teacher of the people of God ;- is, state of guilt and misery from sin, to direct the attentions and prayers will ever hear with joy the glad of men to the Spirit of wisdom, tidings of the Gospel of Christ

, light, and purity, to “take of the esteem the preaching of the doc- things of Christ" and to “reveal trines of the cross “good news,”

the Saviour" to their souls, to or willingly and thankfully embrace “ shed abroad the love of God in the offer of pardon and salvation by their hearts and to “ lead them Christ Jesus.

into all truth; is, to instruct men 3. To "preach Christscriptu- in the doctrine of the Spirit, as rally is, to proclaim, with all holy giving light to the dark and ignorant zeal and love, the freeness and ful

ul- mind, as softening the hard heart, as ness of his pardoning mercy, and the subduing our natural corruption, as all-sufficiency of his grace to re- winning the soul to God, restoring ceive, pardon, and save the guilty the lost and wandering sheep to the sinner of every character and of true Shepherd, guiding the Christian every clime ;- is, to declare Him to pilgrim through the wilderness; apbe “the way, the truth, and the plying all the precious promises of life,” by whom alone the penitent the Gospel to the fears and necesfor sin can come to God, obtain sities of believers in the Son of God; peace in his conscience, and live and to save the tempted, tried, and and die meet for glory ;- is, to de- doubting soul from all its dangers ; clare Him to be “the only name and to bring the humble and beunder heaven given among men lieving penitent to the end of his whereby they can be saved," as journey in peace. The doctrine of the only “hope of glory,” and as the Spirit's influence and power to “able as willing to save all to the convince and to convert the souls uttermost who come unto God by of men, to build up and preserve him;"_is, to testify that “He is the children of God, is, and hath the end of the law for righteous- been in all ages of the church, and ness; that by Him all that believe will be to the end of time, the docmight be justified from all things; trine of usefulness and comfort, of and that He is made of God, unto godliness and salvation. all that believe, wisdom, righteous- 5. To “ preach Christmust sig. ness, sanctification, and redemption; nify to preach Him in all his sacred --is, to exhibit Him as the only and holy offices, as the Prophet, fountain of mercy to man, the only Priest, and King of his church and source of happiness and blessing to people;-as their Prophet, to instruct the soul; as the true and proper them in the nature of their own true channel of grace from God to the condition before God, the evil of children of men; as the sun and sin and the guilt of transgression, centre of all true religion, from the will of God, the way of life, and whence originate and proceed all the path of duty to God and to the beams of light and life to the as their Priest, to atone for penitent believer ; and as the “all their sins, even the “sins of the in all ” of a believer's hope and con- whole world; to blot out transfidence, from the very first step in gressions, to pay the vast debt due to infinite Justice, to open the prison holy and precious characters of the doors to the bond-slaves of sin, to Redeemer, all is darkness and reconcile by his blood a world of disorder, all is doubt and confusion. sinners to his offended Father, to Separated, the Bible becomes an open, and to keep open, a way of inexplicable mystery, the stateaccess to God; that, by his suffer- ments of the Gospel are wholly ings, and the atoning blood of his unintelligible, and the soul is left to cross, “God might bejust, and yet the uncertainty and conjecture. But, justifier of all who believe in Jesus;" if these characters are viewed as


-as their King, to appoint laws to united in the person of Christ, his subjects, and to give commands every thing is clear and harmonious for the obedience of his believing throughout the Scriptures, and Jesus people; to rule in their hearts by is the suffering and the triumphant his sceptre of love; and to reign, by Saviour, the condescending and the his grace in their souls, over all, and exalted Redeemer; “ the Son of against all, opposition from the Man," and yet the “God of glory." powers of darkness, unbelief, cor- —Preaching Christin all his ruption, and an evil heart; to bring holy offices would be the death of all the powers and affections of the all error in opinion and practice, to inner man into a holy subjection to those who truly feared God, and the will of God, and to make every were really desirous to secure the penitent believer a new creature' eternal interests of the soul. Like by the purifying influence of his the beams of the rising sun, it would grace.--It must be clearly manifest, dispel all the mists of ignorance, to every serious and reflecting mind, prejudice, and error, and exhibit, as that the not rightly distinguishing by the light of day," the truth as it and not scripturally uniting these is in Jesus,” and preserve the humble gracious and inseparable characters and penitent believer from mistaking may

be considered, most justly, as the way to the kingdom of heaven. the true source of all error in re- 6. To“ preach Christ" faithfully, ligion, as regards the



we must preach Him in all his work of the Saviour, from the low holiness of conduct, as “'not only a and heartless Socinian to the wild sacrifice for sin,but also an ensample and visionary Antinomian. These of godly life:"-we must state this holy offices and characters of Christ distinctly, that He “ left us an excannot be separated from each other, ample, that we should follow his without the most serious injury to steps," and " walk as he also walked.” the soul that dares to do it. Like We must preach Christ as our great his seamless robe, they are beautiful pattern for holy imitation, and hold when in union, and full of the richest Him up as our daily example, to blessings and comfort to the be- follow in all known duty both in lieving soul. United, they proclaim public and in private. We must Him the “ Son of the Most High," plainly state the spirit and conduct the “ Man of sorrows,” and “ God which He uniformly exhibited, and blessed for ever.” United, they the bounden duty of all believers to declare Him to be “the Head over possess, and manifest “the same all things to the church,” the Word mind that was in Him.”

We of God, and that “ in Him dwelleth must exhurt to duty and obedience, all the fulness of the Godhead to public worship and private prayer bodily ;” and that, as the “ faithful to every act of Christian charity and High Priest” of his people, and as kindness, by the example of Christ. “God manifest in the flesh," He We'must not fail to explain and hath all knowledge and ability to enforce the holiness of his calling, instruct and “ save his people from that believers are required to be - their sins.” If we separate these :- holy in all manner of conversation and godliness." We must again faithfulness to his beloved and reand again remind professors of the deemed people; that no change of Gospel of Christ, that all his ways circumstance, time, or place, can and commandments are holy, that alter his affections towards the true all his people are holy, and that we believer, or affect his purposes of only do and can shew our “love to mercy towards the humble penitent. Him by keeping his commandments.” We must declare that all his proEvery title by which his people are mises are faithful and true, and described, distinguishes them as a never will or can fail or disappoint "holy people,” as “ separated from those who believingly trust in the world,” as devoted to the glory them. We must “ preach Christ. of God, as - zealous of good works,” as the counsellor and companion, as careful to "s adorn the doctrine the guide and guardian, the friend of God their Saviour in all things ;” and protector of his believing people, as “denying,” through Divine grace, of all that love and serve him, all “all ungodliness and worldly lusts, the way to glory; and that nothing and living soberly, righteously, and either present fears or dangers, godly in this present world,” and as future opposition or tribulations, all

glorifying God in their body and the powers of earth and hell comin their spirit, which are his.” bined—shall or can separate the true

7. To " preach Christto the believer from the love of God that comfort of his people, we must 'con- is in Christ Jesus.” stantly proclaim Him as the Surety 9. To "preach Christfully and of his believing people, who hath completely, we must declare Him to already paid, to the utmost farthing, be the Judge of all men; before the vast amount of the debt due whose awful tribunal we “must all from sinners to God, that believers appear,” to “give an account of the in Jesus might be now “justified deeds done in the body,” and be freely, and from all things," and rewarded or punished according to stand accepted and complete in our works.” This we must do with the perfect righteousness of their holy boldness and affectionate fideRedeemer. We must preachlity, however unpleasing or unpalaChristas the great and only table it may be to the false professor Mediator and Advocate with the and the painted hypocrite; though Father, to plead our cause, to pre- it may excite the sneers of spisent our services, to procure us all ritual pride from some, or the scffs needed blessings, to supply our of irreligion from others. We must daily necessities, to help our in- “preach Christ” as the final Judge of 'firmities, and to secure and grant

all men; who will prove every prous all “ grace to help in time of fessor ; try every heart; expose beneed.” We must represent Him as fore the assembled world the real “ever living to make intercession state of every soul, in that great and unto God for us;" as “ touched with glorious day of inquiry and retributhe feeling of our infirmities ;" and tion: when no form of religion will as able and willing to succour be allowed to pass without the power them that are tempted,” to raise the of it; when all “ faith” that doth fallen, strengthen the feeble, and to not “work by love," and produce preserve all, who love and trust Him, the holy fruits of obedience, in by his mighty power, through faith, heart and life, to God's commandunto salvation.”

ments, will be declared vain and 8. To “preach Christto the worthless. For, his “fan is in his establishment of our hearers who hand and he will throughly purge his “love Christ in sincerity," we must, floor; and he will gather his wheat at all times, declare most plainly into the garner, but he will burn up his unfailing love and unchanging the chaff with unquenchable fire."

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