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Territorialschool And the laws of the Territory of Utah providing for the method laws suspended. of election and appointment of such Territorial superintendent of

district schools are hereby suspended until the further action of Congress shall be had in respect thereto. The said superintendent shall have power to prohibit the use in any district school of any

book of a sectarian character or otherwise unsuitable. Statistics.

Said superintendent shall collect and classify statistics and other information respecting the district and other schools in said Territory, showing their progress, the whole number of children of school age, the number who attend school in each year in the respective counties, the average length of time of their attendance, the number of teachers and the compensation paid to the same, the number of teachers who are Mormons, the number who are so-called gentiles, the number of children of Mormon parents and the number of children of so-called gentile parents, and their respective average attendance at school; all of which statistics and information shall be annually reported to Congress, through the governor of said Territory

and the Department of the Interior. Trustees for real SEC. 26. That all religious societies, sects, and congregations shall property of relig- have the right to have and to hold, through trustees appointed by ious corporations. any court exercising probate powers in a Territory, only on the

nomination of the authorities of such society, sect, or congregation, so much real property for the erection or use of houses of worship, and for such parsonages and burial grounds as shall be necessary for the convenience and use of the several congregations of such relig

ious society, sect, or congregation. Militia-Territo- SEC. 27. That all laws passed by the so-called State of Deseret and rial laws organ- by the legislative assembly of the Territory of Utah for the organiizing, annulled.

4. zation of the militia thereof or for the creation of the Nauvoo Legion

are hereby annulled, and declared of no effect; --to be subject to And the militia of Utah shall be organized and subjected in all laws of U. S. R. S. SS 1625–

25_ respects to the laws of the United States regulating the militia in 1661.

o the Territories : -officers, how ap- Provided, however, That all general officers of the militia shall be pointed.

appointed by the governor of the Territory, by and with the advice

and consent of the council thereof. - legislature mayThe legislative assembly of Utah shall have power to pass laws for organize, subject, organizing the militia thereof, subject to the approval of Congress. &c.

(Became a law March 3, 1887, without the President's approval.]


Feb. 23, 1887. NUMBER 6.-Joint rosolution providing for the payment of per diem laborers in Government

I employ on “ Memorial" or "Decoration Day" and the Fourth day of July of each year as on 24 Stat. L., 644. other days.

Per diem em Resolved, &c., That all per diem employees of the Government, Ploges to be paid on duty at Washington or elsewhere in the United States, shall be for Decoration Day and 4th of an!

of allowed the day of each year, which is celebrated as “ Memorial" or July.

• Decoration Day" and the fourth of July of each year, as holiday, 1879, Jan. 31, and shall receive the same pay as on other days. [February 23, 1887.] ch. 38, and note, ante, p. 210.

NUMBER 13.—Joint resolution providing for the sale of public documents.

March 3, 1887.

24 Stat. L., 647. Resolved, &c., That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is Secretary of In. hereby, authorized to sell, at cost-price, to any party wishing to terior may sell purchase the same, any public document of which copies available public documents. for this purpose, not required for official use, remain; Provided, R. S., $ 3809. That only one copy of any document be sold to any one person.

1880, May 8, Res.

NO 31 ’anto 2011 SEC. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior shall have kept a detailed to report to Constatement of each and every public document sold, with the name gress statement of of the purchaser and date of the purchase, and that he shall annu- sales. ally publish, among the documents accompanying his annual report, a statement showing the number of each public document sold during the fiscal year, and the price thereof. * [March 3, 1887.]

NUMBER 16.-Joint resolution to distribute copies of special memoirs and reports of the United Mar. 3, 1887. States Geological Survey.

24 Stat. L., 647. Resolved, &c., That there shall be distributed from the number of Geological Surspecial memoirs and reports of the United States Geological Survey vey memoirs ; dis

y tribution to libranow authorized by law one copy of every such publication to every rid public library which shall be designated to the Secretary of the In- 1879, Mar. 3. ch. terior as follows:

182, par. 10, ante, Two public libraries to be designated by each of the Senators from p. 251. the States, respectively, two public libraries by the Representative go

1886, Aug. 4, ch.

e 902, par. 4, ante, in Congress from every Congressional district, and two public p. 515. libraries by the Delegate from every Territory; such public libraries to be additional to those to which the said publications are distributed under existing law. [March 3, 1887.]*

NUMBER 20.-Joint resolution providing for the distribution of the Official Register of the Mar. 3. 1887. United States.

24 Stat. L., 649. Resolved, &c., That inasmuch as the Official Register of the United Biennial RegisStates is now supplied to depositories of public documents as one of ter to be distribthe set of Congressional documents in leather binding, so much of

of uted to certain li

01 braries. the act of December fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, 1877. Dec. 15. ch. as provides for supplying depositories with this document is hereby 4, ante, p. 150. repealed;

And the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to send the Register to such library not a depository as shall be named to him for the purpose by each Senator, Representative, and Delegate in Congress (March 3, 1887.]



THE YEAR 1888.

CHAP. 1.-An act to amend the law concerning the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. January 20,1088.

25 Stat. L., 1. Be it enacted, &c., That section four thousand three hundred and Fish Commisninety-five of the Revised Statutes of the United States be, and the sioner-app oint

"ment and salary. same is hereby, amended to read as follows:

Substitute for That there shall be appointed by the President, by and with the R.S.. S 4395. advice and consent of the Senate, a person of scientific and practical 1881, Feb. 14, acquaintance with the fish and fisheries to be a Commissioner of Res. No. 12, ante,

p. 328. 1882, Aug. Fish and Fisheries, and he shall receive a salary at the rate of five :

ve 7, ch. 433, par. 15, thousand dollars a year, and he shall be removable at the pleasure ante, p. 382 1883 of the President.

March 3, ch. 143, Said Commissioner shall not hold any other office or employment par. 7, ante, p. 421. under the authority of the United States or any State. (January

1885, March 3, ch.

9 360, par. 1, ante, p. 20, 1888.]

486. 1887, March 3, ch. 362, par. 3, ante, p. 563.

CHAP. 2.-An act relating to permissable marks, printing or writing, upon second, third, and January 20. 1888

fourth-class matter, and to amend the twenty-second and twenty-third sections of an act on. titled “ An act making appropriations for the service of the Post-Office Department for the 25 Stat. L., 1. fiscal year ending Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted, &c., That mailable matter of the second-class shall Permissible contain no writing, print, or sign thereon or therein in addition to marks on secondthe original print, except as herein provided, to wit: the name and pas 2006 address of the person to whom the matter shall be sent, index figures 1879. of subscription book either printed or written, the printed title of ch. 180, SS 22, 23, the publication and the place of its publication, the printed or written ante, p. 248. name and address without addition of advertisement of the publisher 1885, Mar 3,

342, par. 4, ante, or sender, or both, and written or printed words or figures, or both, ;

13 p. 484. indicating the date on which the subscription to such matter will " 19 Opins., 596. end, the correction of any typographical error, a mark except by written or printed words, to designate a work or passage to which it is desired to call attention; the words “sample copy" when the matter is sent as such, the words “marked copy” when the matter contains a marked item or article, and publishers or news agents may inclose in their publications, bills, receipts, and orders for subscriptions thereto, but the same shall be in such form as to convey no other information than the name, place of publication, subscription price of the publication to which they refer and the subscription due thereon.

Upon matter of the third class or upon the wrapper or envelope -on third class. inclosing the same or the tag or lable attached thereto the sender may write his own name, occupation, and residence or business address, preceded by the word “from,” and may make marks other than by written or printed words to call attention to any word or SUP RS- 37


ter, and

passage in the text, and may correct any typographical errors. There may be placed upon the blank leaves or cover of any book or printed matter of the third-class a simple manuscript dedication or inscription not of the nature of a personal correspondence. Upon the wrapper or envelope of third-class matter or the tag or lable attached thereto may be printed any matter mailable as third-class, but there must be left on the address side a space sufficient for a legi

ble address and necessary stamps. -on fourth class.

With a package of fourth-class matter prepaid at the proper rate for that class, the sender may inclose any mailable third-class mat


upon the wrapper or cover thereof, or tag or label accompanying the same, his name, occupation, residence or business address, preceded by the word “from," and any marks, numbers, names, or letters for purpose of description, or may print thereon the same, and any printed matter not in the nature of a personal correspondence, but there must be left on the address side or face of the package a space sufficient for a legible address and necessary

stamps. Postmaster-Gen In all cases directions for transmit, delivery, forwarding, or reeral to make regu- turn shall be deemed part of the address; and the Postmaster-Genlations.

eral shall prescribe suitable regulations for carrying this section into

effect. Penalties for SEC. 2. That matter of the second, third, or fourth class containviolations. ing any writing oi printing in addition to the original matter other R.S., S 3887. than as authorized in the preceding section shall not be admitted to

the mails, nor delivered, except upon payment of postage for matter of the first-class, deducting therefrom any amount which may have been prepaid by stamps affixed, unless by direction of the PostmasterGeneral such postage shall be remitted; and any person who shall knowingly conceal or inclose any matter of a higher class in that of a lower class, and deposit or cause the same to be deposited for conveyance by mail, at a less rate than would be charged for both such higher and lower class matter, shall for every such offense be liable to a penalty of ten dollars. (January 20, 1888.]


February 1, 1888. CHAP. 4.--An act making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the 25 Stat. L.,

fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-soven, and for prior years, 9.

and for other purposes. Bounty claims, Be it enacted, &c., That so much of section two of the sun&Care of colored dry civil appropriation act, approved March third, eighteen hundred &c., may be paid and seventy-nine, as provides that amounts due upon certificates by checks, &c. issued, or which may be issued, by the accounting officers of the

1879, Mar. 3, ch. Treasury, in settlement of claims for pay, bounty, prize-money, or 182, $ ; par. 1, other moneys due to colored soldiers, sailors, or marines, or their ante, p. 252.

legal representatives, shall be paid only to the party named in the certificate, and in current funds or by post-office money-order, and not by check or drafts, be, and the same is hereby, repealed ; and hereafter the said claims of colored soldiers, sailors, and marines shall be paid in the same manner as similar claims are paid to white soldiers, sailors, and marines. [February 1, 1888.]

February 15, 1888.

CHAP. 10. -An act to punish robbery, burglary, and larceny, in the Indian Territory. 25 Stat. L., 33. In Indian Terri

Be it enacted, &c., That any person hereafter convicted in the tory, horse steal- United States courts having jurisdiction over the Indian Territory ing, how punished.

or parts thereof, of stealing any horse, mare, gelding, filly, foal, ass or mule, when said theft is committed in the Indian Territory, shall

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