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could not read, was taken to Bow street saw no reason for his interference. It has

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Brought over L. 220,002 4 6 of another gentleman, Mr Williams, that Methodist Missionary Society 24,000 0 he was a respectable man, and would atMoravian Missions

5,000 0 0 tend to answer the charge on Monday. Baptist Missionary Society 16,000 0 0 Mr Franklin, however, failed to appear, Society for Propagating the

and upon sending to his house, it appeared Gospel

0 0 that he had fled through the night. Mr tion


0 tleman was a man of independent fortune, Religious Tract Society 6,180 0 0 and had a son an officer in the guards; Collection on the King's

188BE that he had gone on in this course of dis. Letter for the Society for the Propagation of

tributing, at great expence and trouble, 50,000 0 0

seditious and treasonable placards gratui. the Gospel-nearly

Total of one year L. 337,482 4 6 period of three years, which placards had 13. THE QUEEN.--Since the commence been imputed to the disaffection of the ment of the proceedings against her Ma- people ; and that he had done all this uncouragement to her have been more nu- government. Mr Pearson said he had evimerous than before'; on Wednesday 35 dence to prove these charges, and obtained addresses from various parts of the

country a warrant to apprehend Mr Franklin. He were presented, and her Majesty has ap- afterwards applied to Lord Sidmouth, to pointed Wednesday next to receive a num- exert the authority of his department, to ber of others, amounting to above thirty prevent the

delinquent from escaping from Treasonable Placards. On Saturday the country; but his Lordship, after, exthe 7th itistant, a

a , Police Office, London, charged with distri9dbuting handbills of a seditious and treason- to France ; and Mr Pearson, with Vickery, 1 table tendency, in the

neighbourhood of the "the Bow-Street officer, have gone there in TO House of Lords. They had been given pursuit.

318 ,

The Quarter's Revenue. The ni liberally. The bills purported to come yesterday is L. 10,874,000. The amount 19 from the Queen's Plate Committee. --Mr the corresponding quarter of 1819 was 111 Pearson attended, and said that he believed

what the prisoner had stated was true, and nearly eleven hundred thousand pounds in 19 to

gentlemate these three days, and begged added, the amount of the quarter for Irethe matter might stand over till next land, about 1. 190,100. The charge for 293 day. dt On Sunday Mr Pearson, with a the corresponding quarter, last year, was bu Bow.Street Lofficer, traced the gentleman L.9,434,565, leaving a surplus, in that

(named Franklin or Fletcher) to his resi- quarter of L. 347,034, but in this quarter in dence near London, and brought him a there is a surplus of above L. 1,000,000,

d prisoner to the office, from which he was to which is to be added the account for Irezallowed by the Magistrate, Sir R. Baker, land, which will make the whole surplus orto depart without bail, upon an assurance


above 13403000.

9713 OPIXXX.q8 se nielqzs bas basme OTIX 80 --05 ngisro' var mot so 10 mois br' Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain (exclusive of the Arrears & Tovou of Wur Duty on Malt and Property is in the Fears and Quarters /ended 1077 blerinisi October 1818, 1819, and 1820. aut tschet1999 "Zo you detit-yoridT srts Fitnes geri bas Teri zrèY on nimelt mort de Years ended. ter drigis besarodi sto

Istovsa 2997767 1818.

OT ir ar's Customs

L. 10,548,183 1L. 9,582,820 L. 8,746,105. sitt gi Excise

22,156,082 22,982,875 26,488,508 190 mur Stamps...

6,211,449 6,115,482 a.') Post-Office

1,339,000 1,416,000 1,446,000 1 Im Assessed Taxes 6,173,833 6,178,432 1, 6,279,547.19 Lawa Land Taxes..

1,154,920 1,199,736 1,207,6300 - 56 Miscellaneous

490,020 349,055 bih 360,538 10 IK Y 11.48,289,308 1.47,920,367 L.50,643,810 nalty?

'Y PROTI 'ya otnis

V 1819.

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fir 6,427,270



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asid neil on sila som site Quarters ended. is

9. *1818.



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C. L. tit. son't! Customg. 1 3,669,754 Excise

1). 5,866,804 Bag Stamps..........6

1,672,165 hvatn Post-Office .....

Si. 360,000 en Assessed Taxes:

787,426 Land Taxes...ii.

181,801 jionsMiscellaneous ......


1,581,204 04

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2,753,167 2,670,683
5,674,687 7,552,021
375,000 375,000
781,448 760,576

6 0077,628
L.11,435,544 L. 13,185,648

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174,52206 71,642,

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L. 12,587,100


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Ačts passed in the First Year of the Reign of George IV., or in the First Session of

the Seventh Parliament of the United Kingdom. CAP. XXVI. For the Encouragement the Build of the Dominions of His said and Improvement of the Coasting Trade of Majesty. July 8. Ireland. - June 30, 1820.

Cap. xxxý. For the better securing Cap. XXVII. To regulate the Ap. Monies and Effects paid into the Court of pointment and Tenure of the Office of Exchequer at Westminster, on account of Clerk of the Peace in Ireland. - June 30. the Suitors of the said Court, and for the Cap. XXVIII. To repeal an Act made

Appointment of an Accountant General and in the Fiftieth Year of the Reign of his Two Masters of the said Court; and for late Majesty, for regulating the Fees of other purposes. July 8. Coroners in Ireland, upon holding Inqui- Cap. XXXVI. For Allowing Appeals sitions, and to make other Provisions for from Towns Corporate and Franchises, in that purpose. —June 30.

certain Cases, to the General or Quarter Cap. XXIX. To Enlarge the Powers Sessions of the Peace of the Counties in of the Governors of the Foundling Hospital which they are situate. July 8. in Dublin._Jue 30.

Cap. XXXVII. To increase the Power Cap. XXX. Por relieving Ewart Rut- of Magistrates in the Appointment of Speson and Company of Liverpool, and others, cial Constables.-July 8. from the Bonds granted for the Duties on Cap. XXXVIII. For fixing the Rates certain Spirits accidentally destroyed.- of Subsistence to be paid to Innkeepers and June 30.

others on quartering Soldiers. July 8. Cap. XXXI. For raising the Sum of Cap. XXXIX. For the Assistance of Twenty-nine Millions by Exchequer Bills, Trade and Manufactures in Ireland, by for the Service of the Year One thousand authorizing the advance of certain Sums eight hundred and twenty, July 8. for the Support of Commercial Credit there.

Cap. XXXII. To permit the Importa- ---July 8. tion of Coffee from any Foreign Colony or Cap. XL. To amend and explain an Plantation in America into the Port of

passed in the Parliament of Bridgetown in Barbadoes. _July 8.

in the Thirty-ninth Year of His late and

Ma. till! Cap. XXXIII. To amend and continue, jesty, to enable certain Persons to recover a

until the Thirty-first Day of December just Compensation for the Tithes withheld One thousand cight hundred and twenty- from them in the Years 1797 and 1798.-three, several Laws relating to the En. July 8. couragement of the Greenland Whale Cap. XLI. To extend the Benefit of Fisheries, to the allowing vessels employed Two Acts, made in the Fifty-sixth and in the said Fisheries to complete their fall Fifty-eighth Years of the Reign of His late number of men at certain Ports. July 8. Majesty King George 'the Third, for da until the First Day of January One

thou: the Recovery

of Tenements

from abscond Cap. XXXIV. For further continuing, mending the Law of Ireland respecting sand eight hundred and twenty-six, so ing, over-holding, and defaulting Tenants. much of an Act passed in the Fifty-sixth July 8. Year of His late Majesty as permits Sub- Cap. XLII. An

In Act to mi

to authorize a jects of His Majesty the King of the Ne- Composition due to His Majesty from the therlands to import and export certain Arti- late Abraham Goldsmid, Merchant, and cles into and from the Colonies of Demera- his surviving Partners.July 8. ra, Berbice, and Essequibo, in Ships not of Cap. XLHI. To amend the Laws relating to Smuggling, and the Coasting, lating to the House of Industry in Dublin. Trade in Great Britain. July 15.

- July 15. Cap. XLIV. To continue, until the Cap. L. To carry into Effect certain Fifth Day of July 1821, an Act of the Licences permitting the Removal of Negro Fifty-ninth Year of His late Majesty, for Slaves from the Bahama Islands tò Demerendering the growing Produce of the Conrara.. July 15. solidated Fund of the United Kingdom, Cap. Lí. To regulate the rebuilding arising in Great Britain, available for the of the Town of St John's in Newfoundland, Public Service.July 15.

and for indemifying Persons giving up Cap. XLV. To continue certain Duties Ground for that purpose. July 15. on several Articles, the Manufacture of Cap. LII. To continue, until the Great Britain or Ireland respectively, on Twenty-fifth Day of March 1821, an Act their Importation into either Country from made in the Forty-sixth Year of His late the other.July 15.

Majesty, for permitting the Importation of Cap. XLVI. For raising the Sum of Masts, Yards, Bowsprits, and Timber fit One million five hundred thousand Pounds for Naval Purposes, from the British British Currency, by Treasury Bills in Colonies in North America. July 15. Ireland, for the Service of the Year 1820.

Cap. LIII.

To continue, until the July 15.

I'wenty-fifth Day of March 1821, so much Cap. XLVII. To revive and to con- of an Act of the Fifty-ninth Year of His tinue for Two Years, and from thence un. late Majesty, as allows Santa Maria Wood til the End of the then next Session of and Teak Wood to be imported free of Parliament, Two Acts, made in the Forty- Duty:- July 15. seventh and Fiftieth Years of the Reign of

Cap. LIV.

To continue, until the His late Majesty King George the Third, First Day of August 1825, Two Acts of for the preventing improper Persons from the Forty-fifth and Fiftieth Years of His having Arms in Ireland.July 15. late Majesty, allowing the bringing of Coals,

Cap. XLVIII. To revive and continue Culm, and Cinders to London and Westfor Two Years, and from thence until the minster by Inland Navigation. July 15. End of the then next Session of Parliament, Cap. LV. For giving further Facilities the Laws relating to Yeomanry Corps in to the Proceedings in the Court of King's Ireland.—July 15.

Bench, and for giving certain Powers to Cap. XLIX. To amend the Laws re- Justices of Assize.July 15.



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21 Lieut. Towers, from 7 Dr. Capt. by I. CIVIL.

purch. vice Goldrisk, ret. 8th July 22

Cotton, Capt. by purch. vice GreSept. 1. Mr Harvey. Strong, to be Consul at

gorie, ret.

14th Sept, Glasgow for the United States of America.

Cornet Harrison, Lieut. by purch. do.

4F. Bt. Lieut. Col. Anwyll, Major by purch. Members returned to serve in Parliament.

vice Piper, prom,

3d Aug. County of Louth-Honourable John Jocelyn.

Lieut. Bennet, Capt. by purch. County of Kilkenny-Honourable Charles Har.

Ensign Hon. M. Arbuthnott, fm. 74 F. wood Butler.

Lieut. by purch. 14th Sept.

G. Hedley, Ensign by purch. vice BreII. ECCLESIASTICAL.

Beton, prom.'

3d Aug.

16 F. Lieut. Bates, Capt. vice Maltby, dead Sept. 7. Rev. William Buins, presented by the

24th do. King to the Church and Parish of Kilsyth.

Ensign Grant, Lieut.

do Oct. 10. Rev. Abraham Hume of Windsheil,

T. Jones, Ensign

do. presented by Sir W.P. H. Campbell, Bart. to the 21 2d Lieut. Lindsay, 1st Lieut. vice AnChurch and Parish of Greenlaw.

derson, 1W.I. R..

7th Sept. J. P. Bute, 2d Lieut.


Wheatley, Enşign, vice Homau,

do. 1 Dr. Gds. Captain Elton, to be Major by purch. 50 Bt. Lieut.-Col. Vigoureux, Lieut.-Col. vice Lieut. Col. Acklom, ret.

vice Vaumorel, dead

do. 7th Sept. 1820.

Bt. Major Murray, Major
Lieut. Hibbert, Capt. by purch.

Lieut. Jones, Captain

do. Cornet Manning, Lieut by purch. do.

Ensign Backhouse, Lieut.
Hon. J. Kennedy, from 1 Dr.

G. Mansel, Ensigy

do. Cornet

do. 37 Captain Bruce, Major by purch. viče 1 Dr. Chamberlan, Lt. by purch, vice

Burke, 2 W. I. R..!

24th Aug. Garth, 57 F.

24th Aug.

Lieut. Garth, fm. 1 Dr. Capt. by purch. Hon. J. Kennedy, Cornet by purch, do.

do. Şir L.P. Glyn, Bart. Cornet by purch. 62 Paymaster Jellicoe, fm. h. p. 60 F. vice Kennedy, 1 Dr. 7th Sept.

Paymaster, vice Darley, dead 3 Cornet Mackenzie, Lieut. by purch.

14th Sept. vice Finch, ret.

do. 65

Lieut. Place, Capt. vice Watkin, dead W. Moore, Cornet by purch. do.

do, 7 Cornet Lyster, Lieut. by purch. vice 67 T. Knox, Ensign, vice Ansell, 74 F. Towers, 21 Dr. do.

..44 24th Aug. B: Thornhill, Cornet by purch. do,


Åssist. Surg. Martin, fm. h. p. Assist. W.T, Harrison, Corvet by purch, vice

Surg. vice Dermott, dead de. Parker, ret.




h. p.


25th Aug:

1st Sept.

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Ensign Ansell, fm. 67 F. Ensign, vice Lieut. Hon. W. S. Lascelles, fm. Gr. Gds. rec.

Vivian, dead 24th Aug. 1820. diff. with Lieut. Vernon, h. p. 79 C. Johnstone, Ensign, vice Wight, Cochrane, fm. 3 F. G. rec. diff. with Lieut: dead

do. Turner, h. p. 89 Lieut. Buchanan, fm. h. p. York Rang. Spencer, tm. 73 F. with Lieut. Godfrey, Lieut. vice Freer, 2 R. Vet. Bn.

31st do. Chapman, fm. 89 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 93 Serj. Major Dallas, Qua. Mast. vice Twigg, h. p. Rifle Brig. Crombie, 10 R. Vet. Bn.


Browne, fm. 89 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 1 W. I. R. Lieut. Anderson, fm. 21 F. Capt. vice Beckham, h. p. 43 F. Mayers, dead

7th Sept.

Macdougall, fm. 91 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Major Burke, fm. 37 F. Lieut.-Col. vice Evans, h. p. 39 F.
Bradley, ret.

24th Aug.

Cornet Clagett, fm. 8 Dr. with Comet Whitmore, 1 Ceyl. R. Lieut. Page, Capt. vice Stace, dead

19 Dr.

7th Sept. Richardson, fm. 6 Dr. with Ensign HeigOrdnance Departinent.

ham, 6 F. Roy. Art. Bt. Colonel Dickenson, Colonel Ensign Vyyyan, fm. 20 É, with Ensign M‘Der

29th July

mott, 52 F. Bt. Lieut.-Col. Leake, Lieut.-Col. do.

Carige, fm. 66 F. with Ensign Cookc, h. p. Bt. Major Farrington, Major

do. 3 Gar. Bn.
Capt. Harrison, fm. h. p. Capt.

Hosp. Assist. Haltridge, fm, full pay with Hosp.
Kirby, fm. h. p. Capt. vice Lieut. Assist. Blair, h. p.
Col. Tulloh, h. p.

1st Aug.
1st Lieut. Jackson, 2d Capt, 29th July Resignations and Retirements.

Burn, from h. p. 1st Lieut, vice
Trench, h. Po

Lt. Col. Acklom, 1 Dr. Gds.
2d Lieut. Dalzell, Ist Lieut, 29th July

Bradley, 2 W. İ. R.
Gossett, fi. h. p. 2d Lieut. do.

Capt. Goldrisk, 21 Dr.
Briscoe, fm. h. p. 2d Lieut. do.

Gregorie, 22 Dr.
Beauchamp, fm. h. p. 2d Lieut.

Brereton, as Adj. Camb. Mil.
24th Aug.

Lieut. Finch, 3 Dr. 2d Ass. Surg. Ogilvie, Ist Assist. Surg.

Cornet Parker, 8 Dr.
vice Eddowes, h. p.

Assist. Com. Gen. Dallas/
Nugent, fm. h, p, 2d Assist.



(1197) Medical Department.

Ensign Homan, 28 F.
Assist. Surg. Palmer, fm. h, p. Royal
York Rang. Assist. Surg. Forces

Deaths. Vid
25th June.

Maj. Gen. Victor, Baron Alten, latc Germ. Leg. Exchanges.

Aug. 1820.

Sir Wm. Nicholson, Bart. late of 72 F, Brey. Col. Burrows, fm. 14 F. with Brev. Col. Colonel Vaumorel, 50 F. Teddington, Middlesex * M'Combe, 64 F.

29th Aug. Lieut. Col. Seymour, fm. 3 F. G. with Lt. Col. Lt. Col. Boland, Insp. Field Officer at Bristol

Sir H. W. Carr, K, C. B. h. p. 71 F.
-- Daniell, fm. 54 F. with Lieut. Col. Cal-

Prior, h. p. Port. Ser.

11th June. vert, h. p. 72 F.

Maj. Watkin, 65 F. Kentish Town

31st Aug. Bt. Lt. Col. Crookshank, fm. 33 F. with Major Don. Mackenzie, h. p. R. African Corps, UrPhillott, h. p. 33 F.

tenhage, Cape of Good Hope 30th May. Farrer, fm. 81 F. with Bt. Lt. Col.

Capt. Gordon, h. p. 5 Dr. Gds. Geneva 30th July. Hon. Sir C. Gordon, h. p. 2d Greek L. I.

Mayers, 1 W. I. R. Barbadoes 21st do. Bt. Major Agnew, fm. 8 F. with Capt. De Havi.

Stace, 1 Ceylon Regt, in Essex land, h. p. Malta Reg.

Lindemann, h. p. Foreign Waggon Train Lapt. Terry, fm. 83 F. with Capt. Sanderson, h.

14th July.

Lieut. Lecky, 67 F. Bombay
Craig, fm. 4 F. with Capt. Schultz, h. p. Keen, late 7 Vet: Bn. Wandsworth
York Rang

14th July. Reid, fin. 12 F. with Capt. Browne, 69 F.

F. Austin, h. p. 20 Prov. Bn. of Militia Thorpe, fm. 39 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

1st Sept. Hawks, h. p. 8 F.

J. Fallon, h. p. 105 F. in Ireland 8th Aug. Lieut. Waldie, fm. 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Ensign Wight, 19 F. Doyne, h. p. 29 F.

Babbington, 3 W. I. R. Tobago Drury, fm. 3 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. Mackenzie, 8 Vet. Bn. Dundee 28th Aug. Hughes, h. p.21 Dr.

Adjutant Pye, Oxford Militia

24th July. Hon. H. Lascelles, fm. Gr. Gds. rec. diff.

Quar. Mast. Hennessy, 67 F. Bombay 19th Apr. with Lieut. Douglas, h. p.

Dep. As. Com. Gen. Fleming, Montreal, Canada
Hudson, fm. 39 F. rec, diff. with Lieut.

Rhodes, h. p.
Cochrane, fm. 47 F. with Lieut. Fraser,

Erratum in 'last Month's List. 51 F.

Bunney, fm. 48 F, with. Lieut. Russell, For Lt.-Col. Tulloh, R. Art. dead,read 86 F.

Lt. Col. Tulloh, R. Art. placed on half pay.

1st Sept.

11th Aug

p. 103 F.

23d April.


Promotions. ma




Jolin Hamilton (b)

Whitworth Lloyd
George Blackman
William Finlaison
Edward Pureell
W. J. H. Johnstone

James Vashon Baker
James Kingston
Jonathan H. Peel
John Templeman
M. B. Jones
Peter Christie
J. B. Lorraine
Charles Murray
Robert Smart

William Clarke
James Forrester

James Clase
James L. Marchant

Superannuated Commanders.
Thoinas Edwards
Thomas Relph
John Brand




W. B. Bigland
Alex. Thomson

G. W. Hamilton

John Retalick (act.) Bann
Rt. Gordon (act.) Confiance

Wm. Read

Edward Lloyd
R. Easto

Edward Purcell
David Davies

Sir T. J. Cochrane Forte

Thos. Treliving Cygnet Wm. Finlaison Morgiana

Jas. Pearce

Joddrell Leigh
Rt. Clennan

Whitworth Lloyd

Jas. Turton

Geo. Blackman Raleigh

Jas, Fraser (act.)
A. Montgomerie (act.) Sapphire

Thomas Peyton
J. R. Rowley
Chas. Burney

J. H. Goldby (act.) Leveret

John Ryder (act.) Myrmidon

Hy. Taylor

P, Justice (b.)

James Belford (act.) Parthian
James Annesley Arab

Alex. Lyall

Thomas Woods
Rd. Hains

W. G. Agar
John Whitewood

John Taylor (c.)


L. W. Young (act.) Snapper
S. L. H. Vassall

B. W. Curtis

W. H. Shepheard (act.) Blazer

Fras, Gordon

Tees E. L, Smyth (act.)


John Todd (act.) Thistle L. C. Rooke

Cambrian B. Macnamara Ditto

F. A. Wilkinson

Rt. Dunn

E. H. Scott

Thos. Dunn

Orbell Oakes (act.) Conqueror

Geo. Roberts (act.) Bellette
G. R. Taylor
John Saunders

H. P. Lew
Gilbert King

R. H. King

Rt. Guthrie

John Roche

Wm, Burn

John Wainwright Ditto

A. Martin

E. P. Coxe
Rt. Whitelaw

G. W. C. Courtenay Iphigenia

A. Montgomery

Mermaid A. G. Barrette

James Kingston


C. R. Milbourne
Douglas Kirk

Frederick Chamier

Wm. Clarke

Thos. Laurence
Jas. Low (act.)

Menai 157-ded od Chas. Cameron wat Serapise gore HT
Jas. N. Bakeriis on Merseysi bae Griffith Griffiths 11 Sheerwater

er baldgilt M. B. Jones mobilnog

Morgiana, ritime fiz r James Pation Histori Tartaros sit yol 1991
H. S. Head
Henry Williams (aet.) Ontario 98 sda yd bord o homelew bauorg sosto to
W.C. Sanders (act.)

Assistant Surgeons.
Abraham Courtenay Aid

1305 913 won bas John Billingsley Parthian DE VILLE Thomas Connolly 19 Banno giro at G. B. Torrane iPheasant rotile John Henderson as Blossom od druo?


sto sito John Buchanan 1012 T. B. Bond (act.)

Chas. Fleetwood Rosario Strl of tw.e. Courtis 79.9d Cygnet 380 werais
Wm. Fletcher toni y Royal George Yachtste M, W.Reidartos tibi


e cose bella-llow
John Hamilton (b.) Sapphire se sade John Kay tons or Liffey2006 gaivse
Rt. Smartwatone Scout 6 989th 20 James Ellis
Samuel Meredith

bង ៥៨-

Richard Grimth Y to Newcastleola brawtor

J. M. Hutchinson

Geo. Beauchamp og Protector 3 w os srit
Thos. Phipps Superb toa on 3 boyu J. M. Madden diste Ja Ramillies toasty adT
Hon. F. Maude (act.) Dittooedinu A. Ramsay-0398 dT Sapphire site we of
F. J. St. J. Mildmay Sybille
Jas. Wigston

Dittobdira wa John M'Clarenos yo Serapis brand long
John Hudson, (b.) F. L. Ditto -hop s loe James Skeocho o Severn i letsang
Peter Christie


Erits 1 Last Wm. Aitchison

Wm: Stewart

1297 of Geo. Markham (act.)

Ditto lliw angle ads J. H. Peel tida Tribune lage syd nuwe John Ferguson 26 Shamrock dus ១រ.. Chas. Murray of Ditto rottsbö 917 George Robertson

Sophie serta sot 735

Swan Raymond Evans

Vengeur.qmi gailist Thomas Mitchell J. A. Nicholl

Tartar su strict John Gregory Sit Ordinary, Plymouth basi

, mogonia vida inarios bylosh ne Rt. Mudge

Pursers. Wm. Scrymgour Agents of Transports B. Jennings


Hot diw
Jas. Meres Pai Lieut. of Haslar Hosp. J. G. Rolls or go Confiancesa
J, C. Snell
Bat. R. CSS3
E. Pollock

bosa 'aus 30
J. W. Rouse
Royal Naval College
T. A. Wallis

Jas, Jones

is Nautilus de 100
Wm. Inch

Parthian $5 Royal Marines.

Redpole oma jesto John Ryan 1st Lts. Wm. Murray Cambrian

tak od

N. Phillips
Creoles de P. Markod ngang Serapist 5.000 FOST

Severn ***ge H. Timpson Iphigenia dlarsagasa John Nairneswol


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