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... REVIEW OF BOOKS. Statement by the Committee of the now arrived when our silence can

Edinburgh Bible Society, relative no longer preserve secrecy, and to the Circulation of the Apocry- when, four distinct publications pha by the British and Foreign having been extensively circulated, Bible Society. Edinburgh, 1825. our readers may justly expect to Pp. 16.

receive from us some information Remarks on the Propriety of apply on the subject. . ing the Funds of the British and It is important in the outset to

Foreign Bible Society to the Cir- recollect, that, after very mature deculation of such Foreign Versions liberation, the British and Foreign as contain the Apocrypha, in Bible Society finally determined on

Places where no other Versions adopting the following as the first · will be generally received. Lon- two of their Laws and Regulations :

don*. Pp. viii. and 32. . “ 1. The designation of this SoA Letter to the Right Hon. Lord ciety shall be the British and Fo

Teignmouth, President of the reign Bible Society, of which the British and Foreign Bible Society, sole object shall be to encourage in Vindication of the Proceedings a wider circulation of the Holy of that Society against the State Scriptures without note or comment of the Edinburgh Bible ment: the only copies in the lanSociety relative to the Circulation guages of the United Kingdom, to of the Apocrypha. By the Rev. be circulated by the Society, shall C. Simeon, M. A. Fellow of King's be the authorized version *." College, Cambridge. London. “II. This Society shall add its Pp. 16.

endeavours to those employed by A Statement, submitted to the Mem- ' other Societies for circulating the bers of the British and Foreign Scriptures through the British doBible Society, on the Impropriety minions; and shall also, according of circulating the Apocryphal to its ability, extend its influence Books indiscriminately intermin- to other countries, whether Chrisgled with the Inspired Writings. tian, Mahometan, or Pagan." By George Cornelius Gorham, The question whether, under B.D. Fellow of Queen's College, these rules, the Society was or was Cambridge. London. Pp. viii. not justified in publishing the Apoand 40.

crypha, does not appear during We have never, since the com., several years to have come under mencement of our periodical la consideration. In or about the bours, taken up our pen with year 1817 some Apocryphas were greater reluctance than on the pre either ordered, or sent in to the sent occasion. We have hitherto Bible Society's depository without refrained from noticing a discussion, orders; but these Apocryphas are which has at intervals for the last understood to have been cancelled ; three years distracted the attention and the inference, therefore, apand disturbed the councils of the pears fair, that the then Committee most catholic and valuable society did not deem such publication in existence; but the period has a

The printing of the Apocrypha is . * Referred to as the “Cambridge Re- attempted to be justified on the ground of marks,” not as proceeding either from the its being part of the Authorized Version. University of Cambridge, or- from the But the expression the “Authorized VerCambridge Auxiliary, but from a few per- sion,” which merely means the authorized sons residing there, with those who, for translation, can only be referred to the merly belonging to the University, could Holy Scriptures, and the Apocrypha is no be prevailed upon to add their names. part of the Holy Scriptures.

consistent with their rules, or, at of the Apocrypha, it may seem good to least, expedient to be adopted. them.-Edinburgh St. p. 4. And, in fact, the many new ver- This resolution appeared in the sions which it has procured for first instance to set the question at heathen countries, and the million rest ; but strong applications were and half of Bibles which it has dis made from foreign countries, and tributed in Great Britain, and the especially from Leander Van Ess, first foreign Bibles printed in this earnestly requesting grants of money country, did not contain the Apo. for the publication of editions in crypha*.

.. which the Apocrypha should be - In making grants of money, intermingled with the Canonical however, to foreign Bible Societies, Books ; and certain members of the or in printing different editions for Committee, conceiving that such their use, the question whether the grants were not prohibited by the Apocrypha was or was not inserted, above resolution, a vote of 5001. was and in what manner such insertion, actually proposed to Leander Van where it existed, took place, seems Ess's projected translation of the to have been very much lost sight Old Testament and Apocrypha. of; and, in consequence, numerous This naturally renewed the diseditions have been printed in foreign cussion ; and, after four days of countries, in which the Apocrypha patient deliberation, the following was either introduced between or resolution, suggested by Lord intermixed with the canonical Teignmouth, was unanimously Scriptures. The attention of the adopted, in a Committee of ninety Committee was, however, forcibly persons, on the 20th of December, called to this practice in the year 1824 : 1822 ; and, after a long and serious That no pecuniary grants be made by discussion, protracted through three

the Committee of, this Society for the

purpose of aiding the printing or publishing days, it was resolved, on the 19th

of any edition of the Bible in which the of August,

Apocrypha shall be mixed and interspersed That when grants shall be made to any of

with the canonical books of the Holy the Bible Societies in connexion with this

Scriptures; and that grants of money to institution, which are accustomed to cir

foreign Societies, which are accustomed culate the Apocrypha, it be stated to such

to publish Bibles containing the Apocrysocieties, that the attention of the Com

pha, but separate and distinct from the mittee having been called to the funda

Canonical Books, be made under an exmental Rule of the Society, as limiting the

press stipulation, and the assurance of the application of its funds to the circulation

parties receiving the same, that such of the Holy Scriptures; and it appearing

grants shall be exclusively applied to that this view of the said Rule has been

printing and publishing the Canonical taken from the beginning by the great

Books only.-Edinburgh St. p. 5. body of its members; the Committee,

This resolution, so deliberately anxious, on the one hand, to keep entire adopted, was objected to by the good faith with all the members of the Edinburgh Auxiliary, as lending an Society, and, on the other, to maintain unimpaired the friendly intercourse which

un indirect influence to the circulation it has had the happiness so long to hold of vital error ; as justifying a similar with Bible Societies which circulate books practice in respect of human comesteemed Apocryphal in this country, re- ments, the circulation of which quest of those Societies, that they will appropriate all future grants which they

would be far less injurious than the may receive from the British and Foreign circulation of the Apocryphal books; Bible Society, exclusively to the printing and the Committee of the Edinof the books of the Old and New Tes- burgh Auxiliary transmitted, in contament, as generally received in this country: such Societies remaining at full li. sequence, a firm and full remon. berty to apply their own funds in what strance to the Parent Society *. eyer way, as to the printing and circulation Soon after, a protest of an oppo.

• Cambridge Remarks, p. iji

• Edinburgh Statement, p. 8.

site nature was presented by twenty May, resolved “ to discontinue their resix members of the University of

mittances" to the Parent Institution, till

their “ friendly intercourse" should be Cambridge, on the ground that the

renewed, “ by the removal of the circum. above resolution.“ cut off some stances which led to its interruption." of the largest and most promising Gorham, pp. 17, 18. i. branches of the Society's labour, The Edinburgh Committee then by giving up, in some quarters, the proceeded to publish, and privately only way in which any part of the circulate, their Statement. Some word of God can be circulated, of the Cambridge gentlemen puband, in other quarters, the only lished their Protest, and Mr. Si. way in which the Old Testament meon's and Mr. Gorham's pamphlets can be circulated with the New *.” followed in due course.

On the very day (7th March) on A renewed discussion is underwhich this protest was read in the stood to have taken place at a Spe. Committee-without any due con- cial Committee of the Bible Society, sideration of the consequences of without any decisive measure being such a measure-forgetful of the adopted. Some persons have sugvery long and serious deliberation gested the forming of two separate with which their resolution had been funds, the one for the Holy Scripadopted and with a very surpris- tures alone, the other for the Holy ing deviation from that practical Scriptures and the Apocrypha, and wisdom with which their proceed- that each subscriber, auxiliary, &c. ings are usually accompanied—the should pay their contributions to Committee resolved, “ That all the whichever fund they thought proper, resolutions of this Committee, rela. It is obvious, that if any proposal tive to the Apocrypha, be rescinded.” of this kind should be adopted, it

· The effect of this hastily adopted re- would carry discussion and dissensolution being to leave this most serious sion into the Committee of every question in an undecided state, several members of the Society met in London,

Auxiliary, and permanently alienate and framed a remonstrance; which was

the Edinburgh and various other signed by twenty-seven persons, and was Auxiliaries, by giving a stronger Jaid before the Committee on 4th April. In consequence of this appeal, a Special

sanction than ever to the Apocry: Committee was appointed to consider the

phal Books. whole subject, when, on April 9, 1825, it

It is, indeed, most evident, that was resolved, “ That it be recommended the Bible Society has attained its to the General Committee not to print or circulate the Apocryphal Books; and, at

present eminence, by, professing to the same time, to use their best endea

circulate that, and that only, which vours to aid the circulation of the In all agree to be the pure word of spired Volume in all foreign countries, God. It is difficult to say how soon by grants of the Canonical Books, in it began in pract

it began in practice to deviate from whole or in part, without interfering with the future distribution of the same, whe

its professed principles, or how far ther with or without the Apocryphal that deviation has been carried ; Books.”

but it is perfectly idle to suppose And on April 22, 1925, it was resolved, that such deviations can be perse. “ That the Report of the Special Committee be received-That the above re

vered in, without a very serious dicommendation of the Special Committee minution of its funds, without a be adopted.”

public protest, and eventually withThis resolution was considered as unsatisfactory by many individuals ; since it

out a very extensive secession, left the point of money grants unno

The publications now before us give ticed, and sanctioned the granting of the note of impending danger. The Canonical Books in parts, thereby giving case is becoming more and more facilities to the interspersion of the Apo

urgent; and nothing but conciliacryphal, in the manner objected to. The Edinburgh Committee, on the 18th of

tory, and at the same time decisive

and consistent conduct, can avert . Cambridge Remarks, p. v. the impending catastrophe.

In this point of view it is most assumes that there are places where ; important carefully to investigate foreign versions, containing the

the real circumstances of the case, Apocrypha, may : be circulated and ascertain, if possible, the prac. where no other versions will genetical remedy; and on this account rally be received, and it describes we conceive the publications now such places as comprising . before us, and particularly the The whole continent of Europe and the Edinburgh Statement and Mr. rising states of Greece. 'In Asia-ArmeGorham's pamphlet, deserving of blet deserving of nia and Syria, including Palestine. In

Africa—the ancient and interesting especial attention. '

churches of Abyssinia and Egypt. And ; The Edinburgh Statement may nearly the whole continent of South Amebe considered as somewhat ultra in "rica, which at this critical moment preits anti-Apocryphal views. After sents the most promising fields of labour : detailing the proceedings of the lected, may not return again for ages.

and an opportunity, which, if now neg.: Edinburgh Committee, inserting a Cambridge Remarks, p. 16. list of the corruptions of the Apo- But this very point requires proof. cryphal books, and remarking on the The evidence appears to us insufCommittee's resolution of April 22, ficient. Some of their own wit. which is still in force, the State- nesses allow, that the New Testament declares, that

ment, at least, may be very extenThe Edinburgh Committee therefore sively circulated. There is every hold, that, to carry into effect this prin- reason to conclude that the Penta. ciple, it is necessary that grants of money or books should be given only to those

teuch, the Psalms, and : various Societies which profess to circulate the other parts of the Old Testament, inspired books, and the inspired books might be dispersed in those very alone. Without this, they do not con- regions : and that in this way the ceive that the Christian world can be satisfied. And they again repeat, what they

whole of the funds of the British have already stated in former resolutions, and Foreign Bible Society might that while without it the Bible Societies be employed in distributing the are actually doing what is wrong in itself, pure word of God, without any mix. they are at the same time breaking faith with their subscribers, who have intrusted ture of human traditions*. them with such ample means for the cir- Mr. Simeon attempts to prove

culation of the Holy Scriptures.-Edin. that the Society's rules allow the : Statement, pp. 14, 15.

Committee to circulate the ApoThis seems going further than crypha; and that the example of circumstances will justify. It St. Paul in circumcising Timothy would exclude the grant of Bibles justifies the mixing up of the Apoand Testaments to a society cryphal with the Canonical Books. which distributed Prayer-Books or _We think he has completely

Homilies, or the Scotch Psalms, failed in both points. It may be : &c. and would thus very materially in some cases expedient to adopt and unnecessarily cramp the exer- an indifferent ritual observance, even tions of many religious and bene- though that rite may be liable to be volent institutions.

misunderstood; but to send forth · The Cambridge Remarks are that as the word of God which is drawn up with considerable care NOT the word of God, appears to and ability. We doubt, however, us utterly unjustifiable to how far the editors were justified in publishing the names which were * See Mr. Gorham's Statement, p. 34. - originally appended to their protest. ' + It will of course be said, we do

At all events, the question is one not send forth the Apocrypha as the word · which must be decided on the of God ;-- but how is it distinguished from ground of argument, and not of the word of God in the Italian, Portu

gueze, Spanish, 'and French, &c. Bibles, authority. But their argument is of the Bible Society? It is mere gratuitdefective as to its main point : it ous assertion to state that the Catholics

Mr. Gorham's pamphlet contains to oppose the intermixture of the far more information than all the Apocryphal Writings with the Ca- others, and is deserving of very high nonical Books of Scripture. . . praise. He brings forwards im. For here be it remembered, that portant facts relating to the inter-2 in Roman Catholic countries, &c. -mingling of the Apocryphal and the Apocrypha is MIXED UP with Inspired Books, to the separation the Inspired Scriptures. It is not: of the Apocryphal from the Inspired printed separately, with “ ApocryBooks, and to the practice of the pha” marked in the running title, as Bible Society in printing or aiding in our English Bibles ; but the books: the circulation of the Apocrypha in are interspersed with the Canonical, termingled with the Inspired Books. Books; nay, in some instances are. He then states objections to the parts of chapters of the Inspired circulation of the Apocryphal Books Books: thus, Tobit and Judith folintermingled with the Inspired low Nehemiah ; the Rest of Esther Writings, as inconsistent with the comes in at Esther x, 4; Wisdom laws and fundamental principle of and Ecclesiasticus follow Solomon's the Society, and as violating in- Song; Baruch succeeds Jeremiah ; tegrity of conscience and the prin- the Song of the Three Children ciples of Protestantism; and ably comes in in the middle of the 3d of refutes some popular arguments, Daniel ; and Susannah and Bel and by which the practice objected the Dragon close the Book of to is advocated. We earnestly Daniel ; and these are printed recommend this pamphlet to the without any mark of distinction';. attention of our readers, as con- and if any one shall not receive taining the grounds especially on them for Sacred Scripture he is under which, as Churchmen, they ought the anathema of the Roman Church,

« In this respect modern Catholic know the difference : this is not true of one Bibles are more deceptive than even the Catholic in a thousand.

Vulgate; for the Pope, and the Council “ As I walked down the hill, I asked

of Trent, left the notes of St. Jerome, in our guide if he had a Bible. He told me

the body of the sacred text, pointing out he had, and that he read it constantly. I

the mutilations; but these notes have, in asked him a few questions about the Old

more recent times, disappeared altoge. and New Testament history; when I dis

ther; and thus some of the most absurd covered that his Bible was a pamphlet of

parts of the Apocrypha have merged into eighteen or nineteen pages, drawn up by

en pages; drawn up by the holy volume. St. Jerome tells us, the priests. He had no idea that there

that, according to his custom, he had was any book such as we mean by the marked' these Apocryphal interpolations Bible : so sad is the ignorance of these

' with a dagger' (t). It would be well poor people."--Wilson's Letters, i. 49. if the insidious place they occupy were

“ The Bible is almost unknown (Italy). still so denoted. (See the Vulgate, in A friend who visited Rome a few years Esther x. 4.) The number of monitory back, told me he met a Roman lady of

notes so expunged from the Vulgate, in modistinction there, who had never heard

dern translations, is eleven!!"-Gorham, that there was a book revealed by Almighty

p. 27. God, which we call the Bible'; and who contended for a long time with him that Were the Apocrypha printed se. he must be mistaken in supposing that parately, as in our Bibles, the there was : - For,' added she, I must in that case have heard it.' "-Wilson's Let

question would be of minor importters, ii. 120.

ance; but, as printed in Roman" I find,” says Mr. Wilson, “ from Catholic countries, it cannot be friends who have returned from Rome distinguished by ordinary readers (recently), that nothing can exceed the

from the inspired volume, and is calpresent boldness of the Catholic hierarchy there_except their folly. Open claims

culated to excite objections to the of infallibility are made, indulgences pla Divine authority of that book of carded, the Bible and education spurned, which it appears to be a part. ... the certain perdition of heretics avowed,

We should, however, still objèct the authority of human traditions asserted and vindicated, as strongly as ever."--Wila

to its circulation by the Bible So. son's Leiters, 3d edition, i. 139.

ciety. The sole object of that So.

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