Identity and Integration: Migrants in Western Europe

Rosemarie Sackmann, Bernhard Peters, Thomas Faist
Ashgate, 2003 - 246 páginas
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Symbolic boundaries, cultural differences and ethnic conflicts have gained significance and new meanings in a global situation characterized by the dissolution of traditional political and societal structures. Communications and political and economic interactions increasingly cross the borders of states, nations and ethnic communities, and yet symbolic borders and separate group identities are nevertheless asserted. The perceived efforts of migrants to maintain their cultural and ethnic identities are often blamed as a cause of conflict within nation states. This intriguing volume recognizes that migrants with an Islamic background are seen as especially problematic cases. Turks are the biggest category among Muslim migrants in Europe and more than one third of all Muslim migrants in Europe are from Turkey. Referring primarily to immigration from Turkey, this book combines both exemplary case studies of Turks within Europe and theoretical papers with innovative perspectives on the relations between integration and identity.

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Sobre el autor (2003)

Dr Rosemarie Sackmann, is a Social Scientist and Assistant Professor at the University of Bremen. Professor Dr Bernhard Peters, is Professor of Political Science at the University of Bremen and Co-director of the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS). Professor Dr Thomas Faist, is Professor of Political Science and Director of International Studies in Political Management (ISPM) at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

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