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Bishop Wilson's Short Introduction to the true Understanding of the Lord's Supper has long been in the list of such books as are distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge ; which society is under the patronage of the archbishops and bishops of the church of England, and includes among its members the great body of the clergy and eminent laity in the kingdom of Great Britain. This circumstance, to those who are unacquainted with the character of bishop Wilson, may serve to show the estimation in which this little tract is generally held. But we presume that few persons, who have made any inquiry for such books as will best aid their devotions, can be ignorant of the name of one so eminently useful in this respect as the primitive and vene

rable bishop of Sodor and Man. His writings, and the uniform course of his life, entitle him to rank among the brightest luminaries which have ever shone in the firmament of the church of God. The following extract from the very interesting memoir of bishop Wilson, in the Christian Observer, for December, 1820, will convey, in a few words, a just idea of the loveliness of his character.

“The leading characteristick of bishop Wilson was his fervent piety. He had a continual regard to God, not only in the retirement of his closet, but in every scene through which he passed in the active duties of life. • Thou God seest me,' was a sentiment ever present in his thoughts, and it habitually influenced his conduct. In every undertaking, his first and last question • may I

promote the glory of God, and the honour of my divine Redeem

His prayers and meditations show how devout and intimate was the communion which he held with the Father and with the Son, assisted by an abundant effusion of the Holy Spirit in his soul. His devotion, like the fire in the temple, went not out by night or by day; and it evidenced


itself in its close union with all the graces and virtues of the Christian character.”

After giving the above extract, which, in our opinion, is a just tribute to the character of this eminent servant of our blessed Lord, it is scarcely necessary to add that we approve the design of giving to the publick, a new edition of his Introduction to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and that we earnestly recommend it to the patronage of our respective parishioners.


Rector of St. Paul's Church. ASA EATON,

Rector of Christ Church. Boston, April 10, 1822.



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47 50

An Inquiry, Whether we have a lively Faith in

God's Mercy through Christ
The Prayer on that Occasion

An Inquiry, Whether we have a thankful Remem-

brance of Christ's Death The Prayer on that Occasion

An Inquiry, Whether we are in Charity with all the

The Prayer on that Occasion

General Observations, pertinent to the Subject of

the foregoing Sections
A Prayer adapted to this Occasion

Meditations on several Texts of Scripture, proper

to be used a little before receiving



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Lord's Supper

Introduction to the Order of Administration of the

69 The Order for Administration of the blessed Sacra

ment, with suitable Observations and Directions 71 Private Devotions after the Sacrament, either in the Church or at Home

123 Concerning Spiritual Communion

133 A brief and plain Paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer 138 Morning Prayer for a Family

143 A Family Prayer for Sunday Morning

145 Evening Prayer for a Family

146 A Family Prayer for Sunday Evening

148 Prayers for particular Persons, both Morning and Evening


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