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10. To "preach Christ" to the of their head shall perish;" that He joy of believing souls, we must con- will “ bruise Satan under their feet tinually direct the hearts of the chil- shortly ;” and that He is ready, when dren of God to Jesus, as their " hope their toilsome pilgrimage is over, of glory;" as their life, and life and their warfare on earth is ended, eternal; as the King of saints, and to receive them into “ everlasting the Lord of glory, who will at last habitations," and render their happicollect all the scattered members of ness complete with all the unmixed his church, and bring them all safe and unfading joys of the redeemed into that glorious and eternal “rest saints in glory: where “God will that yet remaineth unto his people.” wipe away all tears from their eyes ;' We are to declare, that his love and give them to “drink of the water of power, his word and promise, are life,” at the fountain of all true feliengaged, that if we “suffer.” for or city; and where there “are pleasures “ with him, we shall also reign with for evermore." What a promise him;" and that if we “ die with him, hath Christ made to his people, we shall also be glorified together." “ Where I am, there shall ye be We are to 66 preach Christ

also!” “If our life be hid with Christ present with his believing people, in in God, when Christ, who is our all their various and varied trials in life, shall appear, then shall we also the way to heaven; that not a “hair appear with him in glory.”


as ever


be very

YOUR readers in general have recommendation of them to the doubtless been gratified at the in- Clergy at large;—a recommendation formation

you have recently com- which has hitherto, we understand, municated respecting the Liturgy been rarely complied with. The which the King of Prussia is endea- Prussian Liturgy presents the folvouring to introduce. A Christian lowing simple and touching preface. friend from Germany has furnished “ The illustrious ancestors of his me with a copy; and as it appears to Majesty the now reigning King, viz.

little known in this country,I the Electors Joachim II. John have thought that a general account George, the Duke Albrecht in Prusof it might not be unacceptable. sia, &c. published Ecclesiastical ReIt bears the date of Christmas 1821; gulations in the years 1540, 1558, but I am informed that subsequent and 1572; which, among other things editions have appeared with some respecting the church, contained improving alterations. The title also liturgies. These, being drawn runs thus : 66

Liturgy for the prin- from the fulness of the Divine Gocipal Divine Service on Sundays, spel, founded on very ancient forms Holy-days, and the Celebration of of the Christian Church, and purithe Communion, in the Royal and fied by the Reformation, were alCathedral Church at Berlin. The most at the same time introduced King himself, I understand, was the and received in all Evangelical author of the scheme, and is com- (Protestant) countries. " monly regarded as the composer, or “ Such liturgies, declaring the rather selector, of the greater part of eternal truths of Christianity, agreethe prayers; but, with a liberality ably to the pure words of holy of feeling highly creditable to his Scripture, in clear simplicity and Majesty, he has appointed them to expressive brevity, established and be used at his own place of worship promoted unity of faith in the Evanonly, contenting himself with a mere gelical church, and formed a beau


tiful tię which united all Evangelical and I suppose no one else would be congregations.

found to complain, if they should be “ Superior to every change of occasionally disposed to extend an time, these valuable liturgies are equal indulgence to the preacher. as elevating and edifying now as A rubric next prescribes that the they were to our pious ancestors. service shall commence with conThe prescribed forms have notwith- gregational singing ; during which standing been gradually laid aside, the minister comes before the altar, and free choice has more and more in his sacerdotal vestments, and sitaken place of ancient and venerable lently offers up a preparatory prayer; rites. The Evangelical Church, how. then, turning to the congregation, ever, ought, by her doctrine and which continues standing, he says, discipline, to establish the commu- “ Blessed be the kingdom of the nity of the Christian faith on the Father, and of the Son, and of the

and eternal foundation of Holy Ghost, now and for ever, and Christianity : and, although the es- from eternity to eternity. Amen. sence of Divine worship does not “Our help be in the name of the consist in church-rites, yet the equi- Lord, who hath made heaven and formity of these not only tends to earth. produce a common conviction of the “ Most merciful God and Father, same truth, but also a serene peace in deep humility do we acknowledge of the soul and a pious confidence and confess before Thee our maniresult from the animating thought, fold sins and transgressions. Look that these are the same praises, down in mercy upon us, and forgive thanksgivings, prayers, intercessions, us, who repent, all our sins, for the and vows, which our Christian an- merit of thy dear Son our Saviour cestors offered up many ages since, Jesus Christ. Amen. and which, if the Lord please, our “ Chor. Amen. children after us shall offer.

Min. Where is a God greater « On such considerations his than our God? Thou art the God Majesty has been induced to ap- that doeth wondrous things ; thou point this Liturgy, which may be hast made known thy power to the considered as an improvement on nations. To thee, O Lord, have I any previously used, being similar lifted up my voice: unto my God in its fundamental forms to those have I lifted up my voice, and He above mentioned, and adjusted to has heard me. the requirements of the present age; Chor. Kyrie eleison! Christe to be used, in the first place, at eleison ! Kyrie eleison ! Divine service in the Royal and “ Min. Glory be to God in the Cathedral church ; in order to pro- highest ; and on earth peace, good mote, with God's assistance, Christ, will towards men," &c. (the concludian piety, true virtue, and genuine ing prayer in our Communion Ser patriotism."

vice.) This preface is followed by some “ Chor. Amen. general directions ; one of which is, Min. The Lord be with you, that “Divine service on Sundays Chor. And with thy spirit. and holy-days is never to occupy

Min. O Lord God, beloved Famore time than an hour;" half of ther, we beseech Thee to direct and which is estimated for the liturgy and singing, and the other half al

* A note gives the translation “ Lord lotted for the sermon. It is, how. have mercy,' &c., and adds, “ The Greek ever, kindly intimated, in a marginal words have been retained, partly because note, that “ the time may be


they are found in old hymn-books, and

are, therefore, supposed to be understood; longed, if a longer hymn should meet partly because the measure of the syllables the wishes of the congregation;" suits the old church-music better." APRIL 1825.


our God.

govern us by thy Holy Spirit ; that ministers of him and of the counwith our whole heart we may hear try. Teach them, as Christians, to and receive thy word, and be sanc- be constantly mindful of their oath; tified by it; that we may put our and let their respective services be whole trust and hope in Jesus Christ blessed to thy honour and the counthy Son; that we may amend our try's good. Bless us, and all the lives according to thy word; and King's dominions. Bless every one attain everlasting salvation through in affliction; and be the Saviour of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. all men, especially of them who Chor. Amen."

believe. Preserve us from an evil, (Then follow the Epistle, Gospel, impenitent death, and bring us at last and Apostles' Creed, with suitable to thy heavenly kingdom : through sentences from the minister and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. congregation.)

Chor. Amen. Min. Lift up your hearts, and Min. Our Father, &c. let us give thanks unto the Lord Chor. ·Amen, Amen, Amen.”

(The minister leaves the altar. “It is meet, and truly worthy and The congregation sing some verses. salutary, to give thanks to Thee, the The minister goes up into the pulpit. Almighty, at all times and in every The sermon.

sermon. After a short prayer, place, through Jesus Christ our the text is immediately read; durLord; for the sake of whom thou ing both which the congregation hast spared us, dost forgive us our stand; as they do also at the end of sins, and promise us eternal salva- the sermon, when the minister protion: Therefore, with angels and nounces the blessing :) archangels, and with all the com- " Min. The Lord bless thee and pany of the heavenly hosts, we sing keep thee: the Lord cause his face praises to Thee and to thine infinite to shine upon thee, and be graglory :

cious to thee: the Lord lift up his Chor. Holy, holy, holy, is the countenance upon thee, and give Lord of Hosts. All the lands are thee peace. Amen. full of His glory. Hosanna on Chor. Amen, Amen, Amen.” high. Blessed is He that cometh (The congregation sing some in the name of the Lord. Hosanna verses ; which conclude the serin the highest.

vice, except when the Communion “ Min. O Lord God, Heavenly is celebrated.) Father, we beseech thee that thou The Communion Service is not wouldst govern thy Christian church, much unlike that of the Church of with all its teachers and ministers, England in its general form and by thy Holy Spirit ; that it may be manner. No expression is used in preserved in the pure doctrine of thy which a Lutheran and other Proword; that true faith may be pro- testants cannot agree; the present duced and strengthened in us; and government of Prussia earnestly also love towards all men spring desiring to unite all its Protestant forth and increase in us.

subjects in one church. I have “ O Lord, let thy grace be richly been chiefly struck with the followbestowed upon the King our Sove- ing prayer after the distribution of reign ; upon the Crown Prince, and the elements : all the Royal Family, and all who “ Almighty and everlasting God, are related to and connected with it. we give thee our most hearty thanks Prolong their lives, and make them for the unspeakable grace of which a continual blessing and a Christian we have become partakers by the pattern to us. Grant to our King receiving of thy holy supper. We a long and happy reign. Protect humbly beseech thee, that, as surely the King's army, and all the faithful as we have now received thy holy sacrament, thou wouldst grant us the name of God, the Father, the to become assured of the operations Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. of thy Holy Spirit ; that with a true “ If there be persons among us faith we may apprehend and ever who, oppressed by any mental hold fast thy Divine grace, forgive- affliction, need our particular counness of sins, union with Christ, and sel and consolation, we are ready to eternal life, promised to us all there- administer such, by virtue of our in,” &c.

office and as much as is in our A very solemn service is appoint- power.” ed by way of preparation for the Occasional Prayers are subjoined, Lord's Supper ; which is performed for the principal festivals and days either on the preceding afternoon, of national humiliation and thanksor on the same day before the usual giving. Among these is a Litany, liturgy. The minister enters the in substance nearly corresponding pulpit, and addresses the people in with our own, which appears to be what is termed “ the Confession appointed only for the day of “ the Speech," the substance of which is Commemoration of the Dead," but directed to be, “ All men are sin. may be used, I am told, at other ners: only by the redemption of times, in the discretion of the Jesus Christ a penitent obtains grace, minister. The last Sunday in the trusting on Christ's merit.”

ecclesiastical year is set apart for Min. Beloved in Christ, since we this impressive and awful ceremony; are gathered together in the name of of the origin of which I have receivthe Most High God, and have at- ed the following account. On the tended to the preaching of his holy King's return from Paris in the year and only saving word, let us humble 1815, after the battle of Waterloo ourselves before him, and from our and the surrender of Bonaparte hearts confess to him all our sins, appeared to have brought the trousaying with one another:

bles and apprehensions of the Con“ Almighty God, merciful Father, tinent to an end, he issued directions I, a poor miserable sinner, confess for a commemoration, through all to thee all my sins and trans- the churches of the kingdom, of the gressions, with which I may at many brave men who had fallen in any time have provoked thee, and the course of the war.

The names deserved thy punishment temporal of those who were lost from each and eternal. I am heartily sorry, parish were ordered to be exhibited and do repent of them all. And I on a tablet; and a suitable discourse, beseech thee, for thy great mercy, the topics of which were suggested and for the undeserved and severe by the government, to be delivered sufferings and death of thy dear Son by the minister to the survivors. Jesus Christ, that thou wouldst be These funeral orations, with the gracious and merciful to a poor solemn recollections which attended sinful man. Amen.

them, were justly expected to pro“ Is this your earnest desire, and duce a beneficial effect; and, in do you sincerely intend to amend consequence, it was at the same

time determined that the ceremony Congregation. Yes.

should be annually observed, in reMin. Upon this your confession membrance of all the departed, do I declare to all, who from their The scene is particularly striking at heart repent of their sins, and by Berlin. The approach of the day is true faith seek comfort in the merit marked by the deep tolling of all of Jesus Christ, by virtue of my the bells on the preceding evening ; office, as a called and ordained mini. the churches are hung with black ; ster of the word, the grace of God and in many of them the ministers, and the forgiveness of your sins, in announcing the number, ages, and

your life?

It is ap

other circumstances, of those who which is indeed almost the last are no more, address the mourning prayer contained in it. multitudes in a strain of sacred pointed for “ National Feasts :". eloquence which, if not so nervous “ Thou hast made thy wondrous and comprehensive as that of works to be remembered among us, Pericles, much more deeply affects Othou gracious and merciful Lord; them with the moral reflections and our children's children shall which ought to arise from the re- praise the great things which thou membrance of death ;-reflections hast done for us, and for the nations on the proper ends of life, and the use of the earth. Replenish, O most to be made of those years which are gracious God, with the Spirit of wisso rapidly passing away. I select dom, of counsel, and of concord, all from the services of this day one the Christian potentates of Europe. very spiritual prayer, which is also Especially do thou bless and appointed to be used on Good- prosper the holy alliance, and the Friday:

monarchs who formed it; that, bePrepare us more and more for lieving in Thee, and in thy Son the a happy end; but especially in the Redeemer of the world, they may so last hour, the hour of death, drive govern their subjects as to make away from us all temptations, and them happy. Cause their holy work increase our faith in thy Son Jesus, to prosper, for the praise of thy that we may overcome all the hor- great name and the promotion of rors of dissolution. Then, when the common good; that peace, order, our ears shall no longer be able to and justice may every where prevail, hear, let thy Spirit testify to our and our remotest descendants conspirit, that we, being thy children, tinue thankfully to enjoy thy blessand fellow-heirs with Christ, shall ings. Grant that these pious feeltogether with Jesus be soon before ings may animate every one who thy presence in heaven. Then, this day celebrates with us the glowhen our eyes shall no longer be rious victory at Leipzig (La Belleable to see, do thou open the eyes Alliance, or Paris)." of our faith, that we may behold A few remarks have suggested heaven before us, and the Lord themselves to my mind while I have Jesus at his Father's right hand, been engaged in drawing up the and know that we also shall shortly preceding account. be where he is. Then, when our In the first place, I suppose most tongue shall no longer be able to of your readers are prepared for the speak, let thy Spirit intercede for us observation, that, with the exception with groanings which cannot be ut- of the Communion Service and that tered, and teach every one of us to for the Commemoration of the Dead, cry in his heart, Father, into thy the Prussian Liturgy, when comhands I commend my spirit. Grant pared with that of our own church, also, O faithful Gud, that we may' must be pronounced meagre and live in thy fear, die in thy grace, unsatisfactory. Our Morning Serdepart in thy peace, rest in the vice, as now used, is perhaps too grave

under thy protection, and full, and certainly too long; but this rise again by thy power, to inherit disappoints us, not only by its brethe blessed hope of eternal life: for vity, but (what is much more to be the sake of thy beloved Son Jesus lamented) by its comparative emptiChrist; to whom, with Thee and

I am not disposed to blame the Holy Spirit, be laud and praise the royal author, or his theological and honour and glory, now and for counsellors, for judging the Apostles' Amên,"

Creed a sufficient confession of faith I will add but one extract more for the Evangelical Church, nor for from this interesting formulary, neglecting to prescribe a frequent



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