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TO VOL. 1.

[The numbers down the middle of the page show the pages to which the matter thereunder pertains. An index will be fouud at the end of the supplement to Vol. II.)

2. Sec. 12.

[19 G. A., ch. 52, repeals so much of the substitute (18 G. A., ch.38) as roc lates to compensation of officers and employes, and enacts in lieu thereof the following:]

SEC. 2. The compensation of the officers and employes cf the Compensation general assembly shall be: To the secretary of the senate and of oilicers and chief clerk of the house, seven dollars per day each; to the assistant secretaries of the senate and clerks of the house, six dollars per day each; to the enrolling and engrossing clerks, five dollars per day each; to the sergeant-at-arms, door-keepers, janitors and postmasters, four dollars per day each, and mail-carrier five dola lars per diem; to clerks of committees, three dollars per day each, and the necessary stationery for each of the clerks, secretaries, and their assistants aforesaid; to the paper-folders two dollars and fifty cents per day each; to the messengers two dollars per day each. And no other or greater compensation shall be allowed such officers and employes, nor shall there be any allowance of or for stationery except as above provided, postage, newspapers or other perquisites in any form or manner or under any name or designa. tion. And this act shall apply to the officers and employes so named of the nineteenth general assembly for their full term of office,

6. Sec. 31.

As the constitution requires a pro- | as it was agreed to than the enrolled posed amendment to be entered upon copy of the joint resolution proposing the journals of the respective houses such amendment, signed by the preof the yeneral Assembly when agreed siding officers of the respective houses to, such journals are higher evidence and by the governor; Koehler v. Hill, of the contents of such amendment 60-513,


Sec. 45, 11.

Calendar months are to be com- / where there is one: Parkhill v. Town puted by reckoning from a given day of Brighton, 61-103. to the day of a corresponding number

20. Sec. 33.

[19 G. A., ch. 123, amends the suistitute enacted by 18 G. A., ch. 167, by striking out the words "the grantee" in the ninth line of the section as it


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