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who in the outset took the editorial charge of the work, I am indebted for all which relates to Mather, Wolcott, Wigglesworth, Colman, Mrs Turell, Adams and J. Osborn. A few other articles are also the contributions of my friends.

friends. For the general character of these portions of the work, however, I hold myself responsible.

In selecting the specimens it will be observed that I have extracted pretty liberally from the volumes of some of our most distinguished writers. It seemed the most eligible method to give entire pieces of some length, when this could be done advantageously, rather than short and detached portions of different poems. I have in all cases where it was practicable, applied to the authors for permission to make such an appropriation of their writings, and this they have in every instance been so obliging as to grant.

Under the persuasion that the American public will look with indulgence upon the effort here shown to turn their attention to the literature and talent of their own country, I now submit these volumes to their inspection. The undertaking is one which I think they cannot but contemplate with interest. With what degree of credit I have acquitted myself of the charge, it remains for them to determine.

S. K. BOSTON, APRIL, 1829.


Page 49. be 1667,

The date of the birth of Benjamin Colman, instead of 1767 should

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