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by cleaving, splitting, cutting, or other process, including glaziers' and engravers' diamonds not set.

556. Miners' diamonds,
whether in their natural form or broken, and
any of the foregoing not set, and
diamond dust.

557. Divi-divi.
558. Dragon's blood.

559. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs, bulbous roots. excrescences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, dried insects, grains, gums, gum resin, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, nutgalls, roots, stems, spices, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden seeds), seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and woods used expressly for dyeing or tanning; any of the foregoing which are natural and uncompounded drugs and not edible and not specially provided for in this section, and are in a crude state, not advanced in value or condition by any process of treatment whatever beyond that essential to the proper packing of the drugs and the prevention of decay or deterioration pending manufacture: Provided, that no article containing alcohol, or in the preparation of which alcohol is used, shall be admitted free of duty under this paragraph.

560. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects (except fish roe preserved for food purposes): Provided, however, That the importation of

game birds or eggs of birds not used for food, except specimens for scientific collections, is prohibited: Provided further, That the importation of eggs of game birds for purposes of propagation is hereby authorized, under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury.

eggs of

561. Emery ore and corundum. 562. Ergot.

563. Fans, common palm-leaf, plain and not ornamented or decorated in any manner, and palm leaf in its natural state, not colored, dyed, or otherwise advanced or manufactured.

564. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels.
565. Fence posts of wood.
566. Fibrin, in all forms.

567. Fish, fresh, frozen, or packed in ice,
caught in the Great Lakes or other fresh waters
by citizens of the United States, and all
other fish, the products of American fisheries.

568. Fish skins.
569. Flint, flints, and flint stones, unground.
570. Fossils.

571. Fruits or berries, green, ripe, or dried, and
fruits in brine,
not specially provided for in this section.

572. Fruit plants, tropical and semitropical, for the purpose of propagation or cultivation.

573. Furs, undressed.

574. Fur skin of all kinds not dressed in any manner and not specially provided for in this section.

575. Gambier.
576. Glass enamel, white, for wa and clock dials.

577. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or unwrought, for use in the manufacture of optical instruments, spectacles, and eyeglasses, and suitable only for such use: Provided, however, That such disks exceeding eight inches in diameter may be polished sufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined.

578. Grasses and fibers: Istle or Tampico fiber, jute, jute butts, manila, sisal grass, sunn, and all other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable substances, not dressed or manufactured in any manner, and not specially provided for in this section.

579. Gold beaters' molds and gold beaters' skins.

580. Grease, fats, vegetable tallow, and oils (excepting fish oils), such as are commonly used in soap making or in wire drawing, or for stuffing or dressing leather, and which are fit only for such uses, and not specially provided for in this section.

581. Guano, manures, and all substances used only for manure, including basic slag, ground or unground, and calcium cyanamid or lime nitrogen.

582. Gutta-percha, crude.

583. Hair of horse, cattle, and other animals, cleaned or uncleaned,drawn or undrawn, but unmanufactured, not specially provided for in this section; and human hair, raw, uncleaned, and not drawn.

584. Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and all other glue stock.

585. Hide rope.
586. Hones and whetstones.
587. Hoofs, unmanufactured.
588. Hop roots for cultivation.

589. Horns and parts of, including horn strips and tips, unmanufactured.

590. Ice.

591. India rubber, crude, and milk of, and scrap or refuse India rubber, fit only for remanufacture, and which has been worn out by


592. Indigo.
593 Iodine, crude.
594. Ipecac.

595. Iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium and native combinations thereof with one another or with platinum.

596. Ivory tusks in their natural state or cut vertically across the grain only, with the bark left intact, and vegetable ivory in its natural state.

597. Jalap.
598. Jet, unmanufactured.

599. Joss stick, or Joss light.
600. Junk, old.
601. Kelp.
602. Kieserite.
603. Kindling wood.
001. Kyanite, or cyanite, and kainite.
605. Lac dye, crude, seed, button, stick, and shell.
606. Lac spirits.
607. Lactarene, or casein.
608. Lava, unmanufactured.
609. Leeches.

610. Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour orange juice, all the foregoing containing not more than two per centum of alcohol.

611. Licorice root, unground.

612. Lifeboats and life-saving apparatus specially imported by societies incorporated or established to encourage the saving of human life.

613. Lime, citrate of.
614. Lithographic stones, not engraved.
615. Litmus, prepared or not prepared.
616. Loadstones.

617. Madder and munjeet, or Indian madder, ground or prepared, and all extracts of.

618. Magnesite, crude or calcined, not purified.
619. Manganese, oxide and ore of.
620. Manna.
621. Manuscripts.
622. Marrow, crude.

623. Marshmallow or althea root, leaves or flowers, natural or unmanufactured..

624. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, and other metallic articles actually bestowed as trophies or prizes, and received and accepted as honorary distinctions.

625. Meerschaum, crude or unmanufactured.

626. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially provided for in this section.

627. Mineral salts obtained by evaporation from mineral waters, when accompanied by a duly authenticated certificate and satisfactory proof, showing that they are in no way artificially prepared, and are only the product of a designated mineral spring.

628. Miners' rescue appliances, designed for emergency use in mines where artificial breathing is necessary in the presence of poisonous gases, to aid in the saving of human life, and miners' safety lamps.

629. Models of inventions and of other improvements in the arts, to be used exclusively as models and incapable of any other use.

630. Moss, seaweeds, and vegetable substances,
crude or unmanufactured,
not otherwise specially provided for in this section.

631. Musk, crude, in natural pods.
632. Myrobolans.
633. Needles, hand sewing and darning.

634. Newspapers and periodicals; but the term “periodicals” as herein used shall be understood to embrace only unbound or paper-covered publications issued within six months of the time of entry, devoted to current literature of the day, or containing current literature as a predominant feature, and issued regularly at stated periods, as weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and bearing the date of issue.

635. Nuts: Brazil nuts, cream nuts, marrons crude, palm nuts and palm-nut kernels; cocoanuts in the shell and broken cocoanut meat or copra, not shredded, desiccated, or prepared in any manner.

636. Nux vomica.
637. Oakum.
638. Oil cake.

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