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You love modesty, goodness, Diligo pudor, et bonitas, and virtue,

virtusque. Neither the senate nor the Nec senatus nec populus people has any power,

ullus vis habeo. Wash your hands and sup,

Lavo manus tuus et ceno. You have the right and the Habeo jus et potestas.

power, He adds a fleet and an army, Classis et exercitus adjun

go. The sun sets and the moun- Sol ruo et mons umbro.

tains are darkened, It was night, and the moon Nox sum et fulgeo luna.

was shining, Marius and Sylla waged a Marius et Sylla civilis belUlysses was not beautiful, but Non formosus sum, (imp.) he was eloquent,

sed sum facundus Ulys

civil war,

lum gero.




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$ 204. A noun, annexed to another noun, or to a pronoun, and denoting the same person or thing, is put in the same case.

Tigranes, the Armenian Mithridates in timor ac king, received Mithridates in fuga Tigranes, rex Arme(his) fear and flight.

nius, excipio. Hannibal took by force Sa- Hannibal Saguntum, feguntum, an allied city.

deratus civitas,vis expugno. The sacred mount is be- Mons sacer trans Anio yond the river Anio.

amnis sum. Otho, a brave man, (and) Otho, vir fortis, meus my friend, restored dignity to necessarius, equestris ordo the equestrian order.

restituo dignitas. We have sent a consul, a Consul mitto, vir fortis, very brave man, with an ar- cum exercitus. my.

Philosophy, the mother of Philosophia, omnis maall the arts, is the invention ter ars, sum inventum deof the gods.


How often have you en- Quoties tu egó consul deavored to kill me while interficio conor ? consul?

Brutus, the illustrious foun- Brutus patria libero, der of your family, freed (his) præclarus auctor nobilitas country.

tuus. Romulus built the city (of) Romulus condo urbs Rome.

Roma. The mountain Cavennes Mons Cabenna altus nix obstructed his passage with a iter impedio (imp.) very deep snow.

Let us consider nothing Nihil in malum (pl.) evil, which is appointed either duco, (5260, R.6.) qui vel by the immortal gods, or by a deus immortalis, vel a nature, the parent of all. natura, parens omnis, con

stituo. I am very intimate with Fabius, vir bonus et Fabius, a most excellent and homo doctus, familiariter learned man.

utor. I heard this from P. Vedi- Hic ego ex P. Vedius, us, a great knave, but yet an magnus nebulo, sed Pom intimate friend of Pompey. peius familiaris, audio.

I cannot blame that in you, Non possum is in tu which I approved in myself

, reprehendo, qui in ego ipse, both as prætor and et prætor, et consul prosul.

bo. I rescued this city, the Ego urbs hic, sedes omhabitation of (us) all, the bul- nis, ego art rex ac natio wark of kings and foreign exterus, domicilium impenations, the seat of the em- rium, quinque homo amens pire, by the punishment of ac perditus pena redifive niad and abandoned per- mo.



R. 1. C. Junius (when) C. Junius ædis Salus, dictator, dedicated the tem- qui consul voveo, censor ple of Health, which he had loco, dictator dedico. vowed (when) consul, and founded (when) censor.

R. 2. Philosophy was the Philosophia inventrix inventress of laws, (and) the lex, magistra mos (gen.) instructress in morals and ed- et disciplina sum. ucation.

ed copper.

R. 3. The Gauls ascend- Gallus tantus silentium ed into the Capitol (with) so in Capitolium evado, ut ne much silence, that they did canis quidem, sollicitus annot disturb even the dogs, a imal ad nocturnus strepiwatchful animal in respect to tus, excito. nocturnal noises. R. 4. (We,) the Roman 4

Hic tu juventus Romayouth,declare this war against nus indico bellum. you.

Let (us) senators collect Aurum, argentum, æs to-morrow into a public stock signatus omnis senator all the gold, silver, and stamp- crastinus dies in publicum

confero. R. 5. Two very powerful Duo urbs potens Careities, Carthage and Numan- thago atque Numantia, ab tia, were destroyed by the idem Scipio deleo. same Scipio.

R. 6. Dicæarchus having Dicæarchus, collectus ceenumerated other causes, (as) terus causa, (9257) eluinundations, pestilence, and vio pestilentia, et vastitas, devastation, then computes deinde comparo, quanto how many more men have multus deleo homo homo been destroyed by the vio- impetus, is sum, bellum lence of men, that is, by aut seditio, quàm omnis

or seditions, than by reliquus calamitas. every other calamity.

R. 8. There are two Ros- Duo sum Roscius, qui cii, of whom the surname of alter Capito cognomen one is Capito.

Attus Clausus, who after- Attus Clausus, qui poswards had the name of Appi- tea Appius Claudius sum us Claudius, fled from Regil- nomen, ab Regillum Rolum to Rome.

ma transfugio. The decemvirs published Decemvir lex, qui tabula the laws, which have the duodecim sum nomen, in names of the twelve tables, æs incisus, in publicum engraved upon brass.

propono. R. 10. Cnæus and Publi- Ego Cnæus et Publius us Scipio seem to me to have Scipio (pl.) fortunatus vibeen fortunate.

deo. All being condemned per- Damnatus omnis, alius



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ished (sing.) one by one ac- alius ($207, R. 32,) casus cident, another by another. pereo.

R. 11. Tell me, wife of Dico ego, Xenophon uxXenophon, whether, if your or, si vicina tuus bonus neighbor has a better gold habeo aurum, quàm tu haring than you have, you beo, utrum ille, an tuus mawould prefer hers or your lo? "Ille,inquam. Quis? own ?—“Her's," she repli- si vestis, et ceterus ornaed.—What if she has a dress mentum muliebris pretium or other female decoration magnus habeo, quàm tu of greater value than you habeo, tuus ne an ille mahare, would you prefer hers lo? Ille," respondeo. or yours ?—“Her's,” she replied. Clitipho has gone.

Q. Abeo Clitipho. Q. So

. Alone ? A. Alone.

lus ? A. Solus. Q. Who is at the door ? Q. Quis ad foris (pl. A. I.

sum? A. Ego. Q. Whose (servant) are Q. Quis sum ? Amphiyou ? A. Amphitruo's. truo.

English to be turned into Latin.


Darius, king of the Persians, made“ war upon the Scythians. Philo, the head of the Academy, fled from home in the Mithridatic war and came to Rome. Nero was committed", for the purpose of instruction, to Seneca, even then a senator. From that day the north winds prevaileds. If you wish to remove" avarice, luxury its mother, must be removed. Solon said that the administration of government is comprised* in two things, rewards, (sing.) and punishments. (sing.) Cato, (when) an old man, began to write history. Experience, an excellent" instructor°, has taught me this. Nature has given to man hands (as) assistantsin many arts. (gen.) Ambassadors from Ptolemy and Cleopatra, kings of Egypt, came to Rome. What shall I say concerning memory, the storehouse of all things ? Ennius bore (imp.) two burdens which are reckoned" the greatest, poverty and old age. Marius was influenced by cupidity and anger, very bad advisers.' The Trojans were wan

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dering about" without fixed habitations”, and with them the aborigines, a savage race of men. The Germans celebrate (in) songs, Tuisco and (his) son Mannus, the source and founders of the nation. By chance the ancient city Clazomena was near.

Q. Cæcilius was quæstor in Sicily after I (was) quæstorm. (When) a young man, I devoted" much of my time to philosophy. The two ordinary consuls of that year had perished, (sing.) one by the sword, the otherco by disease. The vultures seen by Romulus, presagedds that the city (of) Rome would be The poet Anacreont is said to have been choked by the stone of a raisin; the senator Fabius, ff by a single hair in a draught of milk. It is related," that Pisistratus, the tyrant of Athens, when a drunken guest, had saidü many (things) against him, replied that hek was not more angry with him,k than if any one had run” against himmm blindfold." The Rutuli, a nation, for that age and country, flourishing in riches,99 possessed" Ardea. Drusus is said" to have brought back from the province (of) Gaul, the gold formerly given to the Senones at" the siege of the Capitol;

as is the common report," wrested (from them) by Camillus. Tiberius rejoiced that, in the island (of) Capræa, the branches of a very old ilex, now drooping** to the earth, and sickly, yy revived** at hismm arri. val.a The sea was given as a kingdom, to Neptune,

(of the) brothers ce of Jupiter. I commend to you Caius and Lucius Mummius.ddd Murius, when seventh timecee consul, died at an advanced agerst in his own house.868


and not,



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bbb one

m usus.

cc alter.

a infero. b princeps. c profugio. d trado. e for the purpose of, in. f Septentrio. g sum. h tollo. i 9274. R. 8. j administration of government, res publica. k contineo. I instituo. n egregius. o magister. p ministra. q thesaurus.

go puto. s grassor. t consultor. u vagor. v without fixed habitations, sedibus incertis. w agrestis. x origo. y conditor.

z post ego quæstor. aa tribuo. bb 3212, R. 3.

dd polliceor.

ee bellatrix. ff 9279, 9. gg memoriæ proditur.

hh 9239.

5263, 5, R. 2. jj to be angry, succenseo. kk 9223, R. 2. Il incurro,9260. mm 5208. nn obligatis oculis, 5257. 00 ut in.

pp præpollens. rr habeo (imp.) ss trado. tt in. un and not, nec. ww $248, I. xx demissus.

yy languens. zz convalesco. aaa 253. bbb alter. ccc (sing.) ddd (pl.) eee septimum. fff at an advanced age, senex. Egg 1221, I. R. 3, (1.)

99 $250.

VV common re

port, fama.

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