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Quantity 1 Barometers, aneroid.

1 2 Chronometer-.3 Clinometer

2 4 Clocks, " dlal, nonstriking

6 3 Clocks, 8%2" dlal, nonstriking (engine room)

1 0 Clocks, 6" dial, striking (wheel. house)

1 7 Divider, compass, 6''..

1 8 Dividers, 594". 9 Glass, chart reading 4".

1 10 Glass, compass reading11 Horn, fog, mechanical..

1 '12 Hygrometer, wet and dry bulb with humidity chart.-

1 13 Leads, sounding, 7 lbs..

1 14 Leads, sounding, 9 lbs..

1 16 Leads, sounding, 14 lbs.

2 16 Leads, sounding, 30 lb, deep sea.- 1 17 Lines, lead, deep sea, 1" circ., size

10, 120 fathoms, with reel.. 18 Lines, lead, cotton braided, 34" circ. size 8" 25 fathoms.

2 19 Megaphone, 15".

1 20 Megaphone, 30".

1 21 Protractor, course, transparent. 2 22 Rules, parallel, 18'' graduated.. 1 23 Thermometers, copper frame, -20°

to +130° Fahrenheit, 12" size

(mercurial) 24 Thermometers, shiphold, -20° to +130° Fahrenheit, 12'' size.--

1 Line, spring: 1" diameter, grade,

4, 6, x 24, improved plow steel
wire, with 6' 0" diameter eye
spliced in one end only. Total
length to be 65 fathoms overall
after spliced eye 18 produced.----

FLAGS 1 Ensign, U. S. 5' X 8'.

1 2 Ensign, U. S. 8' x 12'.

1 3 Flags, International Code, complete

set consisting of one set alpha-
bets, size No. 2 (4 ft. 6 in. x 5 ft.
6 in.), one set numerals, size No.
3, (3 ft. 9 in. x 12 ft. 9 in.), one
answering pennant, size No. 2, (3
ft. 9 in. x 12 ft. 9 in.), one set
repeaters, (first, second, and
third) and two code books (Vol-
umes I and II)...

1 4 Flags, International Code; size No.

1 (6 ft. 6 in. x 8 ft. O in.) of let

ers, "B", "G", "H", "P", "Q", and "Y"

each.. 1 6 Flags, ship's code letter; Complete

set consisting of four letters in

set (4 ft. 6 in. x 5 ft. 6 in.)--- 1 8 Flags, semaphore; type I; size 15 in.

x 15 in.; red and yellow ----
7 Flags, semaphore; type II, size 15 in.

x 15 in.; blue and white.------
8 Shapes, day, 24 in. diameter, black. 8


Quantity 1 Irons, band (handcuffs). ---pair. 1

OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1 Typewriters elite-11", 18" or 26". 1 2 Typewriters, Navy telegraphic, 11" (radio room).


Officers, Approxtmately-11 1 Blankets....

24 2 Cloths, table...

36 3 Covers, mattress.

12 4 Covers, pillow

24 5 Curtains, shower

12 6 Felts, table; flannel...

6 7 Pillow cases, white...

72 8 Sheets, white

72 9 Spreads, day; green momie cloth... 12 10 Towels, bath...

72 11 Towels, face, huck.-

79 Petty Officers and Crew, Ap

proximately 22 With 4

extras-26 12 Blankets, gray

54 13 Counterpanes, cotton, blue and white

72 14 Covers, mattress.

30 15 Covers, pillow.---

30 16 Pillow cases; white..

72 17 Sheets, white.

144 18 Towels, bath..

144 19 Towels, face.--

144 Galley and Pantry Linen 20 Towels, service (glass and pantry

120 Miscellaneous Linen 21 Aprons, cooks'.

12 22 Bags, laundry

12 23 Coats, messmen's.

24 24 Coats, cooks'.

18 All Locations 25 Mats, door; cocoa... 26 Life preservers, merchant type, ap

proved by classification require-

38 Officers and Creu 27 Pillows, chicken feather, 242 lb., officers'

24 28 Pillows, chicken feather, 342 lb., crew and hospital berth..

27 29 Mattresses, Innerspring; omcers' (or 1 per berth).

11 30 Mattresses, cotton felt; crew and hospital (or 1 per berth).



Officers' Mess-Tableware 1 Forks 2 Knives 3 Spoons, medium... 4 Spoons, tea..

24 24



Officers' Mess-Chinaware

Quantity 6 Bowls, grapefruit and cereal.... 18 6 Bowls, sugar, with cover; round... 7 Cups, coffee or tea..

24 8 Cups, egg--

6 9 Dishes, celery---10 Dishes, vegetable, oval (bakers') 694 in..

18 11 Dishes, vegetable, oval (bakers')

10 in.-12 Pitchers, cream, handled, 8 oz.---13 Pitchers, ball boy-14 Plates, bread and butter, 6%4 in.. 15 Plates, breakfast, 8 in...

18 16 Plates, dessert, 748 in.------- 24 17 Plates, dinner, 9 in.-

24 18 Plates, soup, rim deep, 9 in..

18 19 Platters, oval, 93in..

6 20 Platters, oval, 13% in.. 21 Pots, mustard; 4 oz.-

4 22 Saucers, coffee..

24 29 Saucers, fruit; 5%4 in..

24 24 Spoons, mustard, bone or plastic, approx. 494 in.--.

Glassware 25 Bottles, water...

12 26 Cruets, oil and vinegar.

8 27 Glasses, fruit juice..

36 28 Glasses, iced tea...

86 29 Glasses, water--

72 30 Pitchers, water, 56 oz. capacity.. 8 31 Shakers, pepper, 342 in. high..

6 32 Shakers, salt, 842 in. high----- 6

Petty Officers and Crew's

MessChinaware 33 Bowls, soup or cereal..

24 84 Bowls, sugar, round.

6 85 Cups, egg-

6 36 Dishes, vegetable.. 37 Mugs, coffee..

48 38 Pitchers, ball boy--39 Plates, dessert, 7%8 in.---

48 40 Plates, dinner, 9 in.--

48 41 Plates, soup, rim deep, 9 in..

48 42 Platters, oval, 1314 in..43 Pots, mustard..--

8 44 Saucers, fruit, 6%4 in.---

48 Petty Officers and Crew's

Mess-Flatware 46 Forks, table..

80 46 Knives.-

80 47 Spoons, medium

80 48 Spoons, tea

Miscellaneous Equipment 49 Bells, dinner..

1 Galley and Pantry Gear 50 Boards, bread, size 16" x 22" x 34". 1 51 Bowls, beating, retinned, 16 in. diameter

1 52 Bowls, mixing, retinned, 22 in. diameter



Galley and Pantry Gear-Continued

Quantity 53 Boards, meat-cutting, size 18" 24" X 3".

1 "54 Boxes, bread.. 55 Broller, range56 Brushes, butcher block.. 57 Canisters, grocers'-10 lb. capacity58 Cans, garbage or ash, with cover. 59

Choppers, meat and food. 60 Cleavers, market-61 Colanders, retinned, 8 qt. capacity. 62 Colanders, retinned, 22 qt. capacity. 63 Corers, apple, "T"-shape.

1 64 Corkscrews 65 Cutters, biscuit or cake, 24 in. 66 Cutters, doughnut, 3 in.-

1 67 Dippers, 1 qt. capacity--

1 68 Dippers, 142 qt. capacity69 Dredge, flour.. 70 Dredge, sugar. 71 Forks, cooks'.

3 72 Funnels, 1 qt. capacity.

1 73 Graters, half round..

1 74 Graters, square

1 75 Griddles, cast iron.... 76 Hooks, meat; “S"-type.. 77 Ice picks---78 Kettles, sponge

1 79 Knives, bread... 80 Knives, cooks'81 Knives, grapefruit 82 Knives, paring---83 Knives, scraping84 Ladles, retinned, 344 oz. capacity-- 1 85 Ladles, retinned, 7 oz. capacity-86 Ladles, retinned, 1244 oz. capacity-- 1 87 Ladles, retinned, 24 oz. capacity--- 1 88 Mashers, potato.-89 Measures, 1 qt, capacity---90 Openers, can; mechanical..

1 91 Palls, garbage, with cover, 7-gallon

capacity 92 Pans, baking steel. 93 Pans, roll; sheets.--. 94 Pans, bread, pullman, with cover.95 Pans, dish, round 21-qt. capacity-96 Pans, dish, round, 35-qt. capacity.. 97 Pans, fry, 642-in. diameter. 98 Pans, fry, 934-in, diameter.-99 Pans, fry, 1146-in. diameter..--100 Pans, fry, deep, 2042-in. top di

ameter. 101 Pans, mufin, 12 cups to pan..102 Pans, roasting, 24" X 18" x 3142 103 Pans, sauce, 2-qt. capacity--104 Pans, sauce, with cover, 8-qt. capacity

1 105 Pans, sauce, with Cover, 1842-qt. capacity

1 106 Pans, sauce, with cover, 10-qt. cepacity

1 107 Pans, sauce, shallow, with cover,

12-qt. capacity----108 Peels, wood (cracker peel)

1 109 Pins, rolling-110 Plates, pie----


Galley and Pantry Gear-Continued

Description Quantity 111 Pots, sauce, 21-qt. capacity-

2 112 Pots, sauce, 30-qt. capacity.

2 113 Pots, stock, with cover, 9 gal... 1 114 Pots, stock, with cover and faucet, 9-gal, capacity---

1 116 Saws, meat, frame, butchers'.

1 116 Scales, household..

1 117 Scoops, grocers'.

1 118 Scrapers, dough..

1 119 Sieves, flour, wood rim.

1 120 Sieves, puree--121 skimmers, 4 in. blade..

2 122 Skimmers, 6% in. blade.

1 123 Spoons, cooking, perforated.

2 124 Spoons, cooking, 1544 in. solid. 125 Spoons, oking, 17 in..

2 126 Steels, butcher's.

1 127 Strainers, china-cap, retinned. 1 128 Strainers, tea; 242 in..

1 129 Tongs, ice; steel.

2 130 Trays, serving, 1444" x 1844" X Y". 131 Turners, cake, 44 in. blade.---- 1 132 Turners, egg, perforated blade, 844 in...

2 133 Whips, egg; 12 in.--.-.

1 134 Whips, egg, 16 in..-

1 135 Whips, egg; balloon, 14 in.--

1 Subpart C—Charter of War-Built Ves

sels to Citizens & 299.31 Charter of war-built vessels to

citizens of the United States. (a) Application. Any citizen of the United States, as defined in $ 299.1(h), and until July 4, 1946, any citizen of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, may apply to the Administration to charter a war-built dry cargo vessel, including passenger type vessels, for bareboat use. The application to receive consideration must bé substantially in the form prescribed by the Administration in $ 299.128. Three executed copies and fifteen conformed copies of the application must be filed with the Secretary, Maritime Administration, Washington 25, D. C. Each application shall contain suficient information to enable the Administration to make all necessary determinations, including the following:

(1) Citizenship of the applicant.

(2) That the applicant possesses the following minimum financial requisites:

(1) Suficient working capital, as defined in g 299.1 (n), to cover preoperating and operating expenses, as defined in $ 299.1 (p), of the vessel (in addition to basic charter hire) for a period of 60 days and prepaid insurance for one year.

In determining the amount of such working capital the amount of any securities pledged or to be pledged with the Administration in lieu of a surety bond, as prescribed in paragraph (g) (7) of this section, shall be excluded.

(11) Net worth, as defined in $ 299.1 (o), at least equal to the amount of the annual basic charter hire payable with respect to the war-built vessel. Such minimum financial requirements shall be applicable with respect to each vessel applied for. In instances where the applicant is engaged in the operation of other vessels or in activities other than the operation of vessels, the amount of working capital and net worth required for such purposes will be taken into account in addition to such minimum financial requirements in determining whether the applicant possesses the required financial resources,

(3) That the applicant possesses the ability, experience, and other qualifications, necessary to enable him to fulfill the terms of the charter.

Items are parts of items in the application which are inapplicable may be omitted. If any information called for by an applicable item is not furnished, an explanation of the omission shall be given. Detailed descriptions of exhibits need not be given. The applicant may furnish such relevant information as it may desire, in addition to that specified in the form.

(4) Applicants for the charter of warbuilt vessel(s) under section 5 (e) of the Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, as amended by Public Law 591, 81st Congress, shall in addition to the foregoing, submit a Supplemental Application substantially in the form prescribed in $ 299.129.

If applicant has not previously filed a formal charter application pursuant to this section (General Order 60), questions 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in the Supplemental Application may be disregarded provided the information required by said questions is fully supplied in the application submitted in compliance with this section (General Order No. 60).

(b) Amendment of application. Such application may be amended at any time before the Administration has acted upon it. Three executed copies and fifteen conformed copies of the amendment must be filed with the Secretary, Maritime Administration, Washington 25, D. C. Amendments involving substitu. tion of a different vessel for the vessel applied for, unless promptly made at the written request of the Administration, shall be effective as of the filing date of the amendment. All other timely amendments (including amend. ments involving substitutions for the vessels applied for when made at the written request of the Administration) shall be effective as of the filing date of the original application. Any information called for by the Administration from time to time shall be furnished as an amendment or amendments to the application. The applicant shall file from time to time as amendments any information necessary to keep current and correct, while the application is pending, the information contained therein or furnished in connection therewith.

(c) Approval or rejection by the Administration. The Administration may, in its discretion, either approve or reject the application and will not approve the application unless it determines that the applicant is a citizen of the United States as defined in $ 299.1 (h) or in case of an application filed prior to July 4, 1946, is a citizen of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and, in its opinion, the chartering of the vessel to the applicant will be consistent with the policies of the Act and the vessel is available for charter to the applicant. In determining whether or not to approve the application, the Administration will take into consideration the applicant's financial resources and credit standing, practical experience in the operation of vessels, and any other factors that would be considered by a prudent businessman in entering into a transaction involving & large investment of his capital; and the Administration will not charter a vessel to any person, appearing to lack sufficient capital, credit, and experience to fulfill the terms of the charter. No vessel will be chartered until 60 days after publication of the applicable prewar domestic cost in the FEDERAL REGISTER. If the application is rejected by the Administration, the Secretary will promptly advise the applicant.

(d) Charter party. If the application is approved by the Administration, the Secretary will furnish the applicant five counterparts of a charter party covering the vessel(s) in such form as the Administration may prescribe, which shall be executed by the applicant and redeliv

ered to the Secretary within öfteen (15) days of the date of its receipt by the applicant. After the charter party has been executed on behalf of the Administration, one of the counterparts will be sent to the applicant.

(e) Period of charter. The period of the charter shall be determined by the Administration in each particular case.

(1) Charter hire. The monthly charter hire for any vessel chartered under the provisions of the act shall be one-twelfth of an amount not less than 15 percent of the statutory sales price (computed as of the date of delivery of the vessel under the charter), except upon the affirmative vote of not less than four members of the Administration. Except in the case of vessels having passenger accommodations for not less than eighty passengers, rates of charter hire fixed by the Administration on any war-built vessel which differ from the rate specified in this subsection shall not be less than the prevailing world market charter rates for similar vessels for similar use as determined by the Administration.

(g) Mandatory provisions in charter. Every charter made by the Administration pursuant to the provisions of the act shall provide:

(1) Excess profits of charterer. That whenever, at the end of any calendar year subsequent to the execution of such charter, the cumulative net voyage profits (after payment of the charter hire reserved in the charter and payment of the charterer's fair and reasonable overhead expenses applicable to operation of the chartered vessels) shall exceed 10 percent per annum on the charterer's capital necessarily employed in the business of the vessel or vessels covered by the same charter, the charterer shall pay over to the Administration, an additional charter hire, one-half of such cumulative net voyage profit in excess of 10 percent per annum on such capital: Provided, That the cumulative net profit so accounted for shall not be included in any calculation of cumulative net profit in subsequent years. (Every charter shall contain definitions of the terms "net voyage profit" and "fair and reasonable overhead expenses" and “capital necessarily employed”, as said terms are used in this subparagraph, such definitions to set forth the formulae for determining such profits, overhead expense, and capital necessarily employed.)

(2) Charterer to insure vessel. That the charterer shall carry in the chartered vessels, at its own expense, policies of insurance covering all marine and port risks, protection and indemnity risks, and all other hazards and liabilities, in such amounts, in such form, and in such insurance companies as the Administration shall require and approve, adequate to cover all insurable damage claims against and losses sustained by the chartered vessels arising during the life of the charterer: Provided, That in accordance with existing law, some or all of such insurance risks may be underwritten by the Administration itself as in its discretion it may determine.

(3) Charterer to maintain and repair vessel. That the charterer shall at its own expense keep the chartered vessel in good state of repair and in eficient operating condition and shall at its own expense make any and all repairs as may be required by the Administration.

(4) Administration inspection of vessel. That the Administration shall have the right to inspect the vessel at any and all times to ascertain its condition.

(5) Books and accounts of charterer; Administration examination and audit. That the charterer shall keep its books and accounts relating to the vessel in such form as the Administration may prescribe, shall file such financial statements as the Administration may require, and shall permit the Administration to examine and audit its books, records and accounts.

(6) Emergency termination of charter. That whenever the President shall proclaim that the security of the national defense makes it advisable, or during any national emergency declared by proclamation of the President, the Administration may terminate the charter without cost to the United States, upon such notice to the charterer as the President shall determine.

(7) Bond of charterer. That, for each vessel chartered under section 5 of the act, the charterer shall deposit with the Administration a bond, in such amount as the Administration shall require but not less than $25,000, to be approved by the Administration both as to form and sufficiency of the sureties, conditioned upon the true and faithful performance of all and singular the covenants and agreements of the charterer contained in the charter, including, but not limited to, the charterer's obligation to pay charter hire and damages, and indemnity against

Liens on the chartered vessel. The charterer may, in lieu of furnishing such bond, pledge United States Government securities in the face value of the required amount under an agreement satisfactory in form and substance to the Administration.

(8) Financial limitations. That the charterer agrees that (i) no capital shall be withdrawn, (ii) no share capital shall be redeemed or converted into debt. (ii) no dividend shall be paid, (iv) no loan or advance (except advances to cover current expenses of the charterer) shall be made, either directly or indirectly, to any stockholder, director, oficer, or employee of the charterer or to any related company (as defined in g 299.1 (q)), (v) no investment shall be made in the securities of any related company (as deined in $ 299.1 (q)), (vi) no indebtedness to any stockholder, director, oficer, or employee of the charterer or to any related company (as defined in $ 299.1 (q)), which was classified as long-term or noncurrent in the balance sheet submitted with the application (or amendment thereto) to charter the vessel, shall be repaid in whole or in part, and (vii) no salary at a rate in excess of $25,000.00 per annum shall be paid, if, after such transaction, the amount of working capital or the amount of net worth thereby would be reduced below the minima prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section.

(h) Operating - differential subsidy. The Administration may, if in its discretion financial aid is deemed necessary, enter into a contract with any citizen of the United States chartering a vessel under the provisions of the act for payment to such charterer of an operatingdifferential subsidy upon the same terms and conditions and subject to the same limitations and restrictions, where applicable, as are provided in the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended, with respect to payments of such subsidies to operators of privately owned vessels.

(1) Application where request is made for an operating-diferential subsidy. Where the applicant requests financial aid in the operation of a vessel chartered under the act, pursuant to paragraph (h) of this section, the application provided for in paragraph (a) of this section shall be accompanied by an application for an operating-differential subsidy in substantially the form prescribed in $ 251.11 of this chapter (the Administration's General Order No. 13).

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