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U. S. Grant University,' Athens and Chattanooga, Tenn.- Each G. A. R. post in the Department of Tennesseo is offered freo tuition for 1 student in college preparatory or mechanical classes.

Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tenn.-— The income from $10,000 is used in aiding candidates for the ministry; free tuition is provided for all candidates for the ministry and sons of Presbyterian ministers; the city of Clarksville is entitled to 10 perpetual scholarships, tenable by holders for two years with the privilege of reappointment for two years more.

Southwestern Baptist Unirersily, Jackson, Tenn.- Ministerial students and sons of ministers receive free tuition.

Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tenn.—There are 30 State scholarships giving free tuition to colored students.

University of Tennessee,2 Knoxville, Tenn.—There are 4 fellowships of about $200 a year available for graduate work; also a number of instructorships and positions as assistants paying from $300 to $600 a year to be filled by graduates who seek opportunities for advanced work. Tuition is free to residents of the State.

Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn.--Candidates for the ministry receive tuition free.

Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn.—The income from $8,000 is used to aid needy young men and women.

Carson and Neuman College, Mossy Creek, Tenn.—The income from $20,000 is used in aiding ministerial students; the income from $1,000 is for other students.

Central Tennessee College, Nashville, Tenn.-Tuition is free in the theological department; also in the medical department for such students as are preparing for foreign missionary work.

Fisk Unirersity, Nashville, Tenn.- There are 5 scholarships endowed with $1,000 each and 1 with $500; there is also a fund of $2,374, the income from which is used to aid students.

Vanderbilt Unirersity, Nashville, Tenn.-In 1892-93 there were 20 fellowships. The graduate fellowships are open to persons who have received one of the academic degrees of the university; an income of $300 is attached to each fellowship; holders must prosecute a course of graduate and nonprofessional study and to teach not exceeding two hours daily; they are tenable for one year, but may be renewed for a second year. The post-graduate fellowships will be held by graduates in the postgraduate degrees or by graduates who have performed for two years the duties of a graduate fellowship; the income is $500 per annum; incumbents must prosecute at the university special scientific or literary studies, and teach not exceeding two hours per day. There are also 10 fellowships of $100 each with free tuition open to graduates of any institution. In the Biblical department there is one post-graduate fellowship of $500 per annum open to B. D. graduates; incumbents must pursue a course of post-graduate study and teach not exceeding two hours daily.

Scholarships in the academic department: Three of $150 per annam and free tuition, open to needy freshmen; 5 giving free tuition; 1 paying all necessary expenses of 1 student from Barton Academy, Mobile, Ala.; 4 giving similar privileges to students from Wilson County, Tenn.; 1 of $150 for a student from Webb School, Bellbuckle, Tenn.; 2 of $100 each entitling holders to free tuition; 7 giving free tuition are awarded for services in the library; teachers of one year's standing, who design to make teaching their profession, may receive free tuition. In the Biblical department tuition and room rent are free; there are also 23 free scholarships of $100 each per annum open to college graduates needing assistance. In the manual training course the tuition feo is remitted to 1 student out of every 5 members of the class.

Unirersity of the South, Sewanee, Tenn.-The following scholarships are for the theological department: Two endowed with $5,000, beneficiaries to be nominated by the bishop of South Carolina; 1 with $6,045, the beneficiary to be nominated by the bishop of Tennessee; 1 with $5,000, the beneficiary to be nominated by the bishop of Alabama; and a fund of $15,000, beneficiaries to be nominated by the bishop of Georgia.

University of Texas, Austin, Tex.—There are 3 fellowships of $300 per annum, tenable for one year, and open to graduates of the university who wish to pursue graduate or professional studies. Tuition is free to all students; 1 scholarship exempting from all matriculation or tuition fees is offered annually to a graduate of each affiliated high school.

Howard Payne College,' Brownwood, Tex.—Tuition is free to ministers of all denominations.

Southwestern University, Fort Worth, Ter.-Sons and daughters of ministers and students preparing for the ministry receive free tuition.

Austin College, Sherman, Tex. --Tuition is free to sons of ministers and to candidates for the ministry.

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Trinity University, Tehuacana, Ter.--Candidates for the ministry and the daughters of Cumberland Presbyterian pastors in the bounds of Texas synod receive free tuition.

l'niversity of l'tah,' Salt Lake City, Utah.--Tuition is free.

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.-There are 30 State scholarships covering tuition and incidental expenses. Free tuition scholarships are as follows: Twelve for young men studying for the ministry; 7 for graduates of Brigham Academy, Bakersfield, Vt.; 1 for å young woman; 1 for a young man; 1 for students from Weathersfield, Vt.; for students from Swanton, Vt. ; 1 for students from Isle La Motte or Craftsbury, and 17 unrestricted.

Middlebury College, Middlebury, Pt.-There are 5 scholarships of $60 each per annum, 12 of $80, and 30 State scholarships covering the tuition and incidental college charges. The income of the Warren fund (amount not given) is used for students preparing for the ministry; and the income of the literary fund, $14 a year, is awarded to one or more distinguished college students.

Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Pa.--Students preparing for the ministry and sons of itinerant ministers of the Virginia and Baltimore conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church South are educated without charges for tuition.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.-The John Y. Mason fellowship of $210 per annum is given to some competent and deserving graduate student. Tuition is free to students of the State. There are 11 university scholarships giving free tuition and matriculation open to newcomers from all the States; they are awarded after a competitive examination; 5 are in the academical department, and 2 each in the departments of law, medicine, and engineering; the value of one of these scholarships is, in the academical department, $100 to $150; in the law, $105; in medicine, $125; in engineering, $125. The Miller scholarship is awarded on conditions prescribed under the agricultural department; the McCormick scholarship gives free tuition and matriculation; the value of the other 5 endowed scholarships is not given.

Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va.-Candidates for the ministry, minor sons of active ministers, and minor sons of superannuated or deceased members of the Holstou Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South, receive free tnition,

Hampden Sidney College, Hampden sidney, Va.—There is 1 scholarship for the best student in the freshman class and 1 in the sophomore class giving free tuition for the next succeeding year. Students from Petersburg, Va., and from Halifax County receive free tuition, matriculation and contingent fees, and room rent; single scholarships for individual students with the same privileges attached are: The New York scholarship, Moorman scholarship, 2 Roanoke scholarships, Blair scholarship, 2 Norfolk scholarships, 1 Pulaski County scholarship, 1 Cullingworth, and 1 JacksonBrandt scholarship; candidates for the ministry and sons of ministers may receive free tuition.

Washington and Lee Unirersity, Lexington, Va.-There is 1 fellowship of $500 per annum tenable for two years, and open to graduates of this university.

The scholarships are of three kinds: (1) University scholarships, 9 in number, 1 being conferred in each of the departments of Latin, Greek, history, natural philosophy, chemistry and applied chemistry, geology and biology, and applied mathematics, and 2 in English and modern languages; (2) endowed scholarships, 1 of $80 for the student attaining the highest proficiency in the intermediate class in mathematics, 1 of 480 for the

student attaining the highest proficiency in moral philosophy, 1 of $300 for an undergraduate from any department, 1 which entitles the recipient to attend the school of law for one session for $5, 1 of $300 per annum for a B. A. of this university who is required to teach not exceeding 1 hour per day, 1 of $220 and free tuition to a young man from Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland, preference to be given to a resident of Frederick County, Va., or Frederick County, Md., 1 of $220 and tuition fees for a young man from Rockbridge County, Va., who is an undergaduate of the university; (3) alumni scholarships, each local alumni association is authorized to nominate 1 student each year to a scholarship for one session only.

Richmond College, Richmond, Va.-Ministers and candidates for the ministry receive free tuition. There are 21 free tuition scholarships and a fund for aiding students, besides 6 donations which pay the board of young men studying for the Baptist ministry,

foanoke College, Salem, la.-- There are 20 scholarships covering tuition fee for needy students and 1 covering tuition and incidental fees for a student who has made a good record and needs help to continue his studies. University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.-Tuition is free.

Waitman College, Walla Walla, Ilash.—The college possesses several scholarship funds, the income from which is used to pay the tuition of indigent and worthy students.

1 Report of chancellor, January, 1892.

2 Bulletin, July, 1893.

Barboursville College, Barboursville, 1. Pa-Tuition is free to ministers, to young men preparing for the ministry, and to the dependent children of ministers engaged in pastoral pursuits, or of deceased ministers.

West Virginia University, Morgantown W. Ta.---Each county is entitled to 1 free student for every 500 of its population. The regents appoint 8 young men from each of the 13 senatorial districts of the State, who receive free tuition and are furnished their books and stationery.

Lawrence University,' Appleton, Wis.-The income from $1,000 is used annually to aid needy students.

Beloit College, Beloit, Tris.—The income from $13,000 is used in aiding students preparing for the ministry.

I'niversity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.-There are 8 fellowships of $400 each per annum open to graduates of any college of recognized standing; they are filled each year, but holders may be reelected once; another fellowship of $400 is given, preferably to residents of Milwaukee County, for excellence and promise in the department of mechanic arts. There are 10 scholarships of about $35 each per annum for students speaking either Norse, Swedish, Danish, or Icelandic, and who have attended a common school or the university one year; 1 of $250 per annum for a student from Milwaukee; 40 of $100 each per annum for students in the short course in agriculture; there are also for 1893-94 3 scholarships of $150 each, 4 of $50 each, and 2 of $25 each for students of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek Tuition is free to residents of the State.

Ripon College, Ripon, Wis.-Three permanent scholarships giving free tuition are for needy young men.

Cniversity of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo.—Tuition is free to residents of the State.


Mills College and Seminary, Mills College, Cal.- There are 14 scholarships, the interest of which is used for worthy pupils whose means are limited. They are as follows: Five endowed with $5,000 each, 1 with $4,000, 4 with $3,000 each, 2 with $2,500 each, and 2 with $2,000 each. There is also 1 scholarship endowed with $3,000 for the benefit of students in instrumental music. The daughters of clergymen are specially aided in certain cases.

Rockford College, Rockford, Ill.Arrangements are made by scholarships, loans, and in other ways requiring personal effort, to aid a limited number of students.

Iloman's College of Baltimore, Baltimore, Md.—There are 6 scholarships for the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church; 1 of these is open to each of the 5 conference districts and entitles the holder to one year's tuition; these schol. arships are awarded by competitive examination; the sixth scholarship is awardeil to the student who ranks highest in passing the third year of the course, and entitles the holder to a year's tuition and $50 in money; the recipient must have been for two years a member of a Sunday school in one of the charges connected with the Baltimore Conference. A scholarship is offered in the Presbyterian Church and 1 in the Protestant Episcopal Church to the candidates from Sunday schools of these churches respectively, who rank highest in a competitive examination, for admission to the college. There are scholarships giving free tuition for four years for the female high schools of Baltimore and the high school of Washington; 1 scholarship is offered each year to the graduate from the class of that year who may be designated by the faculty of each school. Similar scholarships are offered to graduates of Pennington Seminary, New Jersey, and Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport, Pa. There are 10 other scholarships entitling the holders to one year's tuition, but which may be renewed from year to year.

Society for the Collegiate Instruction of Women, Cambridge, Ma88.— There is 1 scholarship of $200 per annum, which pays the tuition of 1 young woman.

Smith ('ollege, Northampton, Mass. There are 6 annual scholarships of $50 each for needy students in the art school; 1 endowed with $5,000, and 1 with $1,000, are unrestricted ; 1 with $5,000 for daughters of missionaries or those preparing for missionary work; 1 with $1,000 for a member of the junior class. There are also a limited number of annual scholarships of $50 and of $100 each for needy students.

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Ma88.-A limited number of annual scholarships for partial remission of tuition have been established to assist needy and deserving students in regular courses. The following scholarships have been endowed: One with $500, 6 with $1,000, 1 with $2,000, 5 with $5,000, i with $10,000, and 1 worth $200 per annum.

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Ma88.—There are 29 scholarships endowed with $5,000 each, 1 of which is for students from the town of Wellesley; 2 with $7,000; 1 with $2,000; 1 with $1,000; 5 students receive each $50 per annum, and $150 is given each

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year by Science Ilill Seminary, Shelbyville, Ky., to the candidate for Wellesley who has made the best record the preceding two years in that seminary.

Elmira College, Elmira, N. Y.-The incomo from $25,000 is available annually in amounts not exceeding $150 a year for worthy and needy young women.

Barnard College,' New York, N. Y.-There is 1 scholarship (value not given).

l'assar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.-There are 5 unrestricted scholarships endowed with $6,000 each, and 1 with $740; 3 with $6,000 are subject to the nomination of the founder; 1 with $6,000 is preferably for members of the Reformed (Dutch) Church; 1 with $6,000 is for daughters of Baptist ministeis; 1 endowed with $1,000 is for a student in one of the higher classes; 1 with $8,000 is for daughters of clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church; 1 giving board and tuition is open to competitive examination; the income from $10,000 is for daughters of foreign missionaries; tho income from $51,000 is unrestricted. A fund of $50,000 is available for students, in awarding which preference is given to the extent of half the number receiving aid to such as are residents of Poughkeepsie, and have been for at least five years.

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mauer, Pa.--Nine fellowships of the value of $525 each arə awarded annually, 1 each in Greek, Latin, English, German, and Teutonic philology, romance languages, mathematics, history or politics, biology, and chemistry; they are open to graduates of any college of good standing; they do not exempt the holders from the charges for tuition, board, and room rent; holders must reside in the college during the academic year. The Bryn Mawr European fellowship will be awarded annually to a member of the graduating class of Bryn Mawr College on the ground of excellence in scholarship; the holder will receive $500, applicable to the expenses of one year's study and residence at some foreign university.

There are 2 scholarships of $200 each open to members of the Society of Friends that are unable to pay the full charge for tuition and residence; graduate students are preferred. Three scholarships, covering all expenses of tuition; board, and residence, are open to graduates of Earlham, Penn, and Guilford colleges, respectively.


OXFORD UNIVERSITY. -Craven fellowship and scholarship.--Under a scheme sanctioned by the high court of justice in 1886 there are now 2 fellowships and 6 scholarships.

The fellowships are tenable for two years, with an annual stipend of £200 a year each. Candidates must have passed the examinations required for the degree of B. A., and not have exceeded twenty-eight terms from matriculation. One fellow is elected annually in Michaelmas term by a committee of 5 persons appointed for the purpose by the board of the faculty of arts. The committee may elect either without examination, or after such examination in Greek and Latin literature, history, and antiquities, or in some parts of these subjects, as they shall think fit. Every fellow is required to spend at least eight months of each year of his tenure of the fellowship in residence abroad for the purpose of study at some place or places approved by the electing committee.

The scholarships are tenable for two years, with an annual stipend of £40 each. Candidates must be members of the university who have not exceeded sixteen terms from matriculation. Three scholars are elected annually in Michaelmas term after an examination conducted by 3 persons nominated by the committee above mentioned. The examination is the same as that for the Ireland scholarship, and the person elected to that scholarship, if he has not already gained a Craven scholarship, is elected at the same time to the first Craven scholarship. No person can be elected a second time to a Craven scholarship.

Radcliffe's frareling fellouship8.-These fellowships are 3 in number, each of the annual value of £200, and tenable for three years only: An election is holden each year in Hilary term. Candidates must have passed all tho examinations required for the degree of bachelor of arts, and must either bave been placed in tho first class in one at least of the public examinations of the university or have obtained some university prize or scholarship open to general competition. Each candidate must declare that he intends to graduate in medicine in the University of Oxford, with the view of engaging in the practice of medicine, and to travel a broad with a view to his improvement in that study; and no one is to be elected who is legally authorized to practice as a physician. But in case neither any person willing to make such a declaration nor any person of sufficient merit for election shall offer himself as a candidate, the fellowship then vacant is to be thrown open to all persons who have been placed in the first class in the school of natural science, whether authorized to practice or not, and the person then elected is not to be required to make such declaration. Candidates are to be examined in such subjects connected with medical science and by such official persons in Oxford as the electors (who are

1 Report, 1892-93.

From Oxford University Calendar, 1893.

the Archbishop of Canterbury and other official personages) shall appoint A fellow forfeits his fellowship by spending more than eighteen months within the United Kingdom.

Vinerian law scholarships.—There are 3 scholars, each elected for three years, with an annual stipend of £80. One scholar, and 1 only, is elected every year in Hilary term. Candidates must be members of the university who have completed two y -ars and have not exceeded six years from their matriculation. The election is vested in a board consisting of the vice-chancellor, all the professors of law, and the public examiners in the school of jurisprudence, who are to appoint for each election 3 examiners, including 1 at least of themselves. The subjects of examination are the civil law, international law, general jurisprudence, and especially the law of England, both public and private. Each scholar is to satisfy the vice-chancellor every year that he belongs to one of the inns of court, or at least is bona fide studying English law.

Dean Ireland's scholarships. --Founded "for the promotion of classical learning and taste.” One scholar is elected every year in Michaelmas term. Candidates must be undergraduate members of the university who have not exceeded the sixteenth term from their matriculation. Each scholarship is of the annual value of £30, and is tenable for four years, provided the scholar keep, by residence, 2 terms in each year. The examination is the same as that for the Craven scholarships, and the person elected to the Ireland scholarship is, if he has not already gained one of the Craven scholarships, elected at the same time to the first Craven scholarship.

Eldon law scholarship.-Candidates must be Protestants of the Church of England and members of the University of Oxford, who, having passed their examination for the degreo of bachelor of arts, having been rated in the first class in one branch at least of examination, or have gained one of the chancellor's prizes, and who intends to follow the profession of the law. The scholarship is tenable for three years, running from June 4, Lord Eldon's birthday, provided the scholar keeps his terms regularly at one of the inns of court. If the scholar be called to the bar or begins practice under the bar lie thereby vacates his scholarship. An additional scholarship may be occasionally awarded as the funds permit.

Boden Sanskrit scholarships.-One scholar is elected every year in Hilary term. Candidates must be members of some college or hall who have not exceeded the 25th year of their age. Each scholarship is tenable for four years, with an annual stipend of £50, payable half yearly, provided the scholar retains his name on the books of some college or hall, keep by statutable residence three terms in each year, attend lectures of the professor, and make sufficient proficiency in Sanskrit. Default in these conditions entails forfeiture of the scholarship, or at the least of somo portion of the stipend. The electors are the Boden professor of Sanskrit, the regins professors of diviuity, Hebrew, and Greek, the Laudian and Lord Almoner's professors of Ara bic, and the professor of Latin, or any three of them; if there are not three official electors willing to act a deputy or deputies are to be appointed by the electors conjointly.

Mathematical scholarships and exhibition. There are 4 scholarships, 2 sevior and 2 junior, and 1 exhibition. The value of a senior scholarship is £30 for the first and £50 for the second year of its tenure. A junior scholarship is of the annual value of £30, and the exhibition is of the value of £20 for one year. One scholar in each of the two classes is elected every year in the first week of full Hilary term. Candidates for the senior scholarships must have passed all examinations required for the degree of B. A. and must not have exceeded the twenty-sixth term, inclusively, from their matriculation. Candidates for the junior scholarships and for the exhibition must be members of tho university who have not exceeded cight terms from their matriculation, inclusively. Each scholarship is tenable for two years, provided the scholar keeps his name on the book of some college or hall or of the delegates of noncollegiate students, and, if a junior scholar, provided he continue to attend the mathematical studies. The senior scholar elected each year receives for one year only, over and abovo his proper stipend, the dividends of that moiety of Dr. Johnson's fund which was formerly assigned to his mathematical scholar, and is called the “ Johnson university scholar." These dividends amount to about £20 a year. The exhibition is tenable under the same conditions as the junior scholarship, and is awarded to the candidato for that scholarship second in order of merit, if thought deserving by the examiners. The examiners, three in number, who must be at least masters of arts or bachelors of medicine or civil law, are appointed by the trustees of the foundation, namely, the vice-chancellor, the 2 proctors, and the professors of geometry, astronomy, natural philosophy, and experimental philosophy.

Kennicott Hebrew scholarships.-Under new regulations made in 1885 there are 2 scholarships, a senior and a junior. The senior scholarship is awarded in Michael. mas term of every alternate year, and is tenable for two years, the emoluments consisting of a single payment of £120, made when the scholarship is awarded. It is open to all members of the university who have passed the examinations for the

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