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17.--Rancke, fraud, and here as the metaphor for the wheedling friar. Hooren, to listen. Sober, cautiously, in moderation. Dom, dolt. Bede, euit, petition, begging.

18.-- Winnen, to get profit from. Op de helle, upon hell, sounds up the hill. Fel, ferociously. Broken, breucken, bruycken, to make use of. Grouw, terror. Gee 'em (gere hem) can give him, sounds came. Te heymelen, to hide away, to

Erve, landed property, sounds away. Innen, to take to one's own account.


19.- Bannen, to anathematize, to proclaim. Hus, huys, family. Bigg, see No. 11. Putten, to extract. Bidt hem d' rom, let him beg about. Boogen, to hragg, to exaggerate. Toe sy 'p (toe wy op ) as an ex voto. Licht hel, evident, as clear as day. light. Noose, annoyance. Toe't ei, as the egg, sounds to tie. Hose, strong-box, theca coriacea, and also breeches.

20. - Hoeve, land, farm. Heer, master. Waerder, one that looks after, a keeper. Love, potential mood of loven, to praise. Heel, entirely. Baer, as buer-geld, argent comptant, ready money. Dij. thee. Kond, aware of, acquainted with. Wijen, wijhen, to consecrate, to ordain, to sanctify.

21.—Ding, capital, source of income. Kaetsen, to hunt up. Weld, wealth. Hwa, Anglo-Saxon form of who. Nauwen, to feel want of. Boei, fetter, place of confinement. Wo, wbere. Aes, carrion. Te draa, at once. Honen, hoonen, expose to shame. Dij den, to succeed,

Arme, poor.

Bat, profit. Ghilden, gelden, to yield. Eys, yse, terror. Vader, father, monk.

22.-Sluppighied, fainéantise, indolence. Toe hare je, to her always, sounds tarry. U ul, hurry you, sounds while. Loute, law.' De bot, the dolt, and so the metaphor for subordinate people, parishioners. Guit, rascal.

23.- Toppen, to take the lead, be at the head. Die wint, he who cultivates, the farmer. Wrock, concealed malice. Hel vel, clearly. Bouw, harvest. Breke, a bankruptcy, failure. Fael, fault. Kum, hardly, with difficulty, scarcely.

24.- W'asse, increase. Goén, goeden, of property, of goods. Celle, the monk's cell, and here as the monk's condition. Egg, an incentive. Trippen, trappen, to tread under foot. Ijt 's, the evil is. Fel, outrageous. Aen hys noose, at his misery. 11 'heet, mijheeten, name me. Heeten, hieten, to name, to tell. v, me.

25.Keerles, vassals. Boers, peasants. Houd, quickly. Pleê, pleghe, homage-audit. Moon, demon. Bereghten, to govern. Deê, deghe, due. Sop, t' sop, top, the crown of the head, and here as the tonsure on the crown of the head ; and thus Sop-heer, the gentleman with the tonsured crown, is a metaphor for the ecclesiastical lord of the domain; Abbot. Lieven, to love. Sluijpe, as the contraction of sluijping, the old form of the participle present of sluijpen, to crawl slyly out of a hiding-place, to surprise by stealth. In, come on; into. De strijd, the struggle, a vying together. Wijsen, to show. Kael, destitute, naked. Hooren, to conform to. Heet, command. Laede, counter, money-table. Wal, abyss, gulph, whale, monster. Happen, to catch (overtake). Seer, severe, sore. Vijand, enemy. Melken, to soothe by gift. Flauw, weak, relaxed. Haeve, have, possessions.

26.-Lette, hindrance. Hel, clear, evident. Sinn is, is the soul of, devoted to. Soen, compensation, fine, penalty. Sinnen, to revolve in the mind. Wyten, to reproach, to throw in the teeth. Breed, broadly. Botter,' cheat. Guiten, to play the rogue, to find out specious reasons for an unjust decision in law, to grind the law to suit the judge's private inclinations. Wijsen, to point at. Marren, to hammer in the mind, to take time to think of.

27.-Ryden, to ride.
Toe ban, dėnounce upon.

Wree, wrede, savage. Kruijs, curse. Toesien, to look to. Ors, hors; horse. Muijsen, to take care of number one, to take a full share of.

28.-Wo aes, where any thing to eat. Wo aet, where food. Hincken, to limp, to hop, to follow slowly but surely. Luiden, to sound. Nutting, acquiring. Kijven, to wrangle, to extort by squabbling. Duyt, doit, money. Beguyghen, to quiz.

29.Nauwen, to be distressed for want of. Lief, rather. Still, quiet.

30.-Beker, beaker, chalice, cup. Baeten, baten, to profit by, to make booty. Keck, boldly. Mee aes daer, there with provision. Prijcken, to parade, to assume a pompous demeanonr. Hoeven, farm-bouses. Billigh, just. Mie, miede, miete, stipend, reward, meed.

31.Hoy, hooi, hay. Innen, to get in. Suijpe, sot. Gauw, sly, roguish. Koren, to vomit. Wee, grief, pain, woe. Meynen, to estimate, to rate. Ander, in another way, other-wise. Vast, constantly. Sluijpen, to glide away, to slide out from.


31.— Pochon, to bluster. Vuyk, foul, dirty. Rye, in a row, one after the other. Becken, to urge, to stimulate. Begaen, to commit, to do. Aenwassen, to increase. Disch, table. Sed-behoor, moral fitness of conduct. Wars, worse. Koen, bardy. Houden, to maintain. Kitsen, to spew. Hin, hence. Breed, broadly. Hunne, to them. Hen, from there. Houde, quickly. Kluysse, cell. Licht-hel, as elear as daylight.

33.- Heyt, furious. Hollen, to be in a state of fury, to be run away with. Noó-weer, storm. Luchten, to explore. Stel, constitution. Vond, found. Wassen, to wax. Teêr, teder, soft, tender, and so rotting.

35.--Hegghe, a bush. Schreiten, to call out lustily. Greytpene, pang of greediness. Weerhoud, withheld. 36.-Oom, cousin.

Stoel, pulpit. hellish. Winnen, to familiarize with.




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