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To praise ; to be about to move; to have led; of calling ; by sending; to lead, (supine.)

$ 162, 14. I was about to praise, thou mayst be about to call, he will be about to lead ; we may have been about to throw, ye are about to punish, they would have been about to clothe.

[blocks in formation]

I am praised, thou wast praised, (imp.) he will be praised; we may be praised, ye had been praised, they were praised.

I was changed, (imp.) thou shalt be changed, he had been changed; we would have been changed, ye have been changed, they shall be changed.

I shall be called, thou wilt have been called, he may be called; we would be called, ye are called, they should have been called.

I have been filled, thou wilt be filled, let him be filled ; we shall have been filled, ye may be filled, they are filled.

I had been moved, be thou moved, he will have been moved; we were moved, (perf.) ye should have been moved, they may be moved.

I may be terrified, thou couldst be terrified, he was terrified ; (imp.) we would be terrified, ye will be terrified, they were terrified, (perf.)

I might be led, thou wast led, (imp.) he has been led; we should have been led, be ye led, they had been led.

I should have been sent, thou art sent, he will be sent; we have been sent, ye might be sent, let them be sent.

I would have been thrown, thou mayst be thrown, he is thrown; we shall be thrown, ye might have been thrown, they are thrown.

I shall have been nourished, be thou nourished, he was nourished; (imp.) we might be nourished, ye had been nourished, they will be nourished.

I could be punished, thou art punished, he would have been punished; we shall be punished, ye were punished; (perf.) they are punished.

I may have been clothed, thou wilt have been clothed, he was clothed; (imp.) we had been clothed, ye can be clothed, they might have been clothed.

To be praised, to be about to be moved, to have been led, sent or being sent, to be punished, (part. in dus.)

$162, 15. I ought to be praised, thou deservedst to be called, he has deserved to be sent; we may deserve to be praised, ye will have deserved to be punished, they might have deserved to be clothed.




They will praise, I am changed, ye call, we are filled, ye will have been moved, he leads.

We are terrified, they send, thou wilt be nourished, ye were punished, (imp.) I throw, they will have been clothed.

Be thou called, he may change, I have praised, I will fill, ye were clothed, (perf.) be ye filled.

Let him be praised, I am nourished, thou art clothed, he leads, we shall have been nourished, they will change.

We were sent, (imp.) they had been terrified, I lead, he will be filled, we shall have been clothed, I am led.

Thou art called, ye might have been nourished, he sends, they fill, we might have been led, ye did call, (imp.)

We have been clothed, thou wast praised, thou leadest, let him be sent, lead ye, they should be punished.

I may move, they may be filled, he is nourished, thou sendest, we shall have led, ye nourish.

Let them be filled, I did praise, (perf.) we have been terrified, be ye clothed, they might have been sent, we shall change.

He would be terrified, I was praising, they have been sending, we have been led, ye will be punished, we had filled.

We had been called, ye have changed, thou terrifiest, ye are led, we were sending, they had been throwing.






A verb agrees with its subject-nominative in number and person. 0 209.

Rex rego.

NOTE. I and we take the first person of the verb; thou and you, the second person.

All nouns, and the pronouns he, she, it, and they, the third person. I write,

Ego scribo.
Thou wast playing,

Tu ludo.
The king will rule,
Death has taken away,

Mors eripio.
The moon was shining,

Fulgeo luna.
The bird has been singing,

Cano avis.
The wolf had followed, Lupus sequor.
The time may come,

Tempus venio,
The hands should labor, Manus laboro.

should have Hostis pugno.
The trees will have grown,

Arbor cresco.
The mistake will be removed, Error tollo.
The law is established, Lex constituo.
The money may be received, Pecunia recipio.
Carthage was destroyed, Carthago deleo, (perf.)
A supplication was decreed, Supplicatio decerno.
An opportunity is waited for, Occasio capto.
The senate has been con- Senatus convoco.

Physicians are deceived, Medicus fallo.
I have been disturbed,

Ego perturbo. Cæcilius would demonstrate, Cæcilius demonstro. Caieta shall be adorned,

Caieta orno. The books might be pre- Libri conservo.

served, The consuls have disagreed, Consul dissideo.

Were the soldiers sleeping ? Dormio-ne miles ?
Democritus might have Democritus rideo.

The apples will have fallen, Pomum cado
Let the boys learn,

Puer disco. Troy would be standing, Troja sto. Laws will have been given,

Lex do. Treaties may have

been Fædus rumpo. broken, Men may understand,

Homo intelligo. Who has spoken?

Quis dico? The gates will be open,

Porta pateo. The leaves had been scat- Spargo folium,

tered, I should be silent,

Ego taceo. Ye have feared,

Tu timeo.


Adjectives, adjective pronouns, and participles, agree with their nouns, in gender, number, and case. 0 205.

Envious age flies,

Fugio invidus ætas.
A free people desired, Liber populus desidero.
One disgrace remains, Unus dedecus resto.
A destructive war is at hand, Bellum exitiosus impendeo.
That law commands,

Is lex jubeo.
The noblest men have come, Homo nobilis venio.
A great error prevails, Magnus error versor.
Icy winter comes,

Venio glacialis hiems.
The old wood was standing, Silva vetus sto.
Human counsels have failed, Humanus consilium cado.
The men alone remained,

Vir solus permaneo. Our whole army has been de- Noster omnis exercitus instroyed,

The careful husbandman Diligens agricola sero.

Direful wars are prepared, Dirus paro bellum.
Small things increase,

Parvus res cresco.
Dark night comes on,

Nox ater ingruo. All the grove will be green,

Nemus omnis vireo.

Greater glory may be ob- Magnus gloria obtineo.

tained, The bright stars were shin- Lucidus sidus fulgeo.

ing, Cultivated fields will flourish, Cultus ager

floreo. Let impious crimes be pun- Impius crimen punio.

ished, A mournful crowd follows,

Mestus cohors sequor. Honorable actions will be re- Factum honestus remu



[blocks in formation]

The object of an active verb is put in the accusative. $ 229.

Benefits procure friends, Beneficium paro amicus. Dido founded Carthag

Dido condo Carthago. Autumn pours forth fruits, Autumnus frux effundo. The anchor holds the ship, Teneo anchora navis. The earth produces flowers, Terra pario fios. Scipio destroyed Carthage, Scipio deleo Carthago. Virtue bestows tranquillity, Virtus largior tranquillitas. The king had drawn out the Rex educo copiæ.

forces, Hast thou a son ?

Habeo-ne filius? Care follows money,

Cura sequor pecunia. Neptune shook the earth, Neptunus terra percutio. He made a law,

Lex fero.
Hope cheers the husband. Spes alo agricola.

I follow thee,
Rage furnishes arms, Furor arma ministro.
Idleness consumes the body, Consumo inertia corpus.
The mother produces a letter, Mater epistola profero.
The wind drives the clouds, Ventus ago nubes.
Aurora restores the day, Aurora dies reduco
I have lost a day,

Dies perdo.
The bee loves flowers, Flos amo apis.
The syrens invite Ulysses, Syren Ulysses invito.
The sailor ploughs the sea,

Nauta seco mare. Alexander routed Darius, Alexander Darius fugo.

Tu sequor.

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