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application, might have been very extensively and which compel us to fear that relieved.-P. 2.

Mr. Norris has not always mainThe survey to be taken therefore falls naturally under the following heads.

tained that moral and respectable 1. The embryo state of the Society, character for which he is now said whilst it was in process of formation. to be distinguished. II. Its incunabular state, whilst its ef

By way of shewing Mr. Norris's forts were feeble, being only provided with the Dissenting part of its establishment.

disposition to cavil at every thing, : III. Its state of maturity, when all its we just insert the following extracts energies were brought into action by the relating to the Jewish schools. union of an Episcopal chapel to the con As this school is within sight of the auventicle. .

thor's residence, he might justly be acIV. Its regenerated state, when the Disa

cused of having shrunk from inquiries senters retired, and the Church members

which were within his reach, if he had not undertook single-handed the work of its

visited that institution : he has therefore redintigration

very recently done so, and he with pleay, Its consummation, when the British

sure testifies, that no institution, formed Jews were discarded, and Foreign disper

for the Christian education of children, sions of that people throughout the uni.

and for making them, at the same time, verse adopted as the grand object of its

(especially the females) useful members of exertiovs.-P. 3.

society, can, to all appearance, be better ,: The outline thus sketched is filled appointed, or do more efficiently what it up, according to the system adopted

undertakes. But still the question recurs,

to what extent is the conversion of the Jews in Mr. N.'s former publications, with

to Christianity promoted by all this? a series of assertions, arguments, P. 480. and conclusions extracted from and He then, after a few lines, proestablished by passages from narra ceeds tives, memoirs, reports, magazines, What a noble establishment for that denewspapers, &c.; from the writings scription of proselytes, which these two or speeches of friends or foes, men

rules must bring under the auspices of

the Society!!! It stands upon an area of reputation or of no reputation

of five acres. It is approached by an enof discarded servants, or rejected trance enfiladed by two very imposing candidates, or detected hypocrites, lodges. The different apartments are all

lofty. or apostate professors ;—and he has

The school-rooms distinct from

the refectories.--The lavatories distinct thus dragged from their hiding

from both, furnished with basins of queen's places various pamphlets and publi- ware having escapes at bottom-water laid cations, and invested with a little in over each-and wardrobes opposite to brief authority articles which have

them, divided into compartments for all

the various articles of apparel and the long since been consigned to obli

diet is alternately mutton and beef. yion, and which were known in their The royal and episcopal foundations of day as the production of venal Eton and Winchester will not stand in scribes, whose sole object was to

competition in these respects with the

foundation at Belhnal Green; and the obtain a little pecuniary advantage,

bed-chamber scene in Don Quixotte, with and who were prepared to write for Sancho Panza royally attended, must bethat side of the question which would come real life every time a new convert is pay them best.

introduced.-Pp. 481, 482. And yet, after all, the very worst That is, the schools are too good part of the volume is Mr. Norris's for the children, and the Comown. In speaking of a former pub- mittee have incurred a vast and unlication, we were compelled to re- necessary expense. But what would mark that it was distinguished by Mr. Norris, or what would any other that species of jesting which is “not man of the present day, have said, if. convenient;" and we regret to find in the erection of a modern charity. the same contamination in the work school, such low, dark, dismal, un. before us. There are various ex- healthy apartments had been prepressions introduced which are evi- pared as were usually erected in dently the result of a depraved the days of the founders of Eton heart and a licentious imagination, and Winchester? Would Mr. Norris

really wish that the school rooms have at least tried various costly had not been distinct from the re- experiments to effect so desirable an fectories? Does he really mean to object. say that a fixed hand-basin, or, as We will give our readers the full he styles it, a lavatory of queen's benefit of Mr. Norris's recommenware with an escape at the botlom, dations on these points. may not be found eventually as To discover what means are Christian cheap as a moveable one, especially for furthering this great design, no better for the use of children? Or is he course presents itself than an appeal to St. prepared to affirm that the diet Paul, whose heart was set upon his bre

of thren's conversion, and who has recorded being alternately mutton and beef,

the “ provoking them to jealousy," as the is more expensive, or more deserve method to be employed, citing Moses as ing of censure, than if exclusively his authority for the prescription. Here confined to one or the other? We then is both a scriptural and a very feasible really suspect that Mr. Norris felt means commended to our usę; for, the

operation centres in ourselves. We have deeply convinced that every essen

to present ourselves before the Jews in tial part of the schools was what it that religious position, that they shall reought to have been; or this ques cognize their forfeited privileges in those tion of school-rooms, and pantries,

that we enjoy the kingdom taken from

them in that which we inherit-the orders and wash-hand basins, and bed

of our ministry analagous to theirs-comchambers, would never have been posed, not of men who have taken this. instituted. For our own parts, honour upon themselves, but have been

called of God, as was Aaron, and have without at all pledging ourselves to

been continued successionally, as the approve of all the arrangements of

Aaronic Priesthood was, if not in the the Jews' schools, any more than of same family by natural generation, which Mr. Norris's nursery, if he possess was no longer possible under the Gospel one; yet can easily conceive that per

state, yet in the same fellowship by adop

tion into it, signified by the laying on of sons about to engage in large esta hands by those, for the time being, perblishments, as boarding-schools, &c. sonating the Apostles, whose commission may by visiting the schools at Bethnal was co-extensive with the world, both as Green discover that the judicious

to time and space, and also as to every one

of its inhabitants ;-the Lord's House the outlay of a few pounds will, in no

same, only accommodated to the altered very long period, be repaid by eco circumstances when it is become a house of nomy of labour, and exemption from prayer for all nations, and therefore lifted the minor miseries of capsized hand.

from Mount Sion, on which it stood, to

the top of the mountains, that all nations basins and broken pitchers.

may flow into it; but still designated to But what are the practical con- be the House of God as the Temple was, clusions at which Mr. Norris ar by having His Name set in it, if not rives? They seem to be these : the personally by Himself, by His delegated

representatives—the means of Divine interSociety has been long instituted,

course the Sacraments--corresponding has spent vast sums of money, has with theirs, or no further altered than done no good and is not doing any; there is Scripture warrantry for the alterand, therefore, let all the subscribers ation-the Law and the Prophets not de

stroyed, but perfected in our faith and withdraw, and become contributors

practice-in the exercise of which-that to the Society for the Propagation faith and practice, viz. once delivered to of the Gospel. There is indeed a the saints, and neither to be added to nor sort of obscure recommendation of diminished in any of their articles--with

one mind and one mouth we glorify God, provoking the Jews to jealousy, by

offering up to him with one accord our employing agents whose apostolical common supplications, and being in fact succession cannot be doubted; but, the Jerusalem of the present day-a city after all, Mr. Norris seems to imply at unity in itself.-Pp. 507-509. is that the case of the Jews is almost There will yet remain one other impehopeless,-a concession which might rative claim upon us from our brethren in moderate in some degree his hostin foreign parts, peopling our extensive de

pendencies, to be made shaiers with us in lity to the London Society, who those religious blessings of which they

are equally inheritors with ourselves, and which almost instantaneously met to be raised progressively with ourselves with very extensive encouragement, towards the above exhibited standard of

The accession of nụmbers and of Christian perfection. Here the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel tenders

wealth does not, however, always, or her services, commending herself to the even generally, bring a proportionnational confidence by 125 years' assiduous ate accession of wisdom ; while, at and efficient administration, of which there is documentary evidence before the

the same time, the apparent prosworld. Let her. almost exhausted re- perity is, apt to dazzle and dis. sources be liberally replenished, and the turb the mind. How far this was means afforded her of making those exer- the case here, is not necessary to tions, which are now in a degree parạ. in lysed for want of the necessary support.

inquire. Certain it is, that in a few Then will England obey the call 'which years very considerable difficulties Mr. Evanson makes upon her,“to assume arose, and the London Society ap. her proper and dignified station, as the

peared on the very verge of dissoludispenser of light and life;" for, then may

tion. At that conjuncture, some she be contemplated under Isaiah's predicted appellative of “ the righteous nation wealthy and pious ' individuals apwhich keepeth the truth”--then will she peared, and, deeply impressed with shew forth Christianity in all its beauty of

the importance of the object, largely holiness, both at home and abroad--the

sacrificed their property, and enLord's “ensign," as it were, lifted up “ upon the mountains”-and then will she gaged their time, their character, have prepared herself, as an instrument and their influence, to preserve the fitted for her Divine Master's use, whe existence of the Society, and carry . ther it be to make “ the Heathen his inheritance," or to be sent as his “ swift mes

on its cause. Now, did these persenger to a nation scattered, and peeled,

sons, or did they not, act a noble and meted out, and trodden under foot," and a Christian part ? Would it to bring them to Mount Zion, as a pre- have been wiser, or better, to have sent to himself when “that determined shall have been poured out upon them."

| suffered the Society to sink, and to --Pp. 511, 512.

have abandoned the Jewish cause? But perhaps it may be said, have and how many years must have there not been in the conduct of elapsed before the public mind the Jewish Society great mistakes, could again have been excited to vast expense, and many disappoint- seek the welfare of a despised and ments; and are not therefore Mr. degraded, yet ancient and venerable Norris's conclusions and recommen- race? Was it not far more becomdations perfectly correct? We agreeing the Christian character to step to the former, we dissent from the forward and say, Great mistakes latter position,

have been committed, and vast ex. - The grand difficulty, in all cases, penses incurred, and serious diffiis to be wise beforehand. Societies, culties have arisen ; but the cause as well as individuals, learn much by is good, the design is noble ; we experience ; and he acts an unjust will apply our energies to the work, part who censures those whose mis and seek for the blessing of the takes and errors were unavoidable Lord God of Abraham ? Thus consequences of the situation in Way, and Simeon, and Marsh, and which they were placed... in Richmond, and unnumbered others, · The information possessed by the thought and reasoned; and thereChristian public, concerning the fore, though gibbeted in the book Jews, some twenty years ago, was of the Curate of Hackney, their meagre, defective, and erroneous. names are honoured, and shall be In fact, they were either disregarded had in everlasting remembrance. . . or despised. The attention of a But, says the objector, since that few persons in the middling, or period your society has erred exrather a somewhat inferior, rank in ceedingly. You have employed life, was at length called to their Moravians : 'you have been deceived situation ; a society was formed, by pretended converts : your He

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brew Testaments and Tracts have ence is, the Society for promoting been torn to pieces before the very Christian Knowledge employed Luface of their distributors ; and you therans; the London Society have have not dared to publish to the employed Moravians, We are not world all the disastrous information prepared to say which are the better you have received. - Now what men, but we are in duty bound to does all this prove? In our judg, enter our protest against the iniquiment, nothing to the purpose. It tous conduct of Mr. Norris, in proves the London Society is nei, bringing forward; against the Mother perfect nor, infallible; but do ravians of the present day, the state. the members of it, or the members ments which were made eighty of any other society, lay claim years ago, against a class of men to such perfection ? Has there then little known and evidently misever been an age when wise and understood, but who have since good men have not been deceived exhibited, on the frozen shores of by the artifices of impostors, and Labrador, and in the barren regions the specious professions of hypo. of Africa, as well as in our own crites ? Were there no deceivers, country, specimens of primitive simno false apostles, in the primitive plicity, devotedness, patience, inte. churches ? Were the chosen disci- grity, meekness, and holiness which ples of Christ all what they pre have never been surpassed by any tended to be ? or did Paul, or Peter, individuals of any community. or any other Apostle, not baptize Surely it is a base slander to advance some of whom they were afterwards against such a body of men the obliged to testify, « Thou hast nei. insinuations contained in Mr. Norther part nor lot in the matter?" ris's pages. And do not the very circumstances of But you have not published to the case--the ignorance of the Jews, the world all your disappointments ? their deep-rooted resentment on --Be it so : we take the matter as account of ages of injurious treat- Mr. N. states it, without any spement from nominal Christians, the cific knowledge upon the subject : vices inseparable from a low, op. but is it either wise, or charitable, pressed, trafficking condition-ren- or necessary, to publish every thing der every attempt at communicat- of this nature ? Is no allowance to ing instruction and relief to them be made for human imperfection more difficult than to any other class and infirmity ? Are no attempts to of men whatever ? We maintain, be made to recover a brother a therefore, that though mistakes supposed brother, if you please may have been committed, and suc- who is overtaken with a fault? Are cessful impositions practised, and we not bound to use meek and pahypocritical professions made, these tient endeavours to restore such, do not of themselves constitute any recollecting our own infirmity ? and valid reason for deserting the Lon- would not rash and indiscriminate don Society.

publication very often defeat such But they have employed Mora. attempts? These are plain comvians.--Be it so ; and what then ? non-sense questions, which every They have employed the best in- man of any Christian experience is struments they could obtain. They in some degree prepared to answer. have followed in this respect the We might indeed ask, what is the precedent set by the venerable So- practice of other societies? If Mr. ciety for promoting Christian Know- N. should perchance discover that ledge. That Society, when unable some half dozen of the young men to obtain ministers of the Church of in training for masters at the England, resorted to foreign Pro- central school in Baldwin's Gartestant churches. The only differ- dens should adjourn from the school to some low pot-house in the neigh- are accused by different classes of bourhood, and there give way to persons on the same grounds; and ribaldry and intemperance; or if why; we ask, are they not all masome other knot of young men naged better ? simply because per: walked off to a Dissenting or Me, sons choose rather to find fault than thodist meeting ; would Mr. N. to give assistance. In all these sorecommend that such delinquencies cieties, every clergyman giving his should be recorded in the National guinea per annum is a member of Society's Report, for public informa- the committee-has only to attend, tion? or would he not think it, upon and he must be heard. If any the whole, as expedient that the one says, the Dissenters have too parties should be reprimanded, or much influence in that committee, fined, or quietly dismissed? Would or the Churchmen bear the rule in he not say, it is at least desirable this, and I will therefore withdraw, to avoid a public scandal? Or do it follows, as a natural consequence, the Society for the Propagation of that he leaves such particular comthe Gospel in Foreign Parts always mittee or society more under the embody, in their official publica- influence of the obnoxious 'party: tions, the statements which they he weakens that which he thinks receive from their accredited agents? the better cause, by withdrawing Should it by any chance be disco. his influence; instead of trying to vered in a far distant colony, that counteract the evil, by exposing its certain schoolmasters were pocket danger and pointing out a more ex. ing their salaries and teaching no cellent way. Mr. Norris would scholars ; that certain buildings had doubtless more promote his own been erected, in which Divine Service views by becoming a life subcriber had been performed in order to to the London Society, and reguobtain some grants held out for the larly attending its committee, than encouragement of building churches, he possibly can by writing fifty voand that, when such grants were lumes like the present. obtained, no further service was per But the Hebrew Testaments and formed, or any attempts made for Tracts are torn to pieces; no good the completion of such churches; has been done, and no good is and that certain nominal clergymen doing. Is this quite clear ? Are all had been sent out who were every the Testaments and Tracts torn to thing that was bad, and of whom pieces? Have all the converts be- no one could say any good, we come apostates? No such thing. strongly suspect that the society Many, who never believed that a would consider it more expedient to Christian could desire the welfare make some efforts for the correction of a Jew, are now convinced of the of such evils, and for procuring a purity of his motives, though averse better supply both of schoolmasters to their peculiar manifestation. Many, and of clergy, than to expose to all whose hostility was once excited, the world the evils which their own and whose. indignation was roused vigilance had detected. ;. : at the very mention of the Re

Again ; the London Society is ill deemer's name, are silently pemanaged. Now, suppose this were rusing the sacred volume entrusted true, whose fault is it? We are to their charge. Many, who were really astonished at the charges of once ignorant of their own Scripthis nature which are brought for- tures are now inquiring after the wards. The Bible Society, the Lord God of their fathers; and Church Missionary Society, the many outcasts from their own London Hibernian Society, the So- people, and objects of suspicion by ciety for the Conversion of the Jews their Christian brethren, are yet,

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