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220. Hircum: this was the prize.

237. Et audax... talentum : «and the impudent Pythias, who spunged old Simo out of his money.'–Pythias was a maid servant in a play of Lucilius.—Emuncio : 'cunningly overreached.'

254. Non ita pridem : 'nor is it long ago.' Spondees were admitted in the odd places; but an iambus was retained in the

294. Præsectum ... unguem : i. e. and which its author has not corrected ten times. This is a figure borrowed from the polishers of marble, who tried its smoothness by passing their nails over it.

295. Ingenium ... Democritus : because Democritus considered genius superior to art, and excludes every man in his senses from Helicon.'

301. O ego ... horam : 'foolish fellow that I was ! if I had not by physic cured myself of the spleen in the spring'

314. Conscripti : "a senator.'
32 Nullius veneris : (without grace or beauty.'
324. Præter ... avaris : "desiring nothing but fame.'

340. Lamie : the Romans pretended that there was a frightful sorceress of this name who devoured children. Horace, no doubt, alludes to some poet who had introduced in a play a child that had been devoured by this Lamia, and taken out of her alive.Pranse : “who had eaten it;' taken actively.

345. Hic... Sosiis : 6such a book brings again to the Sosii :' they were bookbinders and booksellers. See Epist. I. XX. 2.

354. Ut scriptor ... caret : “as an amanuensis, who constantly commits the same blunder, though cautioned against it, deserves no pardon.'

357. Cherilus ; a miserable versifier.

372. Mediocribus ... columnæ : 'neither gods, men, nor the booksellers' shops, allow of mediocrity in poetry. Columne are the pillars of the piazzas, under which the booksellers had their shops.

383. Liber ... nummorum : 'I am free, well-born, and have a knight's estate ;' i. e. quadringenta millia æris.

387. Metii: Metius was one of the judges appointed to examine poetry, and the claims of authors. See Sat. I. X. 38.

388. El Patris : "and of your father;'i. e. Piso the elder. 414. Pythia: sc. carmina.

417. Occupet extremum scabies : 'a plague take the hindmost ;' a kind of adage.

437. Sub vulpe latentes : 'concealed under the guise of a fox;' alluding to the fable of the fox and the crow.

470. Utrùm ... incestus : “whether he has profaned his father's ashes, or sacrilegiously removed the bounds of some consecrated place.'





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