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Statement of—
Beale, Phelan, general counsel, New York Cotton Exchange, New

Boylan, Robert P., president Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago.----
Caldwell, Louis G., member law firm of Kirkland, Fleming, Green &

Martin, Washington, D. C. (attorney for Chicago Board of Trade)..
Christian, Paul J., representative New Orleans Cotton Exchange,

Coughlin, James J., president Brokers' Association Chicago Board of

Trade, Chicago---
Davis, George H., Terminal Elevator Grain Merchants Assn. and

chairman Grain Exchange Code Authority, Kansas City, Mo.------
Duvel, Dr. J. W. T., chief Grain Futures Administration, Washing-

ton, D. C.-----
Kuh, Edwin, Jr., floor broker, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago ---
Mehí, J. M., Grain Futures Administration, Washington, D. Č-----
Thatcher, M. B., representative Farmers National Grain Corporatives

and National Agricultural Conference, Chevy Chase, Md...
Wickham, Thomas Y., chairman Grain Committee on National
Affairs, Chicago---


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