Pulp and Paper Investigation Hearings, Volumen5


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Página 3109 - In all tariff legislation the true principle of protection is best maintained by the imposition of such duties as will equal the difference between the cost of production at home and abroad, together with a reasonable profit to American industries.
Página 3017 - Paper stock, crude, of every description, including all grasses, fibers, rags (other than wool), waste, including jute waste, shavings, clippings, old paper, rope ends, waste rope, and waste bagging, including old gunny cloth and old gunny bags, fit only to be converted into paper.
Página 3000 - For many years it has been the policy of the Federal Government to encourage and foster the cause of education. Large sums of money are annually appropriated to carry on vocational training. Many millions go into agricultural schools. The general subject is under the immediate direction of a Commissioner of Education. While this subject is strictly a State and local function, it...
Página 2991 - ... substitute for the wooden tie (and must, in the opinion of their best engineers, continue to fail), will be profoundly affected, and the cost of transportation will suffer a corresponding increase. Water power for lighting, manufacturing and transportation, and the movement of freight and passengers by inland waterways, will be affected still more directly than the steam railways. The cultivation of the soil, with or without irrigation, will be hampered by the increased cost of agricultural tools,...
Página 2937 - The Commissioner of Crown Lands, or any officer or agent under him authorized to that effect, may grant licenses to cut timber on the ungranted lands of the Crown, at such rates, and subject to such conditions, regulations and restrictions as may from time to time be established by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, and of which notice may be given in the Ontario Gazette.
Página 3315 - That if any country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government shall forbid or restrict in any way the exportation of (whether by law. order, regulation, contractual relation, or otherwise, directly or indirectly), or impose any export duty, export license fee, or other export charge of any kind whatsoever (whether in the form of additional charge or license fee or otherwise) upon printing paper...
Página 3315 - BOOKS. 406. Mechanically ground wood pulp, one-twelfth of one cent per pound, dry weight: Provided, however, That mechanically ground wood pulp shall be admitted free of duty from any country, dependency, province, or other subdivision of government (being the product thereof) which does not forbid or restrict in any way the exportation of (whether by law, order, regulation, contractual...
Página 3208 - M," as follows: Unbleached, one-sixth of 1 cent per pound, dry weight; bleached, one-fourth of 1 cent per pound, dry weight. We wish to make a similar protest. We manufacture in Maine rising 45,000 tons of chemical wood pulp by the soda process, so-called, more than one-half of which we sell to manufacturers of paper, the balance being used in our own paper mills. We think the protection afforded our product is ample under existing law.
Página 2991 - Joss of the waters as surely as night follows day. With the rise in the cost of producing food, the cost of food itself will rise. Commerce in general will necessarily be affected by the difficulties of the primary industries upon which it depends. In a word, when the forests fail, the daily life of the average citizen will inevitably feel the pinch on every side.
Página 3315 - Chemical wood pulp, unbleached, one-sixth of one cent per pound, dry weight; bleached, one-fourth of one cent per pound, dry weight: Provided, That if any country or...