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XLI.-To continue the operation of the joint resolution

relative to the taking of soldiers' votes, ap-
proved March 5, 1863,

86 XLII.-Requiring the Adjutant General of this State to act as claim agent, etc.,

87 XLIII.—To amend an act providing for recording and dis

tributing the journals of the Legislature, etc., 88 XLIV.-Prcviding for the printing and binding of the opinions of the Attorney General,

90 XLV.—Regulating marriages in the State of Minnesota, 91 XLVI.—Relating to divorces,

95 XLVII.—To amend an act relating to divorces,

97 XLVIII.-For the protection of sheep, dogs and other domestic animals,

99 XLIX.–To amend an act relating to estrays,

103 L.–To provide for distraining beasts doing damage during the night time,

105 LI.—To repeal an act providing for the organization,

equipment and discipline of the military force, 109 LII.—To relieve soldiers from paying bounty tax, and

to prohibit the levy of bounty taxes to pay vol-
unteers enlisting after July 1, 1865,

- 110 LIII.-To legalize the action of county, city and town

authorities in appropriating money, issuing
bonds, orders, scrip and other evidences of in-
debtedness, to pay bounties to soldiers and for

the support of the families of soldiers, 111 LIV.- To provide for the sale and conveyance of any

interest in real estate belonging to lunatics, 112 LV.–To prohibit the sale of intoxicating liquors on certain days,

116 LVI.- Relating to corporations,

117 LVII.-Proposing an amendment to the constitution, - 118 LVIII.—Relating to the revision of the statutes,

119 LIX.-Relating to the confusion of property as respects logs and timber,

· 121 LX.-Prescribing the salaries of State officers,

122 LXI.—To amend an act relating to county commissioners, 124 LXII.—To provide for the election of county commission

ers in counties in this State that have no town-
ship organization,

- 125 LXIII.—Prescribing the duties of county auditors, 126



LXIV.—To regulate fees of clerks of the district courts, 127 LXV.-Relating to sheriffs' fees,

130 LXVI.-Relating to compensation of county treasurers, 133 LXVII.-To fix the rate of county or town treasurers?

fees for moneys collected to pay soldiers

134 LXVIII.—Providing for the appointment of notaries public, and prescribing their duties,

· 134 LXIX.-Concerning the execution and acknowledgment

of deeds and other instruments in the British
Provinces of North America,

135 LXX.-To provide for recording deeds, mortgages, or

other conveyances of lands in the counties of
Redwood and Cottonwood,

- 137 LXXI.-To change and define the boundary lines of Red

wood county and adjoining counties, etc., 138 LXXII,—To correct the boundary lines of the counties of Martin, Nobles and Murray,

141 LXXIII.-Fixing the time of holding terms of the district court in the third judicial district,

142 LXXIV.–To fix the times of holding the district court in the sixth judicial district,

143 LXXV.-Fixing the time of holding the general terms of the district court in Dakota county,

145 LXXVI.-Relating to the Sioux war fund,

146 LXXVII.—To provide instruction for the deaf and dumb of this State, etc.,

147 LXXVIII.-To cover deficiencies therein stated for 1864, 147 LXXIX.-To appropriate money for per diem, mileage,

newspapers, postage and stationery of the

members and officers of the present legislature 148 LXXX.–To appropriate money to cover deficiencies therein stated, for the year 1864,

149 LXXXI.-Appropriating money for certain purposes therein named,

151 LXXXII.—Making appropriation of money for a contingent

fund of immigration for the year 1865, 155 LXXXIII.-Appropriating money for the salaries of the State officers for the year 1865,

156 LXXXIV.-Appropriating money for the support of the State government for the year 1865,


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I.—Requesting the Senators and Representatives thereof

to use their influence to secure the location of the
North or Sioux City Branch of the Pacific Railroad
westwardly, as near as may be, along the parallel
of forty-two and one-half degrees of north latitude,
to a point of junction with the main trunk of said

165 II.—Relating to the “New Ulm Mill Claims,”

166 III.—Requesting our Senators and Representatives in Con

gress to use their endeavors to obtain a grant of
land to aid in the construction of slack-water navi-
gation on the Cannon River and lakes from Red
Wing, on the Mississippi River, to the Minnesota
River, near Mankato,

167 IV.-To obtain a grant of land to aid in the construction of

a ship canal across the portage which divides the

waters of Lake Superior from Portage Lake, 168 V.-For additional relief to the sufferers from the Sioux Indian war of 1862,

168 VI.–For the passage of a law granting a bounty to certain members of the Second Minnesota Cavalry,

170 VII.-Relating to the salary of the Warden of the State Prison,

- 171


- 173


- 215


interest on war loan.

expenses of the State.

Tax for meeting entitled “ An act to provide for the borrowing of money

to defray the expenses growing out of the present Indian War,” approved September twenty-seventh, eigh

teen hundred and sixty-two; four mills thereof to be Tax to meet current applied to the payment of the current expenses of the

State; one mill thereof to be set apart for the payment of the interest and expenses on the State loan of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the interest and expenses on the war loan of one hundred thousand dollars; and one mill thereof, to be set apart for a sinking fund to provide :'92 the payment of the principal of the eight per cent. Iran of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, due July first, a. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and it is hereby made the duty of the Governor, State Auditor, and State Treasurer to invest this sum in interesi bearing bonds of the United States or State of Minnesota.

SEC. 2. The whole of said amount of taxes shall

be payable in gold or silver or United States Treasury To be paid in what Notes; and all moneys received by the Treasurer in

collection of taxes in excess of the amount required to defray the current expenses of the State Government, together with any moneys belonging to the State, received from the United States Government, after settlement by the United States of the State accounts,

shall also be set apart for the sinking fund, and shall set apart for a sink- be invested, as required by section one of this act.

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


All excesses to be

ing fund.

Approved March 2, 1865.

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