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Frontispiece-Benjamin Strong, Jr. Recently Elected President Bankers Trust Company, New

York City.

Adjustment or Dislocation-Which?

Trust Companies and the New Banking Law-Will It Be to Their Advantage to Enter the New

Federal Reserve System? .

Hon. Charles X. Conant, Author of "The Principles of Money and Banking."

A Contrast: Bank Failures and the Grinding Out of New Charters

Check Collection Machinery Provided Under the Federal Reserve Act-Relation of Country Banks to

City Correspondents

O. Howard Wolfe, Secretary, Clearing House Section, American Bankers’ Association.

The Agitation Against Interlocking Directorates

Contemplated Changes in New York Trust Company Laws and Reserve Requirements

Federal Reserve Act Will Provide Safe and Sound Banking Facilities

Hon. Robert W. Bonynge, Member of the National Monetary Commission.

Advantage of Registration of Commercial Paper Under Federal Reserve Act .

Owen Shepherd, Treasurer, International Paper Company, New York.

Practical Application of the Income Tax to the Needs of Trust Companies as Fiduciaries

Edwin Gibbs, New York City.

Uniform Income Tax Rules Adopted by Leading New York Trust Companies

Income Tax Burdens Imposed Upon Trust Companies Are Unconstitutional

Henry Wynans Jessup, of the New York Bar.

Influence of American Bankers' Association in Readjustment of Currency System .

Frederick E. Farnsworth, General Secretary, American Bankers' Association.

The Work of the Savings Bank Section During the Past Year

E. G. McWilliam, Secretary, Savings Bank

Section, American Bankers' Association.

Advantage of State Banks and Trust Companies Entering Federal Reserve System

Festus J. Wade, President, Mercantile Trust Company, St. Louis, Mo.

Purpose and Scope of the Cleveland Foundation-A Community Trust

F. H. Goh, President, The Cleveland Trust Company,

Cleveland, Ohio.

Legitimate Investment Requirements and Blue Sky Legislation

Allen G. Hoyt, of N. W. Halsey & Company, and Chairman Legislative Committee İnvestment

Bankers' Association of America.

The Corporation with a Soui

Uzal H. McCarter, President, The Fidelity Trust Company, Newark, N. J.

Some Trust Company Problems


* James c. Cunningham, Vice-President and Manager, Union Trust & Sayings Bank of Spokane,


Achievements of the American Institute of Banking

: George E. Allen, Educational Director of the American Institute of Banking.

Value of Newspaper Advertising for Banks and Trust Companies

Horace Anderson, Assistant Secretary, Title Guarantee & Trust Company of New York.

Legal Discussion and Decisions

Advertising Exchange Directory for Trust Companies and Savings Banks

Marked Improvement in Bond Market .

The Siegel Bank Failure

Irring National Sounds a New Note In Bank Advertising

New York Bank and Trust Company Stocks in 1913


The Past Year and Immediate Future Through New York Lenses

New York Banks Prepare to Meet Federal Reserve Bank Requirements

Abstract of Latest Official Reports of New York Trust Companies.

Philadelphia-Satisfactory Earnings of Banks and Trust Companies

Boston- Legislative Changes Necessitate Conservatism in Banking Conditions

Arthur B. Chapin, Vice-President, American Trust Company of Boston, Mass.
Chicago-The Middle West and the New Reserve Bank System

©t. Louis-Bellef That New Banking Act Will Stimulate Business

: httsburgh-New Year Begins Favorable for Steel Trade

Baltimore-Largest Export Year in Its History

M. H. Grape, Vice-President, Continental Trust Company Baltimore, Maryland.

Cleveland-A Bright Spot on the Map

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