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Text of H. R. 4294 1

Statement of •

Adk.erson, J. Carson, president, American Manganese Producers

Association 1599

Anderson, C. O-, vice president, Ozark-Mahoning Co 1589

Anderson, Hon. Clinton B., a United States Senator from the State of
New Mexico, appearing for Joseph H. Taylor, representing New

Mexico mining industry 1479

Andresen, Hon. August H., a Representative in Congress from the

the State of Minnesota 757

Anthony, Richard H., secretary, American Tariff League 413

Aspinall, Hon. Wayne N., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Colorado 1467

Bailey, Hon. C. M., a Representative in Congress from the State of

West Virginia 1029

Batzell, Elmer E., on behalf of Independent Refiners Association of

America 1191

'Becker, R. H. L., managing director, Oil Heat Institute of America,


Bennett. Hon, ^yilliam S., Now York, N. Y

Bttison, Hon. Ezra Taft, Secretary of Agriculture, accompanied by
H. E. Short, Director, Foreign Agricultural Service, Karl D. Loos,
Solicitor, Don Paarlberg and Whitney Gillilland, Assistants to the
Secretary, and Oris V. Wells, Chief, Bureau of Agricultural Economics..

Beyer. E. W., export manager, Olympic Radio & Television, Inc

Bingham, Charles E., chairman, committee on foreign commerce,

accompanied by Ralph I. Straus, member, committee on foreign

commerce, New York Chamber of Commerce 1724

Birmingham, John P., president, White Fuel Corp 1389

Bonin, Hon. Edward J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Pennsylvania 1074

Breckinridge, John, attorney, on behalf of Plume & Atwood Manufac-

turing Co., and citrus fruit and tree nut industries of the west

coast 181,824

Brinkley, Homer L., executive vice president, National Council of

Farmer Cooperatives 841

Brown, Russell B., general counsel, Independent Petroleum Associa-
tion of America 927

Brummer, Fred, executive vice president, Gillespie & Co 1419

Burger, George J., vice president in charge of Washington office, Na-

tiorta'l Federation of Independent Business 1924

Butler. J. R-, J- R- Butler* Co., Houston, Tex 963

Butler' Sally, director, legislative research department, General Fed*

eration of Women's Clubs 1787

ButtenheJm, Arthur W., senior vice president, Venezuelan Chamber

of Commerce of the United States 1314

Bvrd Hon. Robert C., a Representative in Congress from the State of

"\V/>'«f VirKinia 1017

Bvrne George P., Jr., legal counsel, United States Wood Screw

<- '^nlblpTl ^o^aUD^"g^nerafTOUn»rC Island" Creek"Coal Co".""""" 115T

Carr John J., vice president, Risdon Manufacturing Co., Naugatuck,

Conn "'


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Statement of—Continued Page

Case, Mason, representing Pacific Coast Fish Producers Institute,

California Commercial Fisherman's Association, Five Star Fish &

Cold Storage of San Diego, and Fishing Vessel Owner's Association

of Seattle, Wash 83

Casey, James H., Jr., executive secretary, National Association of

Leather Glove Manufacturers, Inc" 172

Cenerazzo, Walter W., national president, American Watch Workers

Union 881

Chace, Malcolm G., Jr., president, Berkshire Fine Spinning Associa-
tion, Inc . 1829

Childress, Harold L., president, Tri-State Zinc & Lead Ore Producers

Association '. 1565

Clott, Herman, Washington representative, International Union of

Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers 1617

Coe, H. L., Bicycle Institute of America 158

Coleman, J. P., president, National Stripper Well Association 956

Cook, Harry H., president, American Flint Glass Workers Union,

AFL _" 243

Costello, Joseph A., vice president, Ethyl Corp 1627

Cowger, William O., president, Thompson & Cowger Co., Inc 1715

Dailey, H. Warner, secretary, accompanied by John Breckinridge,

attorneyj Pin, Clip & Fastener Association 507

Dalzell, \\illiam F., president, Fostoria Glass Co., Moundsville,

W. Va 181

Davis, Sherlock, general counsel, United States-Cuban Sugar Council- . 1739

Dawson, Hon. William A., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Utah 1475

De Sola, George, vice president, De Sola Bros., Inc 1430

Dickson, Robert B., president, Dickson Weatherproof Nail Co 1609

Dixon, Frederick, Amalgamated Lace Operatives of America 401

Dubb, Arnold, director and vice president, Port Petroleum Corp 1403

Duffy, James M., president, International Brotherhood of Operative

Potters, A. F. of L 534

'— Dulles, Hon. John Foster, Secretary of State 587, 611

Duncan, C. W., export division, Libby, McNeill & Libby 1295

Dunn, Read P. Jr., director, foreign trade division, National Cotton

council 1822

Earnest, Frank W., Jr., president, Anthracite Institute 1167

Edmondson, Hon. Ed, a Representative in Congress from the State of

Oklahoma 1471

"• Edwards, Ford K., director, bureau of coal economics, National Coal

Association 1084

Ellis, Otis H., general counsel, National Oil Jobbers Council 1340

Elliott, Clint, on behalf of Arkansas Independent Oil Marketers

Association, Inc 1362

Fain, Irving J., director, Apex Tire & Rubber Co 1231

Fairbanks, B. W., director, American Dry Milk Institute, Inc 846

Fakler, Herman, vice president, accompanied by Gordon P. Boals,

director of export programs, Millers' National Federation 1907

Falk, Ernest, on behalf of Northwest Horticultural Council 812

Fell, H. B., president, Simpson-Fell Oil Co., and executive vice

president, Independent Petroleum Association of America 1006

Fernandez, Hon. Antonio, a Representative in Congress from the

State of New Mexico , 224

Firestone, M. C., representing United Wallpaper Craftsmen and

Workers of North America, AFL 889

Fitch, Cecil A., Jr., president, Utah Mining Association 1547

Foley, J. W., viee president and assistant to the chairman of the

board, Texas Co 1288

Follis, R. G., chairman of the board, Standard Oil Co. of California-- 1282
Foraker, Clyde M., president, Ohio Oil & Gas Association, accom-
panied by James A. Upham, independent oil and gas producer of

Mount Vernon, Ohio, and Ira M. Korst, executive secretary,

Ohio Oil & Gas Association 924

Fobs, Joseph W., representing American Chamber of Commerce of

Venezuela.. __• 1309
Statement of—Continued Page

Fox, William H., counsel and executive secretary, American Watch

Association, Inc 1867 •

Franck, Peter G., on behalf of Friends Committee on National Legis-

lation 1749

Fraeer, Samuel, executive vice president, International Apple Associa-

tion .. 1773

Frost, Richard, on "behalf of Detroit Board of Commerce 1767

Gavin, Hon. Leon H., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Pennsylvania 1064

Gill, John J., president, Petroleum Heat & Power Co. of Rhode Island. 1392
Goetz, George Z., Jr., chairman, governmental committee, Reading

Foreign Traders 1722

Golden, Hon. James S., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Kentucky 1057

Goldschinidt, E. J., Jr., vice president, Armco International Corp 1783

Gott, Philip P., president, National Confectioners' Association, ac-
companied by James E. Mack, manager, Washington office, National

Confectioners' Association 1862

Graham, M. E., accompanied by Robert Canfield, counsel, American

Paper & Pulp Association 1895"

Grew, LaMonte, executive vice president, Florida Fruit & Vegetable

Association 187

Gumpert, E. V., Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Milwaukee, Wis 52

Gwaltney, J. P., on behalf of North Carolina Oil Jobbers Association. 1359

Halvorson, Lloyd C., economist, National Grange 783

Hand, Hon. T. Millet, a Representative in Congress from the State of

New Jersey 93

Haycock, George W., subdistrict director, United Steelworkers of

America, accompanied by Matt Leahy, president, local union, Park

City, Utah, and Henry Wall, financial secretary, local union,

Eureka, Utah 1 1537

Hems. Otto, chairman, National Lead and Zinc Committee 1493, 1508

Bill, f/on. William S., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Colorado 1484

Hilts, Harry B., secretary, Atlantic Coast Oil Conference, Inc 1436

Hochschild," Harold K., chairman of the board, American Metal Co.,

Ltd 1637

Holman, Charles W., secretary, National Milk Producers Federation. 305

Holman, Eugene, president. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey 1256

•~ Humphrey, Hon. George M., Secretary of the Treasury, accompanied

by Hon. H. Chapman Rose, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury 628

Ireland, R. L., chairman, executive committee, Pittsburgh Consoli-
dated Coal Co 1180

Jacobson James C., president, Voland & Sons, Inc., New Rochelle,

X. Y__. 167

Javits Hon. Jacob K., a Representative in Congress from the State

of New York 1688

Jennings, B. Brewster, president, Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc 1221

Johnson, W. D., vice president and national legislative representative,
Order'of Railway Conductors, also on behalf of Brotherhood of

Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen 1172

Johnston, Eric, president, Motion Picture Association of America 1819

Jones. Berkley, secretary and director, Minerva Oil Co 1585

Jones J M., executive secretary, National Wool Growers Association,

and secretary, Allied Wool Industry Committee 195

Jone? J P , representing New York State Oil Producers Association,
Bradford' district, Pennsylvania Oil Producers Association, and

middle district, Pennsylvania Oil Producers Association 972

Kaiser Thomas, representing small operators of Tri-Statc Lead &

Zinc Ore Producers Association 1567

Keating, Hon. Kenneth B., a Representative in Congress from the

'Hon' John ~F~ "a "United "StaYes "Senator" from the" State of

vicVpreVident; United"MinVWOTke"rVo7America;: 1175

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