Changing Face of the Law: A Global Perspective

iUniverse, 2006 - 720 páginas
Abstruse legal phrases often inform our understanding of intricate cases. But those situations are also led, not outpaced, by basic equity principles of life itself. What statisticians call the law of large numbers and intelligence analysts in the world of science fiction know as the Bergofsky Principle is our structural faith in empirical knowledge. In this day, this process of experience and learning has moved into an international and interdisciplinary scale. That idea cannot be lost on us. Around the world, business and political leaders work together to realize common goals. But how does the rule of law impact these developments in strategy and technology, sustainable development, and access to justice?

Armed with realism, Changing Face of the Law: A Global Perspective actively explores the legal traditions of the United States, India, and other commonwealth nations. A budding lawyer, author Riddhi Dasgupta provides an insider's look at the link between the rule of law and corporate ethics, the law's imagination, and our global dialogue.

Lawful governance, or Gandhi's swaraj, is our linchpin. It appreciates the complexities of life and insightfully examines the modern perspectives of law. Giving us examples of this approach in the areas of free thought, federalism and development, and the law's role as a teacher, Dasgupta pinpoints the 'active liberty" of the world's citizens-their own governance-as the key issue.

Every generation has its challenges, and ours lie in combating the emergent economic, health, corruption, and terrorism crises through the rule of law. Each sector in our society (from multinational corporations to social groups) is a vital piece of the puzzle. There is no doubt that the success or failure of this collaboration will measure our legacy.

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